Sacred Fire Of Liberty, Trump tax cuts, Liberals #WalkAway continues, Peter Strzok denial, Mueller investigation update, Hospital births investigation, Darla Shine EXCLUSIVE, CNN James Gunn hypocrisy, Parents say no to gene editing and MORE!

July 26, 2018 7-9PM ET

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Jonathan Emord is here to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Trump tax cut benefits all congressional districts, up to $44,697 per family All 425 congressional districts have benefitted from tax cuts President Trump signed into law in December, with the potential payoff for a family of four reaching $44,697, according to an exhaustive impact report. The Heritage Foundation analysis added that the payoffs can be pushed higher if the legislation is made permanent. The state-by-state report and map showed that urban areas, especially around Washington, were among the biggest winners. “We find that the average household and the average married couple with two kids in every congressional district in every state benefit from the tax cut, both in 2018 and over the next 10 years. Nationally, average households will save $1,400, and married couples with two children will save $2,918 in 2018,” said the backgrounder. It also said that factoring in other tax cut impacts, “the typical American household will benefit from more than $26,000 in increased take-home pay between 2018 and 2027. The average family of four can expect over $44,000 of increased take-home pay.”

Welcome Home Liberals in your #WalkAway from the Socialist-Left There is a new movement of Liberals leaving the Left, we on the Pro-Liberty Right need to welcome them home to where they belong. #WalkAway is a new burgeoning movement of Liberals leaving the Socialist-Left that is being virtually ignored by the nation’s hopelessly biased Leftist media. Although it isn’t exactly a new phenomena that those who believe in “maximum individual freedom, open-hearted tolerance and a commitment to the truth” are abandoning the socialists with a whole slew of videos of people leaving the Left.  Now with the it’s headlong rush to go full socialist, many who cherish those freedoms have had enough, coincidently this is in agreement with a poll that shows that Voters Overwhelmingly Prefer Free Market to Socialism

Fever dreams of the Democrats: Strzok’s bizarre testimony, hysteria over Trump’s Helsinkicomments Liberals and the Democratic Party never know when to stop. Going too far with their complaints has been the folly that exposes their concerns as fever dreams. Opportunistic outrage is their drug, and like all addictions it takes over and ruins everything for them. The last week featured two monumental liberal benders, both about their favorite destroyer of universes, President Trump. The Democrats don’t even take their time any more to work themselves into a frenzy; they start with foam at the mouth, which doesn’t exactly engender confidence and trust. Trump Derangement Fever Dream One is brought to us by FBI agent and anti-Trump texter Peter Strzok. His bizarre public testimony was infused with a strangely hyper-smug arrogance. As he was questioned about text messages to his lover, former FBI lawyer Lisa Page, which were rife with hate for Mr. Trump, and discussed interfering with and “stopping” his election as president, this deputy assistant director of the FBI’s Counterintelligence Division’s testimony to Congress was troubling. It was punctuated with bouncing and swaying in his chair, mugging at the committee, smirking and strange smiles that some compared to Jack Nicholson’s

Mueller probe aims at ‘damaging Republican Party’ in midterms says Trump President Trump on Saturday accused special counsel Robert Mueller of prolonging the Russia probe in order to help Democrats in the midterm elections. “The Rigged Witch Hunt, headed by the 13 Angry Democrats (and now 4 more have been added, one who worked directly for Obama W.H.), seems intent on damaging the Republican Party’s chances in the November Election. This Democrat excuse for losing the ‘16 Election never ends!” tweeted Mr. Trump. The addition of four new investigators to Mr. Mueller’s team signaled that he plans to pursue the investigation through 2018 and likely past the elections in November that will decide whether Republican retain control of the House and Senate. Mr. Mueller is investigating Russian meddling in the 2016 presidential election and allegations that Trump campaign officials colluded with Moscow. “No Collusion, No Obstruction — but that doesn’t matter because the 13 Angry Democrats, who are only after Republicans and totally protecting Democrats, want this Witch Hunt to drag out to the November Election. Republicans better get smart fast and expose what they are doing!” tweeted Mr. Trump.

