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May 20, 2018 1-3PM ET

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First Cancer, Now Alzheimer’s?

Why the pharmaceutical industry is giving up the search for an Alzheimer’s cure Thanks to modern healthcare and improved living standards, life expectancy is predicted to surpass 80 years in most parts of the world by 2050. That’s the positive. The negative is that will push the number of people in the world over the age of 60 to more than 2 billion, which in turn will make age-related health issues a tremendous global burden for which we’re deeply unprepared. There will be many knock-on effects on the world’s health-care and social welfare systems, but we’ve also made significant progress on many of the illnesses more likely to afflict the elderly, including cancer and heart disease. One we have not done much for also happens to be one of the most tragic forms of aging gone awry: dementia, the umbrella term for the symptoms some older adults experience as they’re slowly robbed of their sense of self and cognitive abilities.

Vegans Celebrate! A Good Source Of B12!

University of Kent scientists make vitamin B12 breakthrough Scientists at the University of Kent have made a significant discovery about how the vitamin content of some plants can be improved to make vegetarian and vegan diets more complete. Vitamin B12 (known as cobalamin) is an essential dietary component but vegetarians are more prone to B12 deficiency as plants neither make nor require this nutrient. But now a team, led by Professor Martin Warren at the University’s School of Biosciences, has proved that common garden cress can indeed take up cobalamin. The amount of B12 absorbed by garden cress is dependent on the amount present in the growth medium, and the Kent team was able to confirm B12 uptake by showing that the nutrient ends up in the leaf. The observation that certain plants are able to absorb B12 is important as such nutrient-enriched plants could help overcome dietary limitations in countries such as India, which have a high proportion of vegetarians and may be significant as a way to address the global challenge of providing a nutrient-complete vegetarian diet, a valuable development as the world becomes increasingly meat-free due to population expansion.

Did You Celebrate World IBD Day?

IBD Triggered by Gut Microbes and Dietary Compounds Researchers in the U.S. and U.K. have uncovered a link between an antimicrobial toxin that is produced by common gut bacteria to fend off their rivals and inflammatory bowel disease (IBD). The studies more broadly discovered that, in addition to the well-studied microbial toxin microcin B17, structurally related compounds that are found in many foods and environmental sources can also directly trigger gastrointestinal inflammation by modifying the activity of CD1d, a major histocompatibility complex (MHC) molecule. CD1d is found on intestinal epithelial cells (IECs) and hematopoietic cells, and functions to present lipid antigens to natural killer T cells (NKT). The research teams, led by Richard S. Blumberg, M.D., and Shankar S. Iyer, Ph.D., at the Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Harvard Medical School, and by Tony Maxwell, Ph.D., at the John Innes Centre in the U.K., hope that their findings could led to the development of new treatments. “These findings will advance our understanding of how gut inflammation associated with IBD may be triggered and offer new hope of potential future therapy,” comments Fred Collin, Ph.D., a researcher in the Maxwell lab.

Who Needs Titanium Dioxide?

France to outlaw controversial food additive this year France will forbid the use of a widely used food additive by the end of this year, after studies pointed to potential health risks for consumers, a government official told French daily Le Parisien on Friday. Brune Poirson, a junior minister in environmental ministry, said the move would remove titanium dioxide nanoparticles from candy, prepared meals and other . “France has already asked the European Commission to take similar measures,” Poirson told Le Parisien. The additive, used mainly as a whitening and brightening agent in candies, chewing gum, white sauces and cake icing, is known as the artificial colour E171 on food labels. It is also used in sunscreens because of the molecule’s ability to reflect ultra-violet rays. But critics say it offers no nutritional value nor extended shelf life, and could pose a risk to humans since the minuscule particles may be able to pass through protective walls of organs such as the liver, lungs or intestines. France ordered an inquiry last year after scientists reported that titanium dioxide could cause  in rats.

