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Jan 7, 2019 7-9PM ET

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Golden Globes Gives Out Flu Shots: ‘If You’re an Anti-Vaxxer, Just Put a Napkin Over Your Head!’ The Golden Globes co-hosts threw a bizarre twist into the mix of Sunday night’s show: sending out actors with massive syringes to administer flu shots to the audience. “Normally at this point of the show, the host would do something fun and spontaneous to show how we are all just ordinary people, like ordering pizza for everyone,” host Andy Samberg said around halfway through the awards ceremony. “But since we already get food at the globes we thought we would mix it up and try something new,” co-host Sandra Oh continued. “So roll up your sleeves, Hollywood, because you are all getting flu shots! You know you wore a sleeveless gown for a reason!” A crew of actors dressed as doctors and wielding syringes marched into the crowd as Samberg and Oh chanted “Shots!” One of our doctors accosted Willem Dafoe, who smiled awkwardly. “And look, if you’re an anti-vaxxer, just put a napkin over your head and we’ll skip you!” Samberg joked.

U.S. Government Pays Out Millions to Flu Shot Victims Killed or Paralyzed by Influenza Vaccine Flu season is in full swing, and once again reports are coming in that formerly healthy people are suffering serious harm or even dying from taking the flu shot. The fact that the annual flu shot is deadly and dangerous is not a fact even in dispute. But these facts are seldom, if ever, communicated to the American public before marketing the flu shot to the entire population, including those most vulnerable such as young babies and sick seniors, as the flu shot is marketed in retail pharmacy stores across the nation as if they are just as safe as buying a candy bar or pack of gum. As you will see below, the Department of Justice report on compensated cases for vaccine injuries and deaths in the U.S. Vaccine Court, submitted each three months to the federal government Advisory Commission on Childhood Vaccines (ACCV) under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, shows that millions of dollars are being spent for injuries and deaths due to the flu shot.


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Hello Robert! My 17-year-old nephew suffers from severe acne. The doctor prescribed him Accutane, and my nephew is so desperate that he wants to take it despite all possible side effects. Can silver aloe protocol be helpful in this case? Is there anything else that can be done? Thank you! Maria


How To Support Liver Detox With Supplements & Herbs We humans are alive because of brilliant biochemistry, and while each system of our body has its own unique function, they are all inextricably linked and work together to keep us alive and thriving. When one system goes awry, it often affects other seemingly unrelated aspects of our health. This is especially true when it comes to detox, which is one of the biggest factors of poor health that I see in my patients. With research starting to show the link between our increased toxin exposure and autoimmune conditions, it’s more important than ever for your body’s detoxification systems to be working properly. As your body’s largest organ, your liver is also the main detoxifier. Working in constant communication with your stomach, pancreas, gallbladder, and the rest of your digestive system, your liver is responsible for storing and converting nutrients from the foods we eat for our bodies to utilize. Through its role in the metabolism of fat, protein, and carbohydrates, your liver works to ensure that blood glucose levels are stabilized to prevent blood sugar imbalances and other metabolic problems. It works to filter out toxins from the foods you eat and environmental exposures as well as acting as a blood purifier, clearing out your blood of these impurities and only utilizing the necessary nutrients. Needless to say, if your liver isn’t working well, your ability to detox is going to be greatly affected.

Roadkill: In a growing number of states, it’s what’s for dinner Oregon state Sen. Bill Hansell’s rural district is the size of Maryland, and it is crisscrossed with hundreds of miles of road splayed with all manner of roadkill. While driving one of those routes a couple of years ago, Hansell spotted a dead deer and had what he called an “aha moment”: Could the carcass feed someone? “It just struck me, you know: This is such a waste,” he said. Chowing down on roadkill was not legal in Oregon then. But as of Tuesday, it is. With the enactment of a bill sponsored by Hansell and unanimously passed by the legislature, Oregon became the latest of about 20 states that allow people to scoop dead animals off the road and serve them for dinner. Among them are Washington, which issued 1,600 roadkill salvaging permits within one year of legalizing the practice in 2016; Pennsylvania, where more than 5,600 vehicle-deer crashes were reported in 2017; and Georgia, where motorists may take home struck bears. The rules vary by state, though most require timely reporting of the collection to authorities, and most absolve the state of responsibility if the meat turns out to be stomach-turning.

