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October 1st, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Merck to seek emergency authorization for oral Covid treatment after ‘compelling results’ in trials Merck and Ridgeback Biotherapeutics said Friday they’ve developed a drug that reduces the risk of hospitalization or death by around 50% for patients with mild or moderate cases of Covid. The companies plan to seek emergency authorization for the antiviral Covid treatment after the medicine showed “compelling results” in clinical trials. The drug, molnupiravir, is administered orally and works by inhibiting the replication of the coronavirus inside the body.An interim analysis of a phase 3 study found that 7.3% of patients treated with molnupiravir were hospitalized within 29 days. Of the patients who received a placebo, 14.1% were hospitalized or died by day 29. No deaths were reported in patients who were given molnupiravir within the 29-day period, while eight deaths were reported in placebo-treated patients. All 775 trial participants had laboratory-confirmed symptomatic Covid-19 and were randomly given molnupiravir or a placebo within five days of symptoms. Every participant was unvaccinated and had at least one underlying factor that put them at greater risk of developing a more severe case of the virus. The most common risk factors included obesity, being over age 60 and having diabetes or heart disease.

Sebelius: Unvaccinated Are ‘Like Secondhand Smoke’ — They Can Make Me and My Family Sick Former Obama administration Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said Wednesday on MSNBC’s “All In” that Americans who have not received a coronavirus vaccine are like “secondhand smoke” in that they can make people sick. Sebelius said, “I think what President Biden has done is balance between what the science says and trying to cajole, encourage, make it easy for people to follow the science. When that turned out not to be as effective, then he turned to more hardened mandates. But what people don’t have a right to do is make other people sick, put other people in jeopardy, risk other people’s lives, risk children’s lives. So I think the president has been walking a line of balancing science and safety and security at every step along the way. Hoping that the mass majority of the American public would follow that lead.” She added, “It’s a lot like secondhand smoke. You have a right to be a smoker. The science is very clear what smoking will do to you, what cancer will be caused, what kinds of health conditions. You have a right to be a smoker. You don’t have a right to smoke next to my desk, to blow smoke on people, on my children, to force me to live in a housing facility where I am subjected to more smoke. That is a line that we have in this country, which delineates what your individual rights are.

Your Voice Matters: State Legislatures Reject All Proposed COVID Vaccine Mandates 2021 has been a most extraordinary year, and the filing and passage of state-based vaccine legislation in response to the COVID-19 pandemic has proven to be historic as well. Even in spite of the sometimes divisive and hostile political climate, active citizen involvement in the legislative process to protect the human right to exercise informed consent to vaccination was the most successful it has ever been. The nonprofit educational charity National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC) reports that during the 2021 legislative session, NVIC analyzed, tracked and issued positions on an unprecedented 473 vaccine related bills in 49 states through the NVIC Advocacy Portal.  This was the highest number of bills in the history of NVIC’s advocacy program, which was established in 2010, and more than double the bills last year. NVIC provides well-referenced, accurate information to the public about vaccine science, policy and law but does not make vaccine use recommendations. In 2010, NVIC launched the NVIC Advocacy Portal (NVICAP), a free online vaccine choice advocacy network, for the purpose of securing and defending informed consent protections in vaccine policies and laws. Over the last 12 years, the NVIC Advocacy Program has analyzed, tracked and issued positions on close to 2,000 vaccine-related bills. NVICAP staff work alongside and share legislative information with many health freedom groups that support NVIC’s four-decade call for the protection of vaccine informed consent rights in America.

US Troops Go to Court Seeking Vaccine Exemption for Those Who’ve Had COVID-19 Two U.S. service members who have recovered from COVID-19 are asking a federal judge to put an immediate stop to the Defense Department’s mandatory COVID-19 vaccine order. Army Staff Sgt. Daniel Robert and Marine Corps Staff Sgt. Hollie Mulvihill filed a suit Aug. 17 in the U.S. District Court for the District of Colorado seeking an exception to the order for military members who have recovered from the illness. But last week, the pair’s attorneys stepped up the effort, requesting a temporary injunction to stop all vaccinations and a judge’s order that would require the DoD to exempt everyone with natural immunity from the mandate. “Service members that have natural immunity, developed from surviving the virus, should be granted a medical exception from compulsory vaccination because the DoD instruction policy reflects the well-established understanding that prior infection provides the immune system’s best possible response to the virus,” the lawsuit states. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends the COVID-19 vaccine for patients who have contracted COVID-19. A study published Aug. 6  by the CDC found that people in Kentucky who had COVID-19 and were unvaccinated were twice as likely to be reinfected than those with COVID-19 who were fully vaccinated.

