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HAPPY NEW YEAR! Robyn Openshaw, Green Smoothie Girl, Whole body detoxification, Healthy weight loss, Detox secrets, Sean David Cohen, Krave Kicker, Beating addiction, Mucuna Pruriens, Dopamine receptors, Quitting smoking and MORE!

January 1, 2023 1-3PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest Robyn Openshaw

It was 2001, and my life was at a stand-still. My little boy had been diagnosed with severe asthma and “Failure to Thrive.” He was below the fifth percentile for weight and in a revolving door of desperate pediatric visits and hospitalizations, on growth-stunting steroids, antibiotics, and bronchodilators–and the pediatric and E.R. doctors couldn’t seem to help him. I knew there had to be a way for my son and me to live healthy, happy, fully functional lives – but as I sat in the pediatrician’s office, being told again that all they had to offer was drugs, and more drugs…I realized it was up to me to find the solution. What did I have to lose? The short answer is: about 70 pounds and 21 disease diagnoses of my own. But what I gained is the real story: My son and I got our lives back. No more panic attacks. No more emergency room visits. No more dangerous prescription cocktails. No more antibiotics. My son emerged from illness and I left obesity and many diagnoses and drugs behind, by shifting to a whole-foods, mostly plant-based diet. Now I’m on a mission to educate and empower families all over the world to be healthier and happier, despite living in an increasingly toxic world. I launched in 2007, to share my experiences with the world and help others feel and look younger and healthier than ever before. Over the last decade, my team and I have turned “green smoothie” into a household word and helped people all over the world reclaim their health through delicious recipes, a podcast series that accesses the knowledge of the world’s leading experts in functional medicine and holistic health, online courses on everything from hormone balancing to detoxification, and a blog dedicated to nutrition and wellness.

Hour 2

Special Guest Sean “The Cigarette Killer” Cohen

Sean David Cohen is an avid researcher of natural remedies and has authored two health books that are published and available on Amazon. Sean has been helping people quit addictions for 15 years and is the inventor of Krave Kicker, a liquid “shot” that contains natural superfoods and supplements to boost dopamine and help beat addictions.

How to “Bio-Hack” the Cigarette or Vaping Habit and End Nicotine Addiction

Nicotine is the third most addicting drug in the world, right behind cocaine and heroin. In the long term, nicotine is a depressant, but in the short term, it’s a stimulant, and it saves the smoker from what I termed the “cigarette hangover.”

Everybody knows that smoking is bad for you, but do they know why? If they did, they might understand why they’re so addicted to it, and they might be able to “bio-hack” their way out of it, and naturally.

Cigarettes, among other chemicals, contain ammonia, bleach, bug killer, and weed killer pesticides. These are the ultimate culprits of the “cigarette hangover” that comes when the nicotine wears off after just 30 to 45 minutes.

Every smoker knows that feeling when they “need” a cigarette. It’s that creeping in of nervousness, anxiousness, and a headache that will all just keep getting worse, until that new nicotine hits the heart and brain. But wait, there’s a hack for all that – and it does NOT involve using nicotine, caffeine, or sugar.

Scientific research from the Baylor College of Medicine reveals the NUMBER ONE reason smokers relapse and return to smoking after trying to quit is LOW dopamine levels. There’s a tropical herbal supplement, called mucuna pruriens*, that boosts dopamine production naturally. The L-dopa contained in the seed of mucuna is a precursor of dopamine and improves levels of dopamine in the brain.

By hacking dopamine levels without an addictive substance, the body is able to build back its normal dopamine production and the nicotine cravings are extinguished. Once the smoker has detoxified his/her body of the ammonia, bleach, and pesticides, there is no more cigarette hangover on the way, so the natural dopamine “hack” can be reduced, and the addiction cycle is broken.

The physical nicotine addiction is broken in 3 to 4 days, but the low dopamine levels must be addressed for at least two weeks, if not longer, otherwise, most smokers who quit will return to their cancer sticks as soon as stress rears its ugly head. Once they smoke just ONE cigarette, they are dragged back into the habit. That’s why the nicotine patch and nicotine gums fail 96% of people who try them, they just keep people addicted.

This “relapse” can be avoided by utilizing the natural dopamine hack that combines herbal adaptogens (superfoods) and key supplements, namely vitamin B12 as methylcobalamin, which helps balance the central nervous system.

This “bio-hack” is ideal for people trying to quit smoking or vaping, and it’s part of a proprietary formula called Krave Kicker, the world’s first truly natural nicotine alternative that kicks nicotine cravings for up to 4 hours, with zero nicotine, zero caffeine, zero sugar, and nothing artificial.

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