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October 16, 7-9PM EDT

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Hour 1 – Can The Opioid Epidemic Get Any Worse? Apparently YES

New numbers reveal more than 100 KIDS per day being seen in U.S. hospitals with opioid addiction A new report from theAmerican Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) has cast a grim new light on America’s opioid crisis. The organization found that hospitals in the United States attend more than 100 children and teenagers a day who are already hooked on opioids, reported DailyMail.co.uk. The researchers based this estimate on their retrospective analysis of 2008 to 2013 data from the Nationwide Emergency Department Sample. By combing through the database, they discovered that the number of under-21 patients admitted into the emergency room and diagnosed with opioid dependency or addiction rose drastically during the five-year period.

Trump’s Pick for Drug Czar Helped Hinder Opioid Crackdown President Trump’s nominee to be the country’s next drug czar, Rep. Tom Marino (R-PA), has been singled out as the architect behind legislation that crippled the Drug Enforcement Administration’s fight against the opioid epidemic, in a new joint investigation by The Washington Post and 60 Minutes. Marino was the chief advocate of a bill introduced in 2013 and passed in 2016—at the height of the drug epidemic—that stripped the DEA of its authority to freeze shipments of suspicious narcotics from drug companies, The Washington Post reported. Joe Rannazzisi, the former chief of the DEA’s Office of Diversion Control, alleges in the report that several members of Congress are under the control of major drug companies that use their money to gain influence. According to the Post, political action committees representing the pharmaceutical industry contributed at least $1.5 million to the 23 members of Congress who sponsored or co-sponsored the industry-friendly legislation. Marino reportedly received $100,000 from these committees, while Sen. Orrin G. Hatch (R-UT) is said to have gotten $177,000.

Special Guest – Chris Barr! Happy Birthday Antoine Béchamp!

On April 15, 1908 one of the greatest scientists who ever lived passed away at the ripe age of 91. You may be thinking to yourself, “Who cares” or “Why is this important.” It matters because he was the foremost pioneer of science, medicine, nutrition and genetics all at once and his discoveries could have saved humanity a whole lot of misery and suffering. This incredibly brilliant scientist proved through his research dating as far back as 150 years ago what the root cause of disease was, and how it could be reversed or avoided altogether using safe, natural methods. This was long before synthetic drugs, chemotherapy, radiation, surgical removal of body parts and vaccines were the medicine of choice.

Instead of incorporating Béchamp’s discoveries to bring about a health revolution in the world and save countless lives, greedy, power hungry industrialists decided to ostracize his work and put their dollars behind Louis Pasteur’s “Germ Theory of Disease” because it was a way for them to build a colossal pharmaceutical/medical empire for profit. No pharmaceutical company in the world today cares one iota about curing disease. They want to control disease and focus on symptom suppression so they can make huge profits by getting you to become a lifelong user until you die from their poison. That’s why they go to war against disease with all their “anti” this and “anti” that medications instead of addressing the inner condition of a patient and re-establishing homeostasis in the body. Every company in the nutritional supplement industry that promotes pH health owes a debt of gratitude to Béchamp as he was the real pioneer of this biology.  (Read the entire article HERE)

Comment of The Day!

Several months back I got a phone call at my work place discussing a technical issue. During our conversation I found out that this techs mother had breast cancer.
I immediately told her about the protocol gave her a copy of it and the link to choosetobehealthy, luckily the mother was open to the idea of it and NOW she is cancer free.
I have never met this lady but she just called me to let me know the good news. Wanted to pass it along. Thanks NAN & NAD

Question of The Day!

Our close friend, a young man of 23 years of age who got married just 4 months ago is diagnosed with stage IV metastasized sarcoma. Is there anybody and/or anything that could possibly help him? Would you please direct us to the right people?


Hour 2 – Advanced Medicine with Dr. Rashid Buttar!

Dr. Rashid A. Buttar is a graduate of the University of Osteopathic Medicine and Health Sciences, College of Medicine and Surgery. He trained in General Surgery and Emergency Medicine and served as Brigade Surgeon and Director of Emergency Medicine while serving in the U.S. Army. Dr. Buttar is board certified in Clinical Metal Toxicology and Preventive Medicine; is board eligible in Emergency Medicine and has achieved fellowship status in three separate medical societies. Learn more about Dr. Buttar HERE.

Dr. Buttar joins us to discuss the latest news in health:

California declares state of emergency over deadly hepatitis A outbreak California Gov. Brown declared a state of emergency Friday because of ahepatitis A outbreak that has killed at least 18 people in the state. The declaration allows state health officials to buy additional doses of the hepatitis A vaccine to try to halt the outbreak, which is already the nation’s second largest in more than two decades. “We have the capacity to use as much vaccine as we can get our hands on,” said Dr. Gil Chavez, state epidemiologist with the California Department of Public Health. The outbreak began in San Diego’s homeless community late last year, but has since spread outside the region. Los Angeles and Santa Cruz counties are also now experiencing outbreaks.

Axillary lymph nodes and breast cancer: All you need to know The lymphatic system is one of
the body’s chief infection fighters. This system contains lymph, which is a type of fluid, and lymph nodes, which are positioned in key areas in the body. Lymph nodes are responsible for filtering lymph fluid and detecting chemical changes that signal if an infection is present. Cancer cells can also get into the lymphatic system and get lodged in lymph nodes. When they are in the armpit, these filter points are called axillary lymph nodes.

Could micronutrient supplements combat ADHD? Over recent years, interest has developed around diet and its influence on ADHD. For instance, a study looking at the diets of adolescents concluded that “[a] Western-style diet may be associated with ADHD.” Similarly, the authors of a study looking at the potential benefits of the Mediterranean diet on ADHD wrote, “Our data support the notion that not only specific nutrients but also the whole diet should be considered in ADHD.” Another research team — who investigated the relationship between vitamins and ADHD in young adults — found that lower concentrations of B-2, B-6, and B-9 were associated with ADHD, and B-2 and B-6 were linked to the severity of the symptoms. In general, studies into the relationship between micronutrients and ADHD have concentrated on manipulating one specific nutrient at a time. This is generally the best method for scientific inquiry: change just one variable and measure the outcome.

Four major mineral deficiencies, their symptoms, and how to overcome them You may think that in a society where food is abundant and starvation is relatively rare, that nutrient deficiencies would be a non-issue. However, in many parts of the world, including North America, nutrient deficiencies are extremely common and are often responsible for many of the symptoms and diseases people are facing today. So how do these deficiencies occur in a world that has plenty of food to go around? Turns out, there are a lot of intertwining factors.

How Cancer and Sugar Are Linked: Study Cancer cells are nasty little anarchists. They go where they shouldn’t, subvert authority, co-opt law-abiding cells around them, and break a ton of biological rules in their mindless quest for destruction. They’re also weird. And one of the most bizarre examples of their rule breaking is how they metabolize sugar. When oxygen is readily available, as it is in the human body, normal cells break down and extract energy from glucose through a process called oxidation. By way of this biochemical machination, cells can extract 36 molecules of ATP, which is like cash money in the body. (Think of it like Bitcoin: Cells do some complex equation-solving and, as a reward, they get something they can spend.)

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