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Leading cause of death, Clean food fraud, Whole Foods sued, Fauci denial, News obsession, Hour 2 ENCORE – Diane Miller, National Health Freedom Coalition, US Health Freedom Congress and MORE!

August 28th, 2021 1-3PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

As COVID Vaccine Injuries Pile Up, It’s Worth Remembering: Medicine Is a Leading Cause of Death in the U.S. In his 1974 book and accompanying article with the shared title of “Medical Nemesis,” philosopher and theologian Ivan Illich boldly asserted that medical professional practice and related health policies, which he characterized as “both industry and religion,” had become “a major threat to health.” Leading medical figures such as Richard Smith, a long-time medical journal editor and critic of fraudulent health research, later credited Illich with “remarkable” prescience about iatrogenesis — the cover term for ailments “where doctors, drugs, diagnostics, hospitals, and other medical institutions act as … ‘sickening agents.’” Already by 1999, the Institute of Medicine had flagged medical error as being in “the top ranks of urgent, widespread public problems.” Then in 2000, Johns Hopkins public health expert Dr. Barbara Starfield got more specific, fingering iatrogenesis as America’s third leading cause of death. The United States leads the world in per capita pharmaceutical spending, which may explain why the worldwide ranking of iatrogenesis as a cause of death, while still alarming, is slightly lower — fifth, rather than third. In her landmark paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association, Starfield estimated around 225,000 American deaths annually — or possibly as many as 284,000 — from causes such as unnecessary surgery, contraindicated care, medication errors and drug adverse effects. Writer Jon Rappoport — who interviewed Starfield in 2009, and regularly reminds readers about her “stunning” findings on medically caused death in America — observed in 2015, that while there was “every reason for [Starfield’s paper] to cause a firestorm in the press, and in the halls of government … that’s not what happened.”

Clean food FRAUD: Whole Foods sued for claiming its beef has no antibiotics – lab testing proves Three consumers supported by an animal welfare organization sued supermarket giant Whole Foods Market on Tuesday, Aug. 23, for falsely marketing its beef with the slogan “No Antibiotics, Ever.” Peymon Khaghani, Jason Rose, Sara Safari and animal welfare nonprofit organization Farm Forward filed the lawsuit at the U.S. District Court for the Central District of California in Santa Ana, California. Farm Forward said its mission includes efforts to “promote conscientious food choices, reduce farmed animal suffering and advance sustainable agriculture.” (Related: America’s poultry giants have sold tens of thousands of meat products contaminated with DEADLY BACTERIA.) The plaintiffs argue that Whole Foods’ slogan is a lie because Farm Forward’s testing has found that the grocery chain’s beef does contain antibiotics. Whole Foods markets at least 42 of its beef products as supposedly being free of antibiotics and charges consumers higher price premiums based on its claims. Neither Whole Foods nor Amazon, the supermarket chain’s parent company, have immediately responded to requests for comments regarding the lawsuit. But Whole Foods CEO John Mackey reportedly unsubscribed from Farm Forward’s email list “after having been a board member and mailing list recipient for over a decade.”

What A Joke: Fauci Says He Never Flip-Flopped, It Was Just ‘The Evolution Of The Science’ Outgoing Dr. Anthony Fauci was against masking before he was for it. He calls flip-flops like that the “evolution of the science.” He seems to think that anybody who questions his comments simply must not understand how the scientific theory works — but conservatives aren’t letting him get away with that sleight of hand. On Monday night, Fauci told MSNBC, “With COVID, I mean, the things that we thought we knew in the beginning turned out, as the months went by, to not be the case, which really forced us to adapt and to change some of our policies and recommendations.” “That was interpreted by many as flip-flopping, or not really knowing what’s going on,” he added. “When it really was the evolution of the science.” In response, Buck Sexton, co-host of Clay & Buck tweeted, “No F-ing way, Fauci. Can’t let him pull this bulls***. He lied about his certainty in the ‘the science’ at every phase so he could please his lunatic fan base.”

