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January 13th, 2021 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Google Launches $3 Million Fund To Tackle Covid-19 Vaccine Misinformation The Google News Initiative on Tuesday launched a global open fund to fight misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, worth up to $3 million. The “COVID-19 Vaccine Counter Misinformation Open Fund” aims to support journalistic efforts to effectively fact-check misinformation about the COVID-19 immunisation process, the initiative belonging to Alphabet’s Google said in a blog post. “While the COVID-19 infodemic has been global in nature, misinformation has also been used to target specific populations,” it added. “Some of the available research also suggests that the audiences coming across misinformation and those seeking fact checks don’t necessarily overlap.” The fund will accept projects looking to expand the audience of fact-checks, particularly to groups disproportionately hit by misinformation.

Children apologize for spreading COVID-19 to relatives on death beds, officials say As the coronavirus pandemic rages on across the country and around the world, health officials in California are sharing a dire warning about family gatherings. In a press conference on Monday, Los Angeles County Supervisor Hilda Solis opened her remarks with the reminder that “dying from COVID in the hospital means dying alone.” She added families have been saying their goodbyes on tablets and mobile phones. “One of the more heartbreaking conversations that our healthcare workers share is about these last words when children apologize to their parents and grandparents for bringing COVID into their homes, for getting them sick. And these apologies are just some of the last words that loved ones will ever hear as they die alone,” she said. “Please don’t let this be your family. Don’t let this be your parents or your grandparents,” she continued. “Please, for your loved ones, stay home, stay safe, keep your loved ones alive.”

BioNTech strikes gold again: German biotech company behind the Pfizer Covid-19 jab develops a potential vaccine for multiple sclerosis The experts behind the BioNTech coronavirus jab have developed another vaccine which they claim cures multiple sclerosis (MS) in mice. The new MS vaccine works in a similar way to the coronavirus vaccine, manufactured in conjunction with US pharmaceutical giant Pfizer. A piece of genetic material known as mRNA is inserted into a person’s arm and forces the body’s own cells to produce a protein that confers immunity. In the case of the coronavirus vaccine, this protein mimics the virus’s protruding spike, kickstarting the immune system to start making antibodies.  If a person later contracts the coronavirus, the immune system rapidly creates antibodies again and fights the infection before it can take hold or spread. In the case of the MS vaccine, the mRNA technology stops the body’s own immune system from attacking neurons in the brain and spinal cord which prevents the eventual loss of bodily function.

Question of The Day!

HI Robert
I thought I could get through this on my own but I can’t. So two Sundays ago I woke up with the flu? Headache behind the eyes, chest discomfort, but no fever, although a few nights of the sweats. I had been nebulizing with silver to thwart the coming cough and on this past Sunday after nebulizing I flopped down on the bed unable to lift my head. I was so dizzy and weak I couldn’t move. I ended up in the ER. They wanted to make sure I wasn’t having a stroke etc. The conclusion was that I may have an inner ear issue. I walk around with saltine crackers because I am dizzy which makes me nauseous. I can’t really function. Help!
Thanks Laura

Husband on leash breached Quebec’s Covid curfew A couple in Canada have been fined for breaking Covid curfew rules after the woman was caught “walking” her husband on a leash, according to local media. The woman reportedly told police that she was just out “walking her dog” near their home in the city of Sherbrooke, in Quebec province. On Saturday the province imposed a nightly curfew between 20:00 and 05:00. Walking a dog close to home is one of the only acceptable reasons to be outside between those times. The pair were spotted by police at around 21:00 on Saturday, just a short while after the new rules came into effect. They reportedly told police that they were following the rule for pets. Isabelle Gendron, of the Sherbrooke Police Department, told the local newspaper La Tribune the couple “did not co-operate with the police at all”. They were each fined CA$1,546 ($1,212; £893).

COVID Teletubbies: UK Gov’t Hires Men to Stand in Public with TV on Head for Pandemic Propaganda In one of the most desperate and bizarre moves yet, a local government in the UK has begun recruiting men to walking the streets with TVs strapped over their heads, supposedly to help police during a highly unpopular lockdown. Bradford Council in Yorkshire announced their new ‘iWalkers’ scheme, where local council saw staff and volunteers are deployed onto the streets with a 19-inch screen weighing 18 lbs, mounted on their shoulders. According to reports, the program ran for two days before it began to go horribly wrong. The government scheme was so ridiculous, residents thought it might have been satire at first, or a prank, not believing that the local government had lost the plot to such a degree. When they realized the plan was actually a real government initiative, the public backlash was severe; embarrassed council officials panicked and removed their Facebook post detailing their ‘exciting new program.’

