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Happy New Year! Peter Hotez hypocrisy, Jared St. Clair, Vitality Radio, Copper, Selenium, Magnesium, OTC Naloxone, Opioid epidemic, Alzheimer’s drug approval irregularities. FDA corruption, Tia Severino, Next Steps 2023 Conference, Building the parallel society, Vitamin quality, Copper questions and MORE!

January 2, 2023 3-5PM ET

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Why Does Peter Hotez Think We Are Mass Murderers? One of the most common tactics the medical industry uses to defend against the scrutiny of bad medical practices is to accuse those who question those practices (and thus make the public reluctant to receive them) of “killing their patients!” (under the logic that the treatment is so safe and effective that causing the public to avoid it equates to murder). Although I am used to seeing inflammatory approaches like this being used to silence debates, I was nonetheless quite taken aback by the WHO’s recent tweet. Before we go any further, I would like to note that that there is no way Peter Hotez could have made this video himself, and it was most likely produced by a PR firm. The central claim of this video, I believe, comes from this study which utilized a few assumptions (which I did not agree with) to conclude that higher vaccination rates could have saved 200,000 lives. The problem with its argument is that Since so many deaths not caused by COVID-19 have been classified as COVID-19 deaths, we don’t actually know how many people died from the illness (this study just assumed the official but inflated figure as accurate).

Special Guest Jared St. Clair

Jared St. Clair is a believer in the amazing human body and its ability to heal itself in most circumstances.  He is an educator at Vitality Nutrition (his family health store) and also on local radio in Salt Lake City, UT and now of course on the Vitality Radio Podcast.  Jared also formulates natural supplements inspired by his decades of research and helping people in his store.

He was virtually raised in his parents’ health food store and has spent the last 30 years working directly with consumers who have had problems ranging from athletes foot to zinc deficiency. He spends the majority of his time talking to his clients and reading studies or theories on alternative medicine.

He has 14 products on the national market through 3 different companies. His formulas range from Hair Revive, a product to stop women’s hair loss, to 10 Day Back On Tract, a capsule that promises to calm an upset stomach, improve digestion and rebuild natural gut flora.


Question of The Day!

I’m hearing there may be a new OTC naloxone called RiVive. I was wondering who owns the patent and stands to make millions off this new version? Does this have anything to do with allowing fentanyl to flow across our southern border unchecked?

Hour 2

Probe: Alzheimer’s drug approval ‘rife with irregularities’ The Food and Drug Administration’s contentious approval of a questionable Alzheimer’s drug took another hit Thursday as congressional investigators called the process “rife with irregularities.” The 18-month investigation by two House committees detailed “atypical collaboration” between FDA regulators and a company it’s supposed to oversee — Aduhelm manufacturer Biogen. The probe also cited Biogen documents saying the company intended to “make history” when it set what investigators called an “unjustifiably high” initial price of $56,000 a year for the drug. The criticism comes as the FDA is expected to decide whether to approve another new Alzheimer’s drug in January. Thursday’s report urged the agency to “take swift action” to ensure that any future Alzheimer’s approvals aren’t met with “the same doubts about the integrity of FDA’s review.” The FDA and Biogen issued statements Thursday defending the Aduhelm approval process. In 2021, the FDA overruled its own independent scientific advisers when it approved Aduhelm even though research studies failed to prove it really helped patients. Biogen had halted two studies after disappointing results suggested the drug wasn’t slowing Alzheimer’s inevitable worsening — only to later contend that a new analysis of one study showed higher doses offered an incremental benefit.

Special Guest Tia Severino

Question of The Day!

Hi GUYS.-I am trying to learn about vitamins-Those that are good and Those that are Synthetics-Are these any good-
Vit “C” Ascorbyl palmitate–Reseratrol Polygonium-Cuspidatun root–Magnesium Oxidel-magnesium aspartrate citrate-
Potassium aspartate citrate-Pantothenate(don’t know what this is) Potassium aspartate citrate-potassium
Glucocamine-Calcium chondroin sulfate–Gluco Subor balance(?) vit.A Palmitate–Are any of these ingredients take?
Also – I heard your guest speaking about Copper-I was a little confused-was he saying if we are taking copper—Taking vit.D and iron supplements is not necessary?
Thank you Bill

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