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September 1st, 2021 3-5PM ET

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In Israel, Being Fully Vaccinated Now Means Three Shots Israel is upping the vaccine ante, pressing citizens to get Covid-19 booster shots and saying those who don’t will face restrictions on traveling, dining out and other activities. Holders of Israel’s vaccine passports must get a third dose of the Pfizer -BioNTech vaccine within six months of their second dose, or lose the so-called green pass that allows them more freedom. “We are updating what it means to be vaccinated,” said Israel’s coronavirus czar, Salman Zarka, at a press conference Sunday unveiling the new policy. A study released by the Israeli health ministry on Sunday found that within 12 days, recipients of a third shot were 10 times less likely to become severely ill and 11 times less likely to become infected than people who had received their second dose five months earlier. Israeli health officials say they don’t know whether additional boosters, beyond the third dose, will be needed. But they are moving aggressively to get as many people as possible vaccinated with a third shot, as the more contagious Delta variant of the virus spreads. All Israelis over the age of 12 are now eligible to receive a booster if five months have passed since their second shot.

Lack of a Vaccine Mandate Becomes Competitive Advantage in Hospital Staffing Wars In the rural northeastern corner of Missouri, Scotland County Hospital has been so low on staff that it sometimes had to turn away patients amid a surge in covid-19 cases. The national covid staffing crunch means CEO Dr. Randy Tobler has hired more travel nurses to fill the gaps. And the prices are steep — what he called “crazy” rates of $200 an hour or more, which Tobler said his small rural hospital cannot afford. A little over 60% of his staff is fully vaccinated. Even as covid cases rise, though, a vaccine mandate is out of the question. “If that becomes our differential advantage, we probably won’t have one until we’re forced to have one,” Tobler said. “Maybe that’s the thing that will keep nurses here.” As of Thursday, about 39% of U.S. hospitals had announced vaccine mandates, said Colin Milligan, a spokesperson for the American Hospital Association. Across Missouri and the nation, hospitals are weighing more than patient and caregiver health in deciding whether to mandate covid vaccines for staffers. The market for health care labor, strained by more than a year and a half of coping with the pandemic, continues to be pinched. While urban hospitals with deeper pockets for shoring up staff have implemented vaccine mandates, and may even use them as a selling point to recruit staffers and patients, their rural and regional counterparts are left with hard choices as cases surge again.

CDC recommendations for influenza vaccination updated for 2021-2022 Licensed and age-appropriate vaccines for influenza are recommended for the 2021 to 2022 season for all persons aged 6 months or older who do not have contraindications, according to research published in the Aug. 27 issue of the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. Lisa A. Grohskopf, M.D., from the CDC in Atlanta, and colleagues updated the 2020 to 2021 recommendations of the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) regarding the use of seasonal vaccines. The authors note that for persons aged 6 months or older who do not have contraindications, routine annual influenza vaccination is recommended. A licensed and age-appropriate vaccine should be used for each recipient. When more than one licensed, recommended, age-appropriate vaccine is available, ACIP makes no preferential recommendations. Inactivated influenza vaccine, recombinant vaccine, and live attenuated influenza are expected to be available during the 2021 to 2022 season. Updates in this report include that all seasonal influenza vaccines for 2021 to 2022 will be quadrivalent and the composition of 2021 to 2022 influenza vaccines includes updates to the influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 and influenza A(H3N2) components. Providers should consult current ACIP recommendations concerning coadministration of influenza and COVID-19 vaccines. Vaccines given at the same time should be administered in different anatomical sites.

COVID-19, flu ‘twindemic’ threat worries doctors: ‘Get flu shot early’ Doctors are yet again warning over the threat of a possible “twindemic,” or burdened hospitals amid converging respiratory illnesses like COVID-19 and influenza, prompting calls to receive flu shots early. Experts had issued a similar warning last summer amid soaring COVID-19 infections, citing worries over overwhelmed hospital systems by both COVID-19 and the influx of flu patients, but the surge never came. From October to mid-February, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recorded 165-laboratory confirmed flu-related hospitalizations in the U.S., the lowest rate of flu-related hospitalizations since data collection began in 2005. However doctors’ warnings have resurfaced, with experts citing social mixing and relaxed mitigation measures as the country approaches the colder seasons. “This year, however, we are heading into the flu season with more relaxed restrictions and the situation will allow for increased chance of respiratory illness transmissions,” Dr. TingTing Wong, internist and infectious disease specialist at NewYork-Presbyterian Medical Group Brooklyn, told Fox News. “We saw a similar uptick of ‘summer colds’ caused by other viruses (for example RSV, respiratory syncytial virus, and rhino viruses, etc.) this summer as restrictions relaxed and the fear is a similar uptick of flu cases this fall/winter season.”

Questions of The Day!

Any Information out there on Homeopathic Use of the Nebulizer for cleaning out the lungs? (on other social medias there are claims using the nebulizer is good for the lungs!)