Hour 2 – Advanced Medicine with Dr. Rashid Buttar!

Dr. Buttar is back to talk about what’s happening in the world of health news. Here’s what we have in store for you today:

Alzheimer’s hits more than just the memory; patients experience immune system dysfunction as well Researchers have discovered that there is a link between inflammation biomarkers in both plasma and cerebrospinal fluid and markers of Alzheimer’s disease-associated pathology. This means that the disease does not only affect memory, but the immune system of patients as well. The study was conducted by a group of researchers from the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus, together with the University of Wisconsin Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center and the University of California San Francisco Memory and Aging Center. Past research has suggested that pathology related to Alzheimer’s disease may develop before its clinical symptoms become evident, and that inflammation is a primary component of the disease. Moreover, links between the levels of inflammatory markers in cerebrospinal fluid and blood and mild cognitive impairment were revealed in previous studies. Furthermore, researchers discovered that increases in inflammatory markers may occur even decades before any symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease manifest. (Related: Predicting Alzheimer’s: Major inflammation in your 40s puts you at high risk, making the case for improving lifestyle habits.)

One in ten adults in US has food allergy, but nearly one in five think they do Over 10 percent of adults in the U.S.—over 26 million—are estimated to have food allergy, according to a study published in JAMA Network Open that was led by Ruchi Gupta, MD, MPH, from Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago and Northwestern University. However, researchers found that 19 percent of adults think they are currently food allergic, although their reported symptoms are inconsistent with a true food allergy, which can trigger a life-threatening reaction. Results are based on a nationally representative survey of over 40,000 adults. “While we found that one in 10  have  , nearly twice as many adults think that they are allergic to foods, while their symptoms may suggest food intolerance or other food related conditions,” says lead author Ruchi Gupta, MD, MPH, from Lurie Children’s, who also is a Professor of Pediatrics at Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine. “It is important to see a physician for appropriate testing and diagnosis before completely eliminating foods from the diet. If food allergy is confirmed, understanding the management is also critical, including recognizing symptoms of anaphylaxis and how and when to use epinephrine.”

A woman rejects parents anti-vaccination belief, gets vaccinated A woman shared her first and only immunization record after her parents shunned childhood vaccinations.  The Redditor headlined the photo: “My parents denied me vaccinations as a child. Today, I was finally able to take my health into my own hands!” The viral posting has 174,000 upvotes and more than 5,600 comments.  “Thank you for doing this!” wrote one poster. “I have autoimmune disorders that make my vaccinations pretty much useless, and herd immunity allows me to survive without fearing these preventable diseases.” Wrote another: “Thank you for caring about the rest of humanity and congratulations on getting vaccinated. I hope the shots didn’t hurt too much and that you don’t have any crummy side effects.” The Redditor said that after three shots in each arm during a single visit, she was relaxing at home with her cat and playing video games. But she felt flu-like, with muscle aches and twitching. Her records show she received vaccines for hepatitis A, hepatitis B, tetanus, MMR (measles, mumps and rubella), chickenpox and human papillomavirus (HPV).

Could phosphate additives in foods make you less active? A new study suggests that high levels of inorganic phosphate—a preservative widely used in certain sodas, packaged meats and other processed foods—may be a reason why the U.S. population isn’t as physically active as it used to be. Researchers from UT Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas looked at the effect of  on both mice and humans and found each had similar associations with reduced activity level and increased . Phosphate is a particle that comes from the mineral phosphorus, which the body needs to build healthy teeth and bones. It can be found naturally in some foods, including nuts, eggs and dairy products. But  frequently gets added to certain foods to enhance appearance and flavor or increase its shelf life. An estimated 40 percent to 70 percent of top-selling grocery items, including cola drinks, prepared frozen foods, dry food mixes, packaged meat and bakery products contain phosphate additives, notes the study published Monday in the American Heart Association journal Circulation. As a result, up to 25 percent of U.S. adults consume threefold to fourfold the recommended daily allowance of phosphate on a regular basis.

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