University of Colorado faces COVID religious exemption suit A pediatrician and a medical student at the University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus are challenging denials of their requests for religious exemptions from the school’s COVID vaccination mandate, arguing in a lawsuit filed Wednesday that administrators are judging the “veracity” of personal religious beliefs in violation of the First Amendment. The U.S. District Court lawsuit filed by the Thomas More Society, a not-for-profit conservative firm based in Chicago, is the latest clash over a growing number of private- and public-sector vaccine mandates nationwide to stem the spread of the coronavirus, which has killed more than 600,000 people in the U.S. The lawsuit argues that the medical school is arbitrarily granting religious exemptions to its vaccine requirement for all staff and students. It contends the university is approving requests that are based on organized religious beliefs that oppose vaccinations, while subjecting requests based on personal religious beliefs to “intrusive religious inquisition to test the veracity of students’ and employees’ asserted religious beliefs.”The lawsuit further argues that “there is is a top-down cultural, societal, and legal assault currently underway against those who forgo the vaccines,” citing commentary by U.S. television personalities, statements made on news broadcasts and speeches by President Joe Biden.

Nurses, doctor challenge RI vaccine mandate in court. Here are their arguments The impassioned debate over the state’s mandate that health-care workers get the COVID vaccine or face the consequences hit federal court Wednesday, with four medical professionals challenging the regulation based on its failure to provide exemptions on religious grounds. Joseph S. Larisa Jr. argued in a virtual hearing before U.S. District Court Judge Mary S. McElroy that the mandate violated four anonymous health-care workers’ Constitutional rights by prohibiting their employers from considering exempting them from being inoculated based on their “sincerely held religious beliefs.”  “It says nothing about religious exemptions,” Larisa said in asking McElroy to issue a temporary restraining order blocking the regulation from taking effect Oct. 1. Assistant Attorney General Michael W. Field countered that there is nothing in the mandate that prevents employers from considering exemptions based on religious beliefs, as required by Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. In fact, he said, that is precisely what they should do. Federal guidance directs employers to provide reasonable accommodations for workers with religious objections to vaccine mandates unless it would cause undue hardship.

Leader of Australia’s most populous state resigns as corruption watchdog launches investigation The leader of New South Wales — Australia’s most populous state — announced her resignation Friday after the state’s corruption watchdog said it was investigating her. “It pains me to announce that I have no option but to resign from the office of premier,” Gladys Berejiklian said a briefing where she did not take questions from reporters. She said her resignation will take effect as soon as the state’s Liberal party can elect a new leader. “In order to allow the new leader and government a fresh start, I will also resign from the New South Wales parliament once I have consulted the electoral commission on appropriate timing for a by-election,” Berejiklian added. The investigation heightens scrutiny on Berejiklian, who had faced mounting criticism over her government’s handling of the Covid-19 crisis in New South Wales. The New South Wales Independent Commission Against Corruption said it was investigating whether some of Berejiklian’s actions between 2012 and 2018 may have breached public trust. It said it was looking into instances where grants were awarded or promised to community organizations in the electorate of Wagga Wagga.

Australia set to announce ‘no jab, no pay’ rules for health workers Australia is set to announce new “no jab, no pay” rules for all health workers in a move that is set to inflame tensions with anti-vaxxers.  The Prime Minister will discuss the issue at Friday’s national cabinet amid calls for a national approach to the controversial ban on unvaccinated workers. understands the new national definition will include public hospitals, ambulance services, private hospitals, GPs, private nurse offices and consulting offices. Even pharmacies and private pathology centres will be covered by the new requirements that all health workers are vaccinated. The rules will also apply to student nurses and doctors on work experience placements and Defence Department health services. While some states have already announced vaccine mandates, Victoria, South Australia and the NT are yet to finalise the mandatory vaccination guidelines in their own states for health care workers. NSW’s own deadline for all health workers to be vaccinated with a first dose expired on Thursday and some workers could be stood down from Friday. Around 94 per cent of NSW health workers have been vaccinated, but over 5,000