Hi Robert, not sure if you recall I have been against all vaccines for over 25 years and this covid shot, whether deemed a vaccine or not is a toxic shot designed to destroy. I found out today that Richard Pearl, a guest on your show from Florida, died last week in a hospital from covid. I believe he did not take the shot and heard they put him on a ventilator. I was surprised to hear all of this, especially considering his wealth of knowledge regarding holistic healing. Do you have any input on this? It all seems nefarious.

Comment of The Day!

Hi Robert and Super Don,
The new name given to the “FDA-approved” vaccine from Pfizer-BioNTech is called Comirnaty. Since you prefer to refer to it as Co-morbidity, I thought I would inform you the significance of the name Comirnaty. It has been coined by picking certain letters from the following words.
“COvid, ModIfied mRNA, TYranny.
Their strategy is to start the whole operation with Covid to fool the public and end with tyranny. As you are aware, this “mRNA vaccine”, more appropriately called a bio-weapon is an important tool in the hands of the globalists for controlling the rest of humanity. Under the guise of protecting the public from a deadly infection which they call “Covid-19”, their plan is to inject every man, woman and child with this vaccine. What initially started as a gentle prodding to make the people take the vaccine is gradually becoming tyrannical.
One of the biggest problems the globalists are facing is people like you, me, Super Don and many others who are too smart to be fooled. Hence the tyranny.
– Bala

Hour 2

Special Guest Mary Josephine Generoso

A NYC restaurant manager goes renegade in the face of new vaccination-proof rules Not all Big Apple restaurants were happy as a citywide vaccine mandate took effect on Monday — and some are all but thumbing their noses at the controversial clampdown. The so-called “Key to NYC” program — which requires diners to show proof they’ve been vaccinated from COVID — has gotten support from high-profile restaurateurs like Danny Meyer of the Gramercy Tavern and Eric Ripert of Le Bernardin, as well as the owners of Sylvia’s in Harlem. But some fret that the new rules won’t be enforceable, and that they will turn off tourists as local eateries scramble to recover from a year and a half of lockdowns. Others say they won’t even try to enforce the new rule beginning Sept. 13, when city inspections at restaurants, indoor entertainment venues and gyms are slated to begin. Shortly after Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the new rules on Aug. 3, a sign appeared in the front window of Pasticceria Rocco, a pastry shop and diner in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn: “We do not discriminate against any customer based on sex, gender, race, creed, age, vaccinated or unvaccinated. All customers who wish to patronize are welcome.”

Some NYC Restaurants Pushing Back Against Vaccine Mandate: ‘I Just Don’t Think That We’re Gonna Be The Vaccination Police’ Starting next week, proof of vaccination will be required in New York City for some indoor activities, including going out to eat, but not all restaurants are on board. “Whether you’re vaccinated or not, you are welcome,” said Mary Josephine Generoso, manager at Pasticceria Rocco’s of Bay Ridge. There’s a sign of protest in the window of the restaurant, defiant against Mayor Bill de Blasio’s upcoming vaccine mandate. It reads, “We do not discriminate against ANY customer based on sex, gender, race, creed, age, vaccinate or unvaccinated. All customers who wish to patronize are welcome in our establishment.” “I just do not feel that we’re gonna be able to sit there and ask customers to show if they’ve been vaccinated or not,” Generoso told CBS2’s Ali Bauman. Starting next week, proof of vaccination will be required citywide for indoor activities such as dining, gyms and concerts. After a grace period, enforcement will then begin on Sept. 13. “I just don’t think that we’re gonna be the vaccination police. That’s up to the mayor’s office. It’s up to the health department to figure out, but it certainly shouldn’t be the burden of store owners, bars and gyms to be regulating that,” Generoso said.

San Antonio Zoo giving lions, tigers and monkeys COVID-19 vaccine Even San Antonio Zoo’s big cats and monkeys are being vaccinated now. But it’s unclear whether there will be backlash online from anti-vaxxers, who aggressively have criticized other zoos nationwide for giving their animals the shots. The San Antonio Zoo announced Monday it is scheduled to receive its first shipment of a COVID-19 vaccine distributed by the veterinary pharmaceutical company Zoetis. The drug has been authorized by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. The first doses will be administered in the coming weeks. “Our veterinary and animal care teams have worked incredibly hard to protect and prevent our animals from contracting COVID-19 through increased disinfection, personal protective equipment and new guest procedures,” said Tim Morrow, the zoo’s president and CEO. “Vaccinating our animals is one more important step.” African lions and Sumatran tigers will be among the first to receive the vaccine in San Antonio. Among the first primates to be vaccinated are the white-cheeked gibbons and the Francois langur. More species, including monkeys and ferrets, are due to receive the vaccine as it becomes available, zoo officials said. The vaccine is similar but not identical to the vaccine developed for humans. Animals will require a booster shot three weeks after the first injection, zoo officials said.

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