Hour 2 – Shocking Data On Hospital Births – What’s Going On?

Hospitals know how to protect mothers. They just aren’t doing it. Every year, thousands of women suffer life-altering injuries or die during childbirth because hospitals and medical workers skip safety practices known to head off disaster, a USA TODAY investigation has found. Doctors and nurses should be weighing bloody pads to track blood loss so they recognize the danger sooner. They should be giving medication within an hour of spotting dangerously high blood pressure to fend off strokes. These are not complicated procedures requiring expensive technology. They are among basic tasks that experts have recommended for years because they can save mothers’ lives. Yet hospitals, doctors and nurses across the country continue to ignore them, USA TODAY found. As a result, women are left to bleed until their organs shut down. Their high blood pressure goes untreated until they suffer strokes. They die of preventable blood clots and untreated infections. Survivors can be left paralyzed or unable to have more children.

Special Guest Darla Shine!

Wow, So the past few days I have been reading about Hollywood Director of Guardians of the Galaxy James Gunn and how he tweeted about raping babies and wanting to touch little boys and it is so disturbing and scary since he is making movies that target kids/teens. So, Disney fired him after these tweets were put out there but the irony is now actors in Hollywood are defending this guy and demanding Disney re-hire him. You see, Gunn says his “tweets were a joke.” So, the very same left wing fringe psychos who came after me and attacked me are defending James Gunn and his tweets about pedophilia. CNN’s Andrew Kaczynski tweeted the other day that it is ridiculous to dig up tweets by Gunn from so many years ago, while he dug up my radio shows from 2007 and 2009.

Late night host Steven Colbert called me the new face of the KKK but he didn’t bother to call James Gunn the new face of Pedophilia. Colbert too afraid to rock Hollywood and his parent company. Soledad O’Brian called my tweets “crazy ass” but she was silent over James Gunn tweeting about molesting little boys. Soledad, you are a mother. Are you saying you support molesting children? CNN devoted at least 6 segments to the Darla Shine story of insane tweets and radio rants but has anyone seen one segment devoted to the James Gunn Hollywood fascination and acceptance of child rape and molestation? Does CNN’s President Jeff Zucker support raping little boys? Just asking? CNN ran with the headline “Is Darla Shine a Racist?” But they were they too ChickenS*** to run with the headline “Is James Gunn a Pedophile?”

James Gunn wrote on his twitter page that he was simply joking so many years ago and he is not at all those things today. Okay, so lets go with that. It was clear to anyone with a brain that my radio show was political satire and everything I said I was joking around. CNN knew it. But they ran fast with the mission to try to destroy me for one reason only, because my husband accepted a job in the White House and anyone they see as Pro-Trump they are going to try to destroy their image. Just look at Roseanne Barr. Disney fired her for one joke that they claim was racist. Yet, the left does not accept her joke. But what is worse? Calling someone a bad name or saying you want to rape baby boys? Can we really tolerate grown men making so called jokes like this? Don’t we have to protect our children? How insane is all of this?

I can accept that Gunn says he was joking. Maybe he was. But if the left wants us to accept his jokes they need to grow up and accept the jokes from the Right, right?

Learn more about Darla HERE

And Now For Some Good News…

Americans Would Do Anything To Make Their Kids Smarter. Except Edit Their Genes Scientists are inching closer to successful human applications of CRISPR-Cas9, a genome-editing technology that helps them easily find, delete, and replace genes in any living organism. The benefits of such gene editing are obvious: Genetic mutations that cause birth defects or increase disease risk may one day be repaired in every cell, delivering a complete and thorough cure. But it also presents more ethically ambiguous possibilities, including the potential future ability to enhance or control for traits that aren’t life-threatening, as well as pass these genetic changes down to the next generation. While the majority of Americans think that treating a severe birth defect or reducing the risk of serious disease is an appropriate use of gene editing, most also believe that using the technology to make a baby more intelligent is a step too far, according to a new study by the Pew Research Center.

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