‘I Didn’t Shut Down Anything’: Fauci Responds to Criticisms When Pressed By Fox News Host Dr. Anthony Fauci defended himself from criticism he shut the country down during the early days of the Covid-19 pandemic Tuesday after he announced he will retire later this year. During an interview on Fox News’ Your World, the head of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and the chief medical advisor to President Joe Biden, told the network’s viewers he is not to blame for the damage done by lockdowns. Host Neil Cavuto teed up a lengthy question for Fauci about his overall handling of the pandemic: You had said a number of times, doctor, on this show as well, that your response to Covid might not have been perfect but it was in the times and the fast moments in which you lived and were making those decisions. So, looking back at some of those decisions, including masks – you were first opposed to them and then embraced them – the severity of the epidemic itself and completely shutting down virtually an entire American economy. He asked, “Do you regret the shutdown, the sweeping shutdown that some said made things worse?” Fauci denied the notion he unilaterally ordered the country to close to stop the spread of the then-novel disease.

Obsessively watching the news can make you mentally and physically sick Keeping up with the latest news can be very bad for your health, according to a new study. Researchers at Texas Tech University found that Americans who obsessively follow the news are more likely to suffer from both physical and mental health problems, including anxiety and stress. Those who constantly check the latest headlines end up with “significantly greater physical ill-being” than those who tune in less often, according to the findings. The team adds that constantly keeping on top of the latest developments can lead to a vicious cycle where people always check for more updates, rather than tuning out after a quick read. This can start interfering with people’s personal lives, leaving them feeling powerless and distressed about global events including the pandemic, the war in Ukraine, and climate change. “Witnessing these events unfold in the news can bring about a constant state of high alert in some people, kicking their surveillance motives into overdrive and making the world seem like a dark and dangerous place,” says Bryan McLaughlin, associate professor of advertising at the College of Media and Communication at Texas Tech University, in a media release.


Special Guest Diane Miller

Diane Miller is a Minnesota attorney who successfully helped to defend a Minnesota farmer from charges of “practice of medicine without a license”. After State v. Saunders, Miller proceeded to design health freedom legislation for the State of Minnesota and was the lead lobbyist and legislative consultant to the Minnesota Natural Health-Legal Reform Project responsible for passing the consumer driven legislation entitled the Minnesota Complementary and Alternative Health Care Freedom of Access Act. The new law exempts unlicensed health care practitioners from charges of “practice of medicine without a license”. In 2000 Miller co-founded the National Health Freedom Coalition, a national information resource for health freedom decision-making, to support individuals and states that are interested in health seekers access to complementary and alternative health care.Miller is currently Legal and Public Policy Director of the National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC) and it’s sister organization, the National Health Freedom Action (NHFA). NHFC provides information and resources to health freedom decision-makers across the country. Her work involves state, national, and international health freedom issues, and Miller works to help monitor and promote an understanding of various forms of legislation, international trade guidelines, and Charters. Her role as Co-Moderator of the World Health Freedom Assembly, a 2006 project of NHFC, and her future role as Co-Moderator of the upcoming United States Health Freedom Assembly in October 2007 demonstrate her vision and determination to bring health freedom to the United States and global conversations and arena.

Model Right to Refuse Legislation & Action Alert Many Americans are asking: What can we do to protect our health freedom? Can we be forced to get a vaccination or be tested? Why aren’t all options to strengthen the immune system being encouraged? Pass a Bill in Your State to Protect Your Health Freedom to Decline Emergency Countermeasures. Take action by writing to your state legislators. Ask them to pass a bill in your state to protect your health freedom and your right to refuse emergency countermeasures. NHFA supports protecting the long-standing American freedom of the right to refuse medical interventions that do not have our consent.  This basic constitutional right of bodily autonomy should stand when it is challenged, even during an emergency.  We recommend that citizens contact their state legislators and work to pass strong laws to protect this basic health freedom principle.  Citizens can educate legislators about their expectations of freedom and their vision for a healthy America.

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