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September 7th, 2022 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Former BMJ editor: Health research should be considered fraudulent until proven otherwise A former editor for the British Medical Journal (BMJ) posited that health research should be considered fraudulent until proven otherwise. “Stephen Lock, my predecessor as editor, became worried about research fraud in the 1980s – but people thought his concerns eccentric,” wrote Richard Smith in a July 2021 piece for the BMJ. “Is it time to assume that health research is fraudulent until proven otherwise?” According to Smith, health research is based on trust. Health professionals and journal editors reading the results of a clinical trial assume that the trial happened and that the results were honestly reported. Monash Health professor of obstetrics and gynecology Ben Mol, however, remarked that these medical practitioners could be wrong 20 percent of the time. While this did not surprise Smith, it made the erstwhile journal editor rethink medical research. A recent webinar hosted by epidemiology professor Ian Roberts of the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) bolstered Smith’s thoughts. Roberts’ doubts toward honest reporting of clinical trials stemmed from a colleague, who asked if he was aware that the systematic review he presented was based on trials that never happened. This led Roberts to investigate the trials, which he found never happened. In another set of trials Roberts investigated, he found that many of the trials included in the review could not be trusted. The LSHTM professor later wrote about the problem of the “many untrustworthy and zombie trials” in the BMJ in a bid to make the Cochrane Collaboration and anybody conducting systematic reviews to take the problem of fraud very seriously. (Related: Whistleblower: Pfizer FORGED signatures of trial participants, falsified and fabricated trial data.)

Special Guest Sherry Neill

Sherry Neill BSN ND BC-CAHP along with her husband Marty are the owners of Absolute Wellness Center. Before studying natural health and wellness, Sherry worked in the hospital as a trauma nurse, and neonatal intensive care nurse. Sherry held certifications in ACLS (Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support), PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support), and TNCC (Trauma Nurse Core Course). She also enjoyed teaching CPR and ACLS to other healthcare professionals. After leaving the hospital she held positions as long term care director of nursing, and physician liaison.

It was when suffering from TMJ and chronic headaches that Sherry began to study yoga (for stress relief and pain management) and earned certifications as a 200 and 500 level Registered Yoga Teacher. During yoga teacher training she become more interested in herbs, essential oils, and Ayurveda. Her career path and plan of study took a drastic change at this time as she decided to leave the “western medicine” world and pursue a Master’s Degree in Holistic Studies. Additional programs of study include Traditional Doctor of Naturopathy and Complementary and Alternative Healthcare Practitioner. Currently she is furthering her studies in Homeopathy.

Marty can be found at the office some weekdays and many Saturdays. He takes care of administrative issues, assists clients, answers the phone, maintains the building and equipment, and anything else that needs to be done.  Sherry and Marty enjoy music, cooking, hiking, paddle boarding, camping, and golfing. They love playing music and singing together…..he’s a drummer, she strums a few chords on a guitar. They love concerts and jamming with friends.

Hour 2

Prescription steroids affect brain structure, study finds GlucocorticoidsTrusted Source — also known as corticosteroids or just steroids — are a class of medications prescribed for a variety of different diseases and conditions. These are different from anabolic steroids that may be used to increase muscle mass. Concerningly, prescription steroids can sometimes come with harsh side effects, including neurological issues, such as mood disorders and cognitive issues. Now a team of scientists from Leiden University Medical Center in The Netherlands has found evidence suggesting the use of prescribed steroids causes structural and volume changes in the white and gray matter of the brain. This study recently appeared in the journal BMJ Open. Doctors mainly prescribe corticosteroids to help lower inflammation in the body, suppress the body’s immune system, or balance hormone levels They normally prescribe them in tablet or inhaler form, although sometimes people require prescribed steroid injections. There are also topical corticosteroids in the form of lotions or creams. According to doctoral researcher Merel van der Meulen, from the Department of Medicine in the Division of Endocrinology at Leiden University Medical Center and lead author of this study, previous researchTrusted Source of people with Cushing’s disease, who have very high levels of the body’s own glucocorticoid cortisol, shows that long-term exposure to glucocorticoids can affect both the function and the structure of the brain.

