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August 31st, 2021 3-5PM ET

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How Are the Unvaccinated Doing? Survey Says: Healthy But Unjustly Treated A new study published Aug. 12 in the International Journal of Vaccine Theory, Practice, and Research showed evidence of potentially illegal discrimination against individuals who declined COVID-19 vaccination. The study reported the survey results of 18,497 individuals unvaccinated against COVID-19 throughout the world who voluntarily offered personal information through the Control Group Cooperative — also known as the “Vaccine Control Group” — which is a citizen-led initiative that seeks to provide an “independent, worldwide, long-term study of the health outcomes of the SARS-CoV-2 vaccine-free.” After collecting the survey results, the Control Group Cooperative invited a team of independent international medical researchers to analyze and publish the data. The authors — including Robert Verkerk, Ph.D., from the U.K., Dr. Christof Plothe, D.O., of Germany, Naseeba Kathrada, M.B.Ch.B., of South Africa and Dr. Katarina Lindley, D.O., of the United States — said that “between 20% and nearly 50% of respondents, depending on region, reported being personal targets of hate, implying victimization, owing to their COVID-19 vaccination status.” They added: “Proportionately, rates of such victimization were highest in Southern Europe and South America and lowest in Western Asia and Southern Africa (although the number of respondents in the latter regions were also substantially lower).”

Special Guest – Dr. Jeff Pilot

Dr Jeff Pilot, PhD Biochemist with experience in DNA fusion vaccines. Working in the Pharmaceutical industry for 20 years designing and conducting clinical trials in all Phases (I, II, III, and IV). Published.







California Approves Bill to Punish Doctors Who Spread False Information Trying to strike a balance between free speech and public health, California’s Legislature on Monday approved a bill that would allow regulators to punish doctors for spreading false information about COVID-19 vaccinations and treatments. The legislation, if signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom, would make the state the first to try to legislate a remedy to a problem that the American Medical Association, among other medical groups and experts, says has worsened the impact of the pandemic, resulting in thousands of unnecessary hospitalizations and deaths. The law would designate spreading false or misleading medical information to patients as “unprofessional conduct,” subject to punishment by the agency that licenses doctors, the Medical Board of California. That could include suspending or revoking a doctor’s license to practice medicine in the state. Although the legislation has raised concerns over freedom of speech, the bill’s sponsors said the extensive harm caused by false information required holding incompetent or ill-intentioned doctors accountable. “In order for a patient to give informed consent, they have to be well informed,” said state Sen. Richard Pan, D-Sacramento, and co-author of the bill. A pediatrician himself and a prominent proponent of stronger vaccination requirements, he said the law was intended to address “the most egregious cases” of deliberately misleading patients.

Sen. Wiener Pulls Bill to allow 12-Year Olds Get Vaccine Without Parental Consent San Francisco Senator Scott Wiener just announced he is pulling SB 866, his bill to allow 12-year old children to take vaccines without parental consent. “We have made the difficult decision not to call up SB 866 for a vote on the Assembly floor,” Sen. Wiener said. “While the votes are very close, we are several votes short of 41, and we don’t see a viable path for those final few votes.” “Sadly, months of harassment and misinformation — including death threats against me and teen advocates — by a small but highly vocal and organized minority of anti-vaxxers have taken their toll. The health of young people will suffer as a result. SB 866 did nothing more than empower young people to protect their own health, even if their parents have been brain-washed by anti-vax propaganda or are abusive or neglectful. With the reemergence of polio and the continued existence of viruses like mumps, the health risks to young people — like paralysis and sterility — are real and can have profound consequences.” “From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank our coalition of students, healthcare providers, and parents who deeply understand the importance of empowering people to keep themselves healthy. In particular, our student activists continually impressed me with their passion, tenacity, and willingness to sustain personal attacks by adult anti-vaxxers who were absolutely cruel toward them and anyone else who believes in science.” “The anti-vaxxers may have prevailed in this particular fight, but the broader fight for science and health continues. This coalition isn’t going anywhere.”

Hour 2

Special Guest – Laban Ditchburn

A child badly affected by divorce, poverty and dysfunction, Laban sought validation and escapism in all the wrong places. But through self-discovery and a ton of hard work, he conquered the full gamut of addiction—alcohol, sex, gambling, drugs, and negative self-talk.  More interestingly, by finding and removing the root cause of his need to escape, giving up these addictions has been almost effortless. Today, he defines the word transformation.

Losing sixty pounds of body fat and replacing it with thirty pounds of muscle mass and bone density, Laban also found a cure for his “incurable” auto-immune disease. His mental health, cognitive function, and ability to handle, recover and thrive from extreme physical challenges, all have improved exponentially. Physically, mentally, spiritually, and emotionally in charge of his own destiny, Laban’s journey continues to inspire those ready to change their lives. An exemplar and a revolutionary, he revels in unabashedly sharing what he’s learned: how to conquer the demons you don’t know you have, and how to be unstoppable in getting to where you want to be.

These days he gets his fix from the madness of ultra-marathon running, smashing the glass-ceiling of limiting beliefs and the demolition of a hot carnivore BBQ. Continuing his writing, inspiring and transformational speaking, Laban is living his purpose as The World’s Best Courage Coach. He lives in the beautiful Riviera Maya of Mexico, with the woman who is responsible for his limitless approach to life, his soon to be wife, the bravest person he knows and the future mother of their giant brood of children, Anna.

Unvaccinated cadets ordered off Coast Guard Academy campus  The Coast Guard Academy is disenrolling seven cadets for failing to comply with the military’s COVID-19 vaccination mandate, after their requests for religious exemptions were denied and they were ordered to leave campus. The academy in New London, Connecticut, confirmed the disenrollments Tuesday, The Day newspaper reported. A lawyer for several of the cadets said they were told on Aug. 18 that they had to leave campus by 4 p.m. the next day. “They were escorted to the gate like they were criminals or something,” the lawyer, Michael Rose, told the newspaper. “No one helped them with travel arrangements or gave them any money,” said Rose, based in Summerville, South Carolina. “One had to get to California, one to Alaska. One’s estranged from home and living out of his truck, according to an email I received describing his situation.” Rose said two of the seven cadets had no homes to return to.  The cadets’ names have not been released. Rose said academy officials were “particularly mean-spirited” and could have waited until pending lawsuits challenging the military’s COVID-19 vaccination requirement were concluded. In one of those lawsuits, Rose is representing more than 30 plaintiffs, including military personnel and service academy cadets, in litigation pending in federal court in South Carolina. Several of the cadets are from the Coast Guard Academy.

Is bird flu the next pandemic? Experts say a human outbreak is ‘on the horizon’ after record numbers of deadly strain in animals The next pandemic-causing virus may already be spreading in Britain — in the country’s chicken coups and duck ponds. Some experts believe a human outbreak of avian flu is ‘on the horizon’ after record numbers of cases in wild birds and poultry in the past year. There are increasing concerns that, as it spreads in animals, the virus could evolve to infect humans and cause a global crisis deadlier than Covid. After all, that is what happened with so-called Spanish flu at end of World War I, which was caused by a similar strain to the one circulating now (H5N1). Although estimates vary greatly, the former is thought to have killed 50 million people — about one in every 35 of those alive at the time. So far the new virus has been detected in more than 22million birds and poultry globally since September 2021 — double the previous record the year before.  Not only is the virus spreading at speed, it is also killing at an unprecedented level, leaving some experts to say this is the deadliest variant so far. In the UK, feathered carcasses have littered beaches on islands off Scotland and the east coast for months, while seagulls have been dropping from the skies in Brighton.

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