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February 24th, 2021 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Israel adopts law allowing names of unvaccinated to be shared Israel’s parliament passed a law Wednesday allowing the government to share the identities of people not vaccinated against the coronavirus with other authorities, raising privacy concerns for those opting out of inoculation. The measure, which passed with 30 votes for and 13 against, gives local governments, the director general of the education ministry and some in the welfare ministry the right to receive the names, addresses and phone numbers of unvaccinated citizens. The objective of the measure — valid for three months or until the Covid-19 pandemic is declared over — is “to enable these bodies to encourage people to vaccinate by personally addressing them”, a parliament statement said. Israel, a country of nine million people, has administered the two recommended jabs of the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine against the coronavirus to roughly a third of its population. As it emerges from lockdown, the country is restricting certain services, including access to gyms and indoor dining, to the vaccinated only, giving a so-called green pass to the fully inoculated.

Almost a Year Later, There’s Still No Evidence Showing Governments Can Control the Spread of Covid-19 As we approach the one-year anniversary of fifteen days to flatten the curve, we have yet to acquire any data suggesting that the past year of life-destroying lockdowns and politicized behavioral mandates has done anything to keep us safe from covid-19. While discussions surrounding the reintroduction of nationwide lockdowns seem to have ceased—it’s impossible to ignore the lockdowns’ disproportionately deadly effects and the numerous studies demonstrating their futility—the media still retain their grip on the narrative that nonpharmaceutical interventions (NPIs) such as mask mandates, curfews, capacity restrictions, gathering restrictions, and others remain necessary to prevail in our fight against covid-19. Government officials, in lockstep with big tech and nearly all major news outlets, have controlled the NPI narrative to such an extent that its proponents have simply sidestepped the burden of proof naturally arising from the introduction and continued support of novel virus mitigation strategies, happily pointing to the fact that their ideas enjoy unanimous support from the corporate media and government officials all over the world. This seemingly impenetrable narrative rests, of course, on the critical assumption that NPIs, or behavioral mandates, have protected us from covid-19.

‘Held to ransom’: Pfizer demands governments gamble with state assets to secure vaccine deal Pfizer has been accused of “bullying” Latin American governments in Covid vaccine negotiations and has asked some countries to put up sovereign assets, such as embassy buildings and military bases, as a guarantee against the cost of any future legal cases, the Bureau of Investigative Journalism can reveal. In the case of one country, demands made by the pharmaceutical giant led to a three-month delay in a vaccine deal being agreed. For Argentina and Brazil, no national deals were agreed at all. Any hold-up in countries receiving vaccines means more people contracting Covid-19 and potentially dying. Officials from Argentina and the other Latin American country, which cannot be named as it has signed a confidentiality agreement with Pfizer, said the company’s negotiators demanded additional indemnity against any civil claims citizens might file if they experienced adverse effects after being inoculated. In Argentina and Brazil, Pfizer asked for sovereign assets to be put up as collateral for any future legal costs. One official who was present in the unnamed country’s negotiations described Pfizer’s demands as “high-level bullying” and said the government felt like it was being “held to ransom” in order to access life-saving vaccines.

Questions of The Day!

I recently listened to your interview on the Diabetes Summit & immediately purchased your book. What a great, compact read. Thankyou.
My question is, can you provide guidance on how much chromium GTF to take? How would one know when its remedied the “insulin resistance”
Thankyou kindly in advance


Hi Robert!
A recent pap smear exam returned abnormal, noting LSIL and presence of “high- risk” HPV. My OBGYN would like to move forward with a colposcopy for closer examination but I’m concerned that it’ll lead to invasive procedures that might not be necessary. Can silver hydrosol resolve this issue? If so, what would be the suggested protocol for both intravaginal and oral use in case it is systemic? And is the specific strain important to know? Any thoughts would be SO appreciated. Thank you!!
Super sincerely,


Hi Guys,
I heard you talking about Bee Pollen, you asked Super Don if he had acquired a taste for the pollen; the Bee Pollen I used is made up of small pellets and has a sweet taste am I using the wrong type of Bee Pollen?
Thx Bill


Hi Robert, I am a bodyworker and reflexologist and have a question about working with folks who have taken the covid so called vaccine. I have been sadly shocked at how many clients whom I never thought would take the jab are taking it. I share Dr Tenpennys information with everyone who will listen. My question is do I need to be concerned with absorbing anything harmful when working with clients who have taken the jab? I Love your show and appreciate everything you do.
Many Blessing to You

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

Bill Gates – Philanthropist or Eugenicist? What do you really know about Bill Gates?  Let’s see … he co-founded Microsoft and has billions of dollars.  According to Wikipedia, Gates is “an American business magnate, software developer, investor, and philanthropist.” You might have heard that in early 2020, Gates resigned from the board of Microsoft to focus full time on “philanthropy” and also “global health and vaccines.” Sounds like a great guy! But exactly what qualifications does the founder of a trillion-dollar software behemoth have to be a leader in “global health and vaccines”? NONE. Nevertheless, the mainstream media “teleprompter readers” (sorry, I meant “anchors”) are always thrilled to give Gates the “prime time” to peddle fear and tell everyone how necessary vaccines are going to be if we are going to defeat COVID-19. First it was just one shot, then it was two doses, and now Gates is saying that a third dose of coronavirus vaccine may be needed to “prevent serious cases of new variants of the disease.”

