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February 6, 7-9PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

The Power of The Immune System!

Could ageing immune systems be a better predictor of cancer than genetic mutations? It
has long been known that cancer arises when genes mutate and start producing abnormal proteins, or no protein at all. However, our latest research, published in PNAS, suggests that there is another, equally important mechanism by which cancer arises: an ageing immune system. We were interested in why the incidence of cancer rises so steeply with age. The conventional wisdom is that it’s due to a single cell in the body accumulating just the right sequence of genetic mutations that transform it into a cancer cell, seeding a tumour.

New research suggests your immune system can protect against MRSA infections After years of investigation, researchers at Johns Hopkins, the University of California, Davis, and the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases have discovered how the immune system might protect a person from recurrent bacterial skin infections caused by Staphylococcus aureus (staph). The findings, publishing online this week in The Journal of Clinical Investigation, open new doors to someday developing vaccines to prevent staph skin infections, which account for 14 million outpatient visits, nearly 500,000 hospital admissions and $3 billion to $4 billion in inpatient health care costs in the U.S. per year.

Special Guest – Rosanne Lindsay

Rosanne Lindsay, ND, is a Naturopath, certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, and a Tribal Healer with the Turtle Island Provider Network. She holds graduate degrees from Trinity School of Natural Health in Naturopathic medicine and from the University of Chicago’s School of Public Health in Environmental Health Science.
Rosanne discovered her gifts as a healer through her own journey of reversing Profound Hypothyroidism naturally.

Her mission is to guide others to heal themselves using body-mind-spirit medicine. She consults in person and online. She is a writer/blogger, speaker, and author of the book, ‘The Nature of Healing, Heal The Body, Heal The Planet. Her second book ‘Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid’ is due out soon.

Questions of The Day!


I have a question about silver. How can it be safe for your body? I was under the assumption that the human body is unable to chelate silver it.  If I’m wrong, can you please explain?

Thank you. – Wendy R


Robert touched on BPA briefly on yesterday’s show. However, he didn’t state how to get BPA out of your system after you are already exposed for years and have it in your blood. For the people who are newly awakened to the matrix (agenda 21) world we live in could he please go over a BPA detox? As a former “blind-liberal-sheep” who is now an awakened Libertarian this is important to me.

Could Robert also talk about the importance of the Pineal Gland. Two years ago a herbalist put me on Sea Moss, Bladderwrack, Spirulina/Chlorella, and MSM (sulfur). Little did I know he did this on purpose to clean the fluoride and heavy metals from my Pineal Gland? This was the start of my awakening. I truly believe that many people on the Left would leave if their Pineal Gland was detoxified.

A Hayes


My husband has been diagnosed with Wegeners Vasculitis ANCA positive. Has had Cytoxan – did nothing. Now they want to start Rutuxamab. Is on prednisone valocyclovir and sulfameth/trimeth. What can we do? Needless to say they have told him that he can do nothing to help himself. In the past he has not taken vitamins or nutrients but has started and is feeling much better. Need help!


This Is Headline of The Week For Sure…

Trump Evangelical Adviser Says Flu Shot Less Effective Than Jesus “Inoculate yourself with
the word of God,” minister Gloria Copeland said over a video sermon. Gloria and her husband are both the founders of the Kenneth Copeland Ministries in Texas. Gloria and her husband are both listed on President Trump’s evangelical advisory board. Gloria believes that if you have Jesus in your life, you don’t need to receive a flu shot. “Well, listen, partners, we don’t have a flu season,” Copeland continued. “And don’t receive it when somebody threatens you with, ‘Everybody’s getting the flu.’ We’ve already had our shot: He bore our sicknesses and carried our diseases. That’s what we stand on.”

Hour 2 – The Epidemic The News Isn’t Talking About

Study: Rate of American Boys Developing Neurodevelopmental Disorders a National Crisis At least one in six American children (roughly 17%) has a diagnosed developmental disability. No matter which once-rare disorder one considers—learning disabilities, autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), tics, obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) or emotional disturbances—each has witnessed a dramatic escalation over the past several decades. A systematic literature review recently published in Acta Neurobiologiae Experimentalis contends that these trends are at crisis proportions. The crisis is spiraling out of control, with society-wide impacts on services, institutions, families and, especially, boys.

Legitimate Concern or Climate Change Propaganda?

Massive Amounts Of Toxic Mercury Found Hidden In Arctic Permafrost Scientists have
discovered massive amounts of toxic mercury, which is a neurotoxin, trapped in the Arctic permafrost. Mercury is known as a severe threat to the health of humanity. The thawing of the Arctic permafrost would release potent greenhouses gases. And with the latest discovery, it could also soon release a considerable amount of potent mercury as climate change gets worst. The study published in Geophysical Research Letters on February 5 revealed the massive reservoir of mercury on Earth. It stores twice as much mercury as all other soils, ocean, and the atmosphere. Paul Schuster, a hydrologist at the U.S. Geological Survey in Boulder, Colorado, and other colleagues led the discovery, according to

Special Guest – Marcus Ellis!

Abacus Settlements is proud to work with Marcus Ellis as our Health Care Resource Advocate.  What Marcus Ellis believed at the time to be a sports injury would soon be diagnosed as Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma (NHL) after he noticed a large protrusion on his left-hand side rendering him unable to eat. He lost 50 pounds in just 6 weeks and was soon diagnosed with Stage IV cancer.  When he asked his doctor what caused the cancer, he was told that “it’s the luck of the draw.” Contrary to popular medical opinion, Marcus attributes it to the number one radiating device at that time: the Blackberry cell phone, which he wore over the area of his tumor (his spleen) for 15 years. After his diagnosis, Marcus immediately began chemotherapy treatment and endured a number of horrifying side effects over the following year. He was then told he would need more chemo, more radiation, a stem cell transplant, and other treatments. If he chose not to do this, he would have six months to live.  However, Marcus felt that the conventional medical system had failed him, and went looking for another way. After visiting a nutritional biochemist in Florida and following the prescribed protocol, he is now completely cancer-free.

Check out the video below to find out about Marcus’s NHL experience, and how he’s on a mission to help people finance naturopathic and other alternative cancer treatments. (Click here to read an article by Marcus about a financial option for funding cancer treatments.)

This May Be Constitutional… But Probably Not A Good Idea…

ACLU lawsuit: ISP ticket for rude gesture violates rights Mark May is seeking unspecified damages against Indiana State Police Master Trooper Matt Ames, according to the complaint filed Thursday in the Southern District of Indiana by the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana. In the lawsuit, May admits to the incident on Aug. 21, 2017 when he made a gesture commonly known as “giving the finger” to Ames as May drove past Ames, who had stopped another motorist along U.S. 41. May claims just prior to that incident, he was cut off in traffic by Ames, who was pursuing another motorist.

 Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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