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June 24, 2018 1-3PM ET

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Leave Our Kratom Alone!

Scientists Defend Kratom and Ask Senate and House Leaders to Keep Kratom Legal Nine leading scientists delivered a letter to U.S. Senate and House Leadership condemning the FDA recommendation for scheduling of the natural plant as a Schedule I banned substance, and urging the DEA to return the recommendation to the FDA for further study and development of appropriate regulations to preserve consumer access for the 3 – 5 million kratom users in America. The scientists directly challenged the claim of the FDA that kratom is dangerous, and concluded that none of the alleged deaths could clearly be tied to kratom overdoses. All of the data produced by the FDA shows the deaths were the result of the use of illegal drugs, polydrug use at improper doses with potential contra indications, or for completely unrelated circumstances, including a death of a person who died from a gunshot wound to the chest. The letter strongly warned that the scheduling of kratom would increase the threat to the public health by forcing those who may use kratom for acute or chronic pain to more dangerously addictive or deadly opioid drugs, or to the black market where contamination and adulteration of kratom products is rampant.

Question of The Day!

Hi RSB, I don’t know if you can help me with this question about vision. I got a new pair of glasses just a week ago. My eye doctor for years retired. This doctor has been his partner in the same clinic. He changed my prescription a lot. The new glasses caused me to have double vision when I just put them on. I have to strain my eyes to make the double vision into one. That gives me headache. I was told by the clinic I have to wear the glasses longer to get used to them. After three days I still get headaches from the glasses. Are they correct to say that? Or did the doctor give me wrong prescription? Did you ever interview a holistic eye doctor? I’m looking forward to hear from you online. Thank you.
Chuen (chew-en, I’m a she.)

Protect Free Speech In Healing

FTC Clamps Down on Free Speech…Again Will we let FTC bureaucrats decide what “science” is, and how it can be interpreted? Action Alert! The legal claims that supplements can make are repeatedly attacked and restricted by federal regulators. This is a great situation if you’re a drug company selling expensive, dangerous drugs, but if you’re an individual trying to manage your health with cheap, safe, and effective natural medicines, you are being denied truthful information about the products you buy. This time, the FTC is banning truthful information about a supplement that can help with memory—even though the company, Quincy Bioscience, had a randomized controlled trial (RCT) to back up their claim. The product in question is Prevagen, a supplement that is marketed for its ability to prevent memory problems associated with aging. The FTC and the New York Attorney General’s (NYAG) office alleged that Quincy, in making a structure/function claim related to Prevagen’s ability to help with memory problems, violated state and federal deceptive advertising laws. Structure/function claims describe the role of a nutrient or dietary ingredient intended to affect the structure or function in humans; they are not pre-approved by the FDA, but must be backed up by “competent and reliable scientific evidence.” Notably, the FTC was claiming not that the RCT was inadequate to substantiate marketing claims, but rather the company’s analysis of the study’s findings was at fault. The RCT did not find benefits for the population as a whole, but did find statistically significant benefits for certain subgroups. The FTC claimed that such an analysis introduced an unacceptable risk of error, arguing that the subgroups might have experienced benefits by pure chance. A US District judge rejected this argument and dismissed the FTC’s case. The case is now being appealed by the FTC and the NYAG to the Second Circuit.

Latte Liberal or Cup O’ Joe Conservative?

Study: Liberals Really Do Prefer Lattes, Conservatives Really Don’t As political polarization in the United States grows more severe with topics like immigration and climate change hanging in the forefront, many fired-up liberals and conservatives don’t hesitate to toss out stereotypes and barbs at one another. A new study now shows that one tongue-in-cheek term — “latte liberal” — actually has some truth to it, but not for the reasons you might expect. Being a latte liberal, also known as a “limousine liberal,” refers to wealthier, progressive liberals who come off as “uppity and out of touch” — despite their positions on welfare and social class. A research team at the University of Pennsylvania say that your preferred style of coffee may reflect your political leanings. A study led by Diana C. Mutz, a political science and communications professor at the university, found that people with liberal political sensibilities do indeed drink more lattes, a European-style drink, because they are generally more open to globalization and trying new things from different parts of the world. Conservatives are less likely to drink lattes because they favor nationalism and generally shun foreign products.