Bill Gates Bankrolling Educational Organization That Says Math is Racist The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is bankrolling an activist educational group that believes math is racist and that arriving at an objective answer is an example of “white supremacy.” Yes, really. A conglomerate of 25 educational organizations called A Pathway to Equitable Math Instruction asserts that asking students to find the correct answer is an “inherently racist practice.” The organization’s website lists the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as its only donor. “In fact, over the past decade, the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation has awarded over of $140 million to a variety of groups associated with Pathway. Their “antiracist resources” are at the epicenter of a new training course for teachers offered by the Oregon Department of Education throughout the state,” reports National File. “Three of the most prominent organizations receiving grant money from the Gates’ are The Education Trust, Teach Plus, and WestEd, all non-profit 501c organizations.”

Biden AG Pick Says Antifa/BLM Attacks on Courthouse May Not be Domestic Terrorism Because They Happened at Night When questioned by Senator Josh Hawley about if he considers Antifa and Black Lives Matter attacks on the courthouse in Portland to be “domestic terrorism,” Joe Biden’s Attorney General nominee Merrick Garland said he might not, because those attacks happened at night. Garland said that his personal definition of domestic terrorism is the use of violence or threats of violence to interrupt the democratic process, therefore, attacks on buildings at night probably don’t count. Of course, the goal of the attacks is likely to stop the function of the people working in the buildings during the day — but that doesn’t seem to have crossed the potential Attorney General’s mind.“So, an attack on a courthouse while in operation — trying to prevent judges from actually deciding cases, that plainly is domestic extremism, uh uh um um uh uh, doestic terrorism. An attack simply on a government property at night, or under any other kind of circumstances, is a clear crime and a serious one, and should be punished,” he stumbled through saying before claiming he doesn’t know “enough facts” about what Hawley was talking about.

Twitter suspends Project Veritas for reporting on Facebook censorship On Thursday, Feb. 11, Twitter permanently shut down the account of Project Veritas over supposed “repeated violations” of the social media network’s rules on sharing other people’s private information. The suspension came after the organization posted leaked footage of communications between Facebook executives. Twitter declined to say which specific tweets triggered the ban. But in a post on Project Veritas’ Telegram channel on Thursday afternoon, the group stated that the suspension came after it published a video wherein they accosted Facebook Vice President of Integrity Guy Rosen at his home. “The tweet in question arose when asking for comment from Facebook’s VP of Integrity about censorship,” Project Veritas said on its Telegram channel. “Project Veritas is appealing this decision, as no privacy was violated.” In the footage from the offending Tweet, Rosen can be seen explaining how Facebook is now freezing comments from users in places where their algorithms think there “may be” hate speech. “We have a system that is able to freeze commenting on threads in cases where our systems are detecting that there may be a thread that has hate speech or violence, sort of in the comments,” Rosen can be heard explaining in a leaked video. He adds that the system was put in place to “protect the election.”

Despite the Bad Rap, Tomatoes are a Cancer-Busting Food The key to all of these health benefits has to do with the fruit’s rich phytonutrient content, as well as its vitamin and mineral content. Side note: yes, a tomato is technically a fruit since it contains a flower and seeds, although some experts call it a vegetable. Whether they are red, yellow or purple, tomatoes are a rich source of many nutrients such as vitamin C, vitamin E, vitamin K, potassium, copper, manganese, folate, and fiber. It is a particular kind of carotenoid called lycopene that gives tomatoes their cancer-fighting edge, however. A 2005 Canadian study found that “a diet rich in tomatoes and tomato-based products with high lycopene content may help reduce pancreatic cancer risk.” Other antioxidants such as alpha-lipoic acid, choline, beta-carotene, and lutein provide even more nutrition and protection against disease. Finally, tomatoes only have about 32 calories per cup, making them a good choice for those who want a healthy way to reduce calories. Tomatoes belong to a group of plants called “nightshades.” The nightshade family is also known as Solanaceae; all plants in this category produce an alkaloid compound called solanine. Solanine is a natural insect repellent. Some people avoid nightshades because they are thought to increase inflammation. Many professionals, on the other hand, recommend them as part of an anti-inflammatory diet. So what gives? The truth is that most nightshades don’t contain enough solanine to cause any significant harm for the majority of people. For most people, the dozens of other healthy phytonutrients in nightshades help to actually lower inflammation and prevent disease.

COVID In Colorado: Vaccines Can Cause Worrisome Side Effect For Women Getting a COVID-19 vaccine is a relief for most people, but some women are discovering a worrisome side effect from both the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. The vaccine can cause lymph nodes to swell and that can mirror the signs of breast cancer. Even a radiologist who specializes in breast imaging was alarmed. “I panicked, I’ll admit, initially,” said Dr. Bridget Rogers, radiologist at Solis Mammography. She knew swollen lymph nodes could be a sign of breast cancer. So, in early January, she was alarmed. “I had a big, visible, painful lump,” she told CBS4 Health Specialist Kathy Walsh. The day before, Rogers had her second COVID-19 shot, the Pfizer vaccine. She knew a possible side effect was enlarged lymph nodes. “I tried to reassure myself by remembering that this is actually a sign that the vaccine was doing what it’s supposed to do, activating your immune system,” she said. Rogers admits she took a look with an ultrasound. “It’s always different to be on the patient side of the experience,” she said. “It was a sigh of relief the second day when it started to improve rather than worsen.”

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