Bill Gates Has A Joke For You

Bill Gates: Donald Trump Asked of Difference Between HIV HPV Microsoft founder Bill Gates has been talking about his surreal encounters with President Donald Trump again, and this time he’s revealed some worrying details about the president’s lack of medical savvy. In a video shot earlier this week at a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation meeting, and published Thursday by MSNBC, Gates regaled his audience with the tidbit that, on both occasions when he met with Trump after the election—in December 2016 and March 2017—the president expressed confusion about the difference between HIV and HPV. “Both times [Trump] wanted to know if there was a difference between HIV and HPV. So, I was able to explain that those are rarely confused with each other,” said Gates.

Hour 2 –  Chiropractors Get A Little Respect From Science!

Chiropractic Has Role to Play in Easing Back Pain  Chiropractic care can help ease low back pain when added to a comprehensive treatment plan, a new clinical trial has found. Active-duty military personnel reported having fewer back problems when they visited a chiropractor along with receiving usual medical care, the researchers said. “This study provides the strongest evidence to date that chiropractic is safe, that it’s effective and that it can be integrated into a multidisciplinary health care setting,” said lead researcher Christine Goertz. She is CEO of the nonprofit Spine Institute for Quality in Davenport, Iowa. Still, at least one pain specialist said more research may be needed to confirm chiropractic’s value for lower back pain. The study comes in the context of the ongoing U.S. opioid crisis. This epidemic of addiction has created an urgent need for research into pain management that doesn’t involve medications, such as chiropractic care, Goertz said.

Industry Funded Science – But Is It Wrong?

NIH halts a drinking study funded in party by the alcoholic beverage industry The National Institutes of Health has ordered a halt to a $100 million, 10-year study of moderate drinking that’s being funded in large part by the alcoholic-beverage industry. Thursday morning’s announcement by NIH Director Francis Collins reflects the seriousness of allegations that surfaced in news reports in recent months, including a story in March in the New York Times that described two scientists and a federal health official pitching the idea for the study to liquor company executives at a 2014 gathering in Palm Beach, Fla. The alcohol industry agreed to fund the research via a private foundation that supports NIH. The goal of the study, which involves 7,000 individuals, is to assess whether moderate drinking — a single drink a day — has a health benefit. Some research has suggested such a benefit, but the conclusion remains controversial, and the U.S. dietary guidelines recommend that people who do not drink alcohol should not start.

Forget The Wedding, Did You See This?

Royal Family Opens Massive Vaccine Research Facility The Royal wedding is this weekend and many Americans will be glued to their Televisions idolizing what they see as a “fairy tale” narrative play out on global TV. Of course, all the real problems the world needs to solve will be placed on hold so that a monarchy can lavishly celebrate a “prince” and a major television star say “I do.” In 2017, Prince William famously pushed for population control agenda. In fact, the entire Royal family has pushed for such an agenda. They feel there are “too many people on the planet.” “In my lifetime, we have seen global wildlife populations decline by over half,” Prince William said at a London gala. “We are going to have to work much harder and think much deeper if we are to ensure that human beings and the other species of animal with which we share this planet can continue to co-exist.” “Africa’s rapidly growing human population is predicted to more than double by 2050, a staggering increase of three and a half million people per month. “There is no question that this increase puts wildlife and habitat under enormous pressure. Urbanisation, infrastructure development, cultivation—all good things in themselves, but they will have a terrible impact unless we begin to plan and to take measures now.”

Science Confirms It, Uranus Smells Terrible

Uranus smells, says scientist, who finds that the planet’s upper atmosphere is composed of hydrogensulfide The findings of a new U.K. study suggest that the upper atmosphere of the seventh planet in our Solar System smells the same as rotten eggs, reports Live Science article. The study specifically suggested that the topmost clouds of Uranus contain a lot of hydrogen sulfide. You may not be familiar with that chemical, but if you have ever gotten bad eggs for breakfast, you’ll recognize the stomach-turning stench. Hydrogen sulfide can be found in Earth’s rotten eggs, sewers, and active volcanoes. It accounts for the nasty smell of several geothermal hot springs you might have tried out. (Related: NASA says that aliens live on Venus, but they’re only microbes.) Uranus is not the only gas giant that smells to high heavens. The atmosphere of its further-along neighbor Neptune also contains a large amount of hydrogen sulfide.

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