Hour 2 – Exploring A Child’s Perspective 

A Young Child’s Intuitive Belief in a Creator/Designer is Only Removed by Indoctrination Young children perceive intuitively that the world is designed. In 1929, child psychologist Jean Piaget called children “artificialists” who tend to regard everything as “the product of human creation.” Piaget’s claim that young children’s minds are not sophisticated enough to distinguish between human and nonhuman causes was controversial, and subsequent studies have shown that he was wrong. Yet he was right in saying that children start out with the intuition that the natural world was made for a purpose. In 2004, child psychologist Deborah Kelemen suggested that young children are thus “intuitive theists” who are “disposed to view natural phenomena as resulting from nonhuman design.” By the time they are adolescents, many children have suppressed their intuition of design. This suppression is largely due to influences from the community, especially from parents and teachers striving to acculturate children to a secular society, often in the name of “scientific literacy.”

Welcome Back Jefferey Jaxen!

Jefferey Jaxen is a researcher, independent investigative journalist, writer and voice for health freedom on the front lines of society’s shift towards higher consciousness.  Jefferey is constantly working behind the scenes to spotlight the untold, censored and under-reported stories of our time. His mission in life is to teach & empower others to take back their power and heal themselves. As a compelling writer, active researcher, and creative force his work has been catapulted into the mainstream. Jefferey was recently featured in the documentary The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest. His writing has been featured by RT, Natural News, InfoWars, Collective-Evolution, Waking Times, GreenMedInfo, The Truth About Cancer and countless others. Along with being a regular guest on national and international television networks and radio shows, his articles are read by tens of thousands weekly. In addition, he has set himself apart with his growing library of unique and original spoken word pieces.

TIPPING POINT: PARENTAL CHOICE GOES MAINSTREAM Who started the so-called anti-vax movement. If it wasn’t for celebrity personality Jenny McCarthy making public anti-science statements starting in 2007, society wouldn’t have to deal with the scourge of anti-vaxxers she created. Yet even before McCarthy, it was British gastroenterologist and medical researcher Andrew Wakefield who is often credited for spawning the anti-science, anti-vax movement for finding a connection between human gut flora and brain function. Never mind the fact Wakefield’s findings are now widely accepted by mainstream science. Then there was that troublesome comedian and actor Rob Schneider who dared stand with the people in Sacramento, California during the entirety of their sustained, grassroots protest to stop Senate Bill 277 mandating forced vaccination. It was Jim Carrey’s statements and Twitter storms that ignited continuous controversy around toxic vaccine adjuvants and the troubled US Centers for Disease Control. Was it the one-two punch from both Schneider and Carrey that then infected fellow comedian Dave Chappelle to incorporate the topic of vaccines into his new popular Netflix special? It appears the anti-vax message knows no bounds as Hip Hop legend NAS has recently released his new Kanye-produced album Nasir with the single Everything; a track which appears to question vaccinations. And the latest blow to the modern-day miracle of vaccination is the influential celebrity tattooist-turned-make-up mogul, and mother-to-be, Kat Von D. When speaking about her hopes for her child’s upbringing, Kat Von D’s recent Instagram post included these wrong words, “…without vaccinations

Did The FDA Just Fast-Track Approve Fertility Harming HPV Vaccine For Adults? Merck has recentlyannounced that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has accepted their vaccine application seeking approval for an expanded age indication for GARDASIL 9 for use in women and men ages 27 to 45.  The FDA has granted Priority Review to Merck’s application and has set a target action date of October 6, 2018. A Priority Review designation means the FDA is fast-tracking the process by directing extra attention and resources to the application as opposed to a Standard Review process. Two days prior to Merck’s FDA announcement, a new article was published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health appeared to deal another blow to the HPV vaccine’s already questionable safety profile. Titled, “A lowered probability of pregnancy in females in the USA aged 25–29 who received a human papillomavirus vaccine injection,” the article analyzed data on the probability of pregnancy for females who received an HPV vaccine compared with females who did not receive the shot.

Amazing Science Discovery?

Cambridge University discovers how to stop irritating ‘plink plink’ of dripping tap The irritating “plink, plink” sounds of a dripping tap has caused many a sleepless night. But now Cambridge University has discovered what causes it, and how to stop it. Using ultra-high-speed cameras and audio capture techniques, researchers found the noise is produced by the movement of a small bubble of air trapped beneath the water’s surface. The bubble forces the water surface itself to vibrate, creating the sound as it hits an empty, or water-filled sink below. However changing the surface tension of the water that the drops are falling onto by adding washing up liquid causes the sound to vanish. “A lot of work has been done on the physical mechanics of a dripping tap, but not very much has been done on the sound,” said Dr Anurag Agarwal of Cambridge’s Department of Engineering, who led the research. “But thanks to modern video and audio technology, we can finally find out exactly where the sound is coming from, which may help us to stop it.”

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