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

YouTube suspends Trump for at least a week YouTube said late Tuesday it’s suspending President Donald Trump’s channel for at least one week for violating the company’s policies amid fears of additional violence in the wake of the insurrection at the Capitol. The details: The Google-owned video-sharing service announced in a tweet that the action would count as an initial strike against Trump’s account, which could lead to Trump being permanently banned on the platform if he violates its rules twice more. “After review, and in light of concerns about the ongoing potential for violence, we removed new content uploaded to Donald J. Trump’s channel for violating our policies. It now has its 1st strike & is temporarily prevented from uploading new content for a *minimum* of 7 days,” YouTube’s press arm tweeted late Tuesday. YouTube added that it would be “indefinitely disabling comments” on Trump’s account, again citing “ongoing concerns about violence” surrounding his online postings. The company did not specify what content violated its policies.

Attorney for PBS Wants Children of Trump Supporters Taken Away from Parents and Put into “Re-Education Camps” As editor of Health Impact News and the website, we have covered all the horrible abuses afflicted upon parents and their children by the State for many years now, documenting all the immoral reasons the State takes children away from their parents against their will, simply because the State wants to define the standards of parenthood and force it upon families so they can participate in the lucrative child trafficking business. Now we can add having the wrong political views to the list of many reasons that are used to justify state-sponsored child kidnapping. In another undercover investigative journalism operation, Project Veritas recorded the lead attorney representing the Public Broadcasting System (PBS), which is partially funded by public tax revenue, as saying that children of Trump supporters should be taken away from their families and put into “re-education camps” where they can watch Sesame Street and other PBS programming all day. PBS acted quickly after the fall out, and fired their attorney the same day the video surfaced. Smart move. Stay tuned America. The media wars are just beginning….

Disneyland to be mass COVID-19 vaccination site Disneyland will become the first mass COVID-19 vaccination site in Orange County, California, officials announced Monday. They said the will open as the first “Super Point-of-Dispensing (POD)” later this week, CBS News reported. “The Disneyland Resort, the largest employer in the heart of Orange County, has stepped up to host the county’s first Super POD site—undertaking a monumental task in our vaccination distribution process,” Andrew Do, acting chairman and Orange County supervisor, representing the First District, said in a statement. As California faces a record number of COVID-19 cases and deaths, Orange County plans to open more Super POD sites soon so that it will have five regional sites that can vaccinate thousands of people daily, CBS News reported.

Telegram tries, and fails, to remove extremist content Scores of posts and online groups containing violent content linked with the recent riots in Washington have been removed from Telegram, the encrypted messenger, according to the company. Yet despite the move, Telegram remains rife with far-right and white supremacist groups, with several of their channels garnering tens of thousands of subscribers, according to a review of the network by POLITICO. Several channels specifically associate themselves with the Proud Boys white supremacist movement, while others urge people to take up arms ahead of President-elect Joe Biden’s inauguration on January 20. In recent days — following the closure of Parler, the social network that caters primarily to the right wing, and efforts by Facebook and Twitter to scrub their platforms of hateful material, far-right users have flooded other social networks like Telegram, which has seen 25 million new users sign up worldwide over the last three days, according to the company’s chief executive.

Gorillas test positive for coronavirus at San Diego park Several gorillas at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park have tested positive for the coronavirus in what is believed to be the first known cases among such primates in the United States and possibly the world. The park’s executive director, Lisa Peterson, told The Associated Press on Monday that eight gorillas that live together at the park are believed to have the virus and several have been coughing. It appears the infection came from a member of the park’s wildlife care team who also tested positive for the virus but has been asymptomatic and wore a mask at all times around the gorillas. The park has been closed to the public since Dec. 6 as part of the state of California’s lockdown efforts to curb coronavirus cases. Veterinarians are closely monitoring the gorillas and they will remain in their habitat at the park, north of San Diego, Peterson said. For now, they are being given vitamins, fluid and food but no specific treatment for the virus.

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