Cancer on the rise globally among adults under 50 Over the past three decades, a troubling trend has emerged regarding cancer diagnosis rates on a global scale. More and more adults under the age of 50 are developing various forms of cancer. Scientists at Brigham and Women’s Hospital report the incidence of early onset cancers (cancers detected in individuals younger than 50) all over the world has increased “dramatically” since around 1990. More specifically, cancers of the breast, colon, esophagus, kidney, liver, and pancreas have all seen upticks in early onset diagnoses. In an effort to better understand why this is happening, study authors conducted an extensive set of analyses using data gathered from various sources, including information pertaining to early life encounters that may have influenced this trend. “From our data, we observed something called the birth cohort effect. This effect shows that each successive group of people born at a later time (e.g., decade-later) have a higher risk of developing cancer later in life, likely due to risk factors they were exposed to at a young age,” says Shuji Ogino, MD, PhD, a professor and physician-scientist in the Department of Pathology at the Brigham, in a media release. “We found that this risk is increasing with each generation. For instance, people born in 1960 experienced higher cancer risk before they turn 50 than people born in 1950 and we predict that this risk level will continue to climb in successive generations.”

How you can detox the healthy way Detoxification can be confusing and is often thought to occur following a special diet or program. The good news is that you don’t need to put your body through an unsustainable diet of celery and rice in order to detoxify. All throughout the day, your cells are hard at work cleansing your body through its many detoxification processes. Of course, that being said, how you choose to eat, care for your body and expose yourself to harmful environmental toxins can impede the body’s natural detoxification processes, resulting in toxin accumulation. Over time, this could lead to health implications and disease. Taking care of your body by avoiding harmful substances in the environment, nourishing yourself with nutrient-dense, medicinal food and giving your detoxification systems a little tender loving care every so often can make a world of difference in how you look, feel and function for years to come. The human body is remarkable and is designed to maintain homeostasis and balance. One way in which it does this is through its sophisticated detoxification system. Humans are exposed to toxins every day, both externally from the environment (air pollution, exhaust fumes, pesticides on food and cleaning chemicals to name just a few) but also internally from normal chemical reactions that occur in the body. Our body’s primary motive when it comes in contact with an exogenous (originating from outside our body) or endogenous (originating from inside the body) chemical is to render it inactive and reduce its pharmacological action in the body.

New Academic Study Links Cannabis Legalization to Decreasing Pharma Profits The study, published in a non-profit, peer-reviewed journal, is the strongest evidence yet that the legalization of cannabis directly (and negatively) impacts both the name brand and generic pharma industry. A new study published by PLOS ONE, an American non-profit, peer-reviewed journal, and conducted by researchers at California Polytechnic State University and the University of New Mexico, has found the pharmaceutical industry in the United States has consistently lost money after U.S. states legalize cannabis. In fact, the average market loss in each U.S. state was estimated to be $10 billion. The study based its findings on a review of prescription drug sales and stock prices of 556 pharma companies between 1996 to 2019 and market trends that emerged after the legalization of either or medical and recreational cannabis. Find More Inspiring Videos on the Cannabis & Tech Today YouTube Channel. This is the first time a study has been able to encapsulate such findings formally, although there has been a lot of anecdotal data released to support this claim. The study also notes that the longer-term impact is actually more significant for generic drug makers than branded pharmaceuticals.

BREAKING: New threat to your supplements We’ve just gotten word that a policy proposal that will restrict supplement access could be attached to another must-pass bill. This time, it’s the bill to continue funding the government that needs to pass by the end of September. We have to fight back against this newest threat.
Invest in ANH and help us defend your supplement access! Sen. Dick Durbin’s “mandatory product listing” for dietary supplements must be defeated. This policy brings us closer to European-style supplement restrictions where the government slashes the amount of a nutrient supplements can contain to absurdly low levels. Do you want vitamin D supplements to be limited to just 800 IU per pill? That’s what Germany has done, and that’s what we’re facing. It’s crunch time now—we have to squash this effort and make sure it doesn’t get attached to the government funding bill.

Is it time we ditched the word ‘gardening’? Fascination with the natural world seems hardwired into our most basic human instincts. There is not only a beneficial effect from spending time in green spaces – as shown by the way it can reduce stress levels and even speed healing times in hospitals. But a growing body of scientific evidence now shows we don’t just like plants, we have a physical need to be around their beauty. So, here is my question: why, even as a nation of gardeners, do we struggle to get people involved in gardening? I’ve been sitting on panels for more than a decade as industry bodies, media outlets and charities try to address the increasingly worrying question of how few young people are interested in horticulture. With garden societies closing, course places going unfilled and nurseries shutting shop, it’s becoming quite urgent. Yet, in the past half decade, I have been incredibly reassured to see the flowering of interest in horticulture in the digital world, on platforms such as Instagram. This isn’t a mindless popularity contest of pretty pictures either. Connecting people from all over the planet with similar interests, these groups have now spawned a whole new generation of horticultural societies – ones that are not necessarily organised by traditional geographic boundaries either.

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