Guest Host Mike Filip! Iran GMO NO, Shocking vaccine ingredients, Starbucks straw FAIL, Drugging immigrant kids, Consent double standard, Firearm moment of duh, Baby animal guilt, French fry baldness cure and MORE!

July 31, 2018 7-9PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Filling in for Robert Tonight – Mike Filip!

Robert is traveling, so filling in for RSB tonight is host of Americanuck Radio – Mike Filip!

Why Does Everyone Else Get It But Us?

Iran is Labeling GMOs So is America Really the Land of the Free? It is so interesting how the various powers running the U.S. over the years, with the media serving as “the 4th branch” of government, have projected the idea of oppression onto Middle Eastern countries to an outrageous degree. The U.S. is hush about the human rights violations taking place with its allies, but paints the countries in its imperial cross-hairs as backward. Perhaps this is a way to keep Americans in the dark about other civilizations while they showcase reasons to occupy the countries for geopolitical gain – all on the taxpayer’s dime, of course. Many Americans sadly cannot point out Iran on a map, let alone picture anything but sand and burkas associated with any Middle Eastern country. Both are errors in perception. Many of the women in Iran dress as most modern, secular cultures do, and the country is one of the most breathtaking, fertile and lush places in the entire world.

What’s In A Vaccine?

The 9 most SHOCKING vaccine ingredients of 2018 The year is 2018, and it would be nice to brag about science and medicine having come “so far,” but that’s impossible in regards to vaccines when they’re used to make humans sick and dysfunctional, especially newborn babies, infants and children. The theory of vaccines is legitimate, and the idea that doctors who attend eight years of medical school recommend all of them sounds convincing, but today’s nerve-and-immune-system-crippling ingredients should sound off all of your common sense alarms like ambulance sirens heading to the scene of a life or death emergency. The problem with questioning anything at all about vaccines is that you’re immediately labeled “anti-science” and “anti-vax” by the pro-vaccine cult – the same goons and trolls who want to have you burned at the stake if you get cancer and refuse chemotherapy.

This Plastic Straw Ban Thing Has Gotten Out Of Hand

Well done Starbucks! They went from plastic straws wrapped in paper to …. paper straws wrapped in plastic?

Hour 2 – Is There A Double Standard Here?

Judge says US must seek consent to medicate immigrant kids A federal judge ruled Monday that the U.S. government must seek consent before administering psychotropic drugs to immigrant children held at a Texas facility. U.S. District Judge Dolly M. Gee in Los Angeles issued a ruling that the federal government violated portions of a longstanding settlement governing the treatment of immigrant children caught crossing the border. Gee said the government must obtain consent or a court order to give children psychotropic medications at a Texas facility under state law unless it’s an emergency. She also said officials must tell children in writing why they are in a secure facility and that gang affiliation alone doesn’t justify such a placement. “The kids weren’t getting notice of why they were sent away,” said Holly Cooper, co-director of the Immigration Law Clinic at University of California, Davis, and one of the lawyers representing detained immigrant children. “We view this as a victory.”

Parents Lose Custody of Disabled Adult Son for Questioning Psych Drugs David Bankert and Joanne Luterman are the parents of 24-year-old, Ian Bankert. They told reporters that their son was very athletic in school, on the swim team and track team. He was well-liked and did well academically. His parents noticed signs of his descent into mental illness during his high school years. Ian graduated, then spent the next few years going in and out of the hospital. He was diagnosed with schizophrenia. His parents became concerned about the doctors “overprescribing him with medication,” a concern which is shared by many parents and patients, and watchdog groups. Doctors recommended “more medication and long-term care,” but his parents, according to ABC11, “instead insisted that a good diet, exercise and faith could restore Ian’s sense of self.” Dr. Stephen Ford and psychiatrist Dr. Gary B Pohl did not agree with the parents. Instead, Dr. Ford petitioned the court to take Ian away from the care of his parents. “We were shocked and blown away,” Luterman told ABC11. “We want Ian to have some joy, to come home, lead a life with his family and have some sense of normalcy.” Instead, their son is locked away long-term in Central Regional Hospital in Butner, North Carolina. His parents have to get permission from the guardians to visit their son.

Moment of Duh

Odds of death up with medium-, large-caliber firearms There is a correlation for firearm caliber with likelihood of death from gunshot wounds, according to a study published online July 27 in JAMA Network Open. Anthony A. Braga, Ph.D., from Northeastern University in Boston, and Philip J. Cook, Ph.D., from Duke University in Durham, N.C., conducted a cross-sectional study of data on shooting  extracted from police investigation files for assaults. The victims sustained one or more  in circumstances that were deemed criminal. A total of 221  and a stratified random sample of 300 nonfatal cases were included. The final sample included 511 gunshot victims and survivors (220 fatal and 291 nonfatal). In 184 nonfatal cases and 183 fatal cases, police determined the firearm caliber. The researchers found that there was no systematic correlation for firearm caliber with the number of wounds, location of wounds, circumstances of assault, or victim characteristics. Compared with small-caliber cases, medium- and large-caliber cases had odds ratios of 2.25 and 4.54, respectively, for the likelihood of death. Replacing medium- and large-caliber guns with small-caliber guns would reduce gun homicides by 39.5 percent.

Can You Be Guilted Into Vegetarianism?

Baby animals really do reduce your appetite for meat, say psychologists The BuzzFeed video, “Bacon lovers meet baby pigs” is amusing to watch. With 14,493,383 views, you may have seen it. It depicts several young men and women waiting blissfully to be delivered a plate of mouthwatering bacon, only to be handed instead a cute baby pig. Gasp! The participants react with high-pitched squeals of glee as they embrace a piglet, before looks of bemusement emerge in the realisation that their love for bacon and affection for the piglet [don’t mix]. One woman exclaims, “I’m never going to have bacon ever again.” A male respondent jokes, “I mean, he does look delicious, let’s be honest.” The video is entertaining. But it also reflects a subtle truth about the relationship men and  have to : the two sexes often differently resolve the tension caused when thinking about the slaughter of animals.

Well, Ronald McDonald Isn’t Bald, So It Must Be True….

Chemical in McDonald’s Fries Could Cure Baldness, Study Says Japanese scientists may have discovered a cure for baldness—and it lies within a chemical used to make McDonald’s fries. A stem cell research team from Yokohama National University used a “simple” method to regrow hair on mice by using dimethylpolysiloxane, the silicone added to McDonald’s fries to stop cooking oil from frothing. Preliminary tests indicated that the groundbreaking method was likely to be just as successful when transferred to human skin cells. According to the study, released in the Biomaterials journal last Thursday, the breakthrough came after the scientists successfully mass-produced “hair follicle germs” (HFG) which were created for the first time ever in this way. HFGs, cells that drive follicle development, are considered the holy grail in hair-loss research. The scientists said use of dimethylpolysiloxane was crucial to the advancement.

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