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The Missing Link – Your Immune System

Inbuilt defences – our forgotten medicine What is conspicuously absent from any publicly-acknowledged authoritative channel is education and awareness on how to support and hone our own inherent protection with which we were all born. Our immune systems – an extraordinarily complex super-system that brings together multiple systems, organs and tissues – include the 7 metres or so of our guts, which is why food is so important to immune function. Like any system with lots of work to do, the immune system needs resources – plenty of them. The concept of ‘food as medicine’, which looks at food not just as information and a calorific fuel, but as information for the body’s multiple, interacting systems, is largely viewed as soft and inadequate against the onslaught of the myriad of virulent bugs and diseases that are out to get us.

DIY Prescription Drugs?

Would you use an internet recipe to make your own prescription drugs? Imagine a world in which you produce the prescription medicine you need right inside your home. With the push of a button, a machine synthesizes your blood pressure medication, without a trip to the pharmacy. In addition, the cost is minimal. The concept of “open-source” medicine, where drug formulas are shared openly online to use and modify, is a somewhat utopian vision of the future of health care.

Question of The Day!

I got it, I got it, I got it! Got what Crazy Dave? Alta Silica.
Question is, May I use this safely with 8-9 lbs. Pomeranian dogs? The breed has lost much structural integrity in the trachea causing easy collapsing. This brings on moments of massage and doggie heimlich maneuvering. I’m thinking 1/2 tablet crushed and mixed into each meal. 2 meals a day. What do you think?

~ Crazy Dave

The California Vaccine Medical Police State Strikes Again

The medical police state has arrived in California: Mother threatened with ARREST for
refusing to vaccinate her children
 Recently, on what started out as just a regular school day, one California mother found out just how threatening this law is and how real this medical police state is becoming. One morning when she walked her kids to the bus stop, she was approached by a police officer and an unnamed official from the Claremont school district. They immediately began to interrogate her about vaccination records for her children. Wisely, the mother refused to answer the officials and began to record the interaction. The officials, refusing to give their names, continued to question her. As the mother refused to give in to their demands and stood her ground, they slowly backed away and left in a squad car. Later, when she called the police department to report the incident, they told her that she would be arrested if she refused to vaccinate her children. Unreal!

Maybe This Dad Has A Point….

Utah man demands school change over mascot name sounding like ‘penises’ A Utah parent has started a petition to change a new high school’s mascot because he thinks the plural version of phoenix sounds too much like the word “penises.” “I am starting this petition on behalf [of] many concerned students and parents in our community whose children will be attending the new Farmington High School,” Kyle Fraughton wrote in his petition, which has amassed over 3,000 signatures.



Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?



Homeland Security to Release Chemicals into the Air to Simulate a Biological Terror Attack TheDepartment of Homeland Security plans to conduct chemical and biological testing near the border between Kansas and Oklahoma in January and February, and again in June and July, to determine how much protection people would receive from being inside a house or an apartment in the event of a biological terrorist attack, according to a statement on the Homeland Security website.

Cancer is a lifestyle disease: Researchers make the connection between food, obesity and
the big “C”
 How you live your life affects your health, either positively or negatively. Having a healthy lifestyle is a must if you want to be free from diseases. Studies reveal thatfood, obesity and cancer are related to each other. Obesity is caused by the kind of food you eat. Mounting evidence has shown that diet is the primary cause of cancer in the world today and that an obese person is more likely to develop cancer. A study, published in the journal CMAJ Open, analyzed the incidence of cancer attributed to lifestyle and environmental factors. The researchers estimated summary population attributable risk estimates for 24 factors: passive and active smoking; overweight and obesity; lack of physical activity; inadequate fruit and vegetable intake, inadequate fiber intake, excess red and processed meat intake, salt intake, inadequate calcium consumption, and vitamin D intake; alcohol; oral contraceptives and hormone therapy; Epstein-Barr virus, hepatitis B and C viruses, human papillomavirus, and Helicobacter pylori; air pollution; natural and artificial ultraviolet radiation; radon; and water disinfection by-products.

FDA Approves New Digital Sensor To Ensure “Patients With Mental Health Issues” Take Their Meds The Food and Drug Administration has just approved a new pill with a digital sensor in it. It will “ensure” that patients who suffer from mental health issues take their medicine when they are told. But privacy concerns have not gone unnoticed. Regulators in the United States have approved the first pill that can be digitally tracked as it makes its way through the human body. The Abilify MyCite aripiprazole tablets used for treating schizophrenia and manic episodes have an ingestible sensor embedded inside them that records that the medication has been taken. A patch worn by the patient transmits this information to their smartphone.

Half of over-65s take at least five drugs a day Almost half of over-65s in England are taking at least five different drugs a day, a Cambridge University study has found. The figure has risen from just 12 per cent 20 years ago, while the proportion taking no pills at all dropped from around 20 per cent in the late 1990s to just seven per cent today. Researchers tracked more than 15,000 older people who took part in two long-term health studies which began in the 1990s. Some of those who took part in the long-term investigation said they were on up to 23 tablets every day. Researchers expressed concern at the increasing dependence on prescription and over-the-counter medicines – known as ‘polypharmacy‘. Studies show polypharmacy can increase the dangers of interactions between different drugs and the risk of frailty in older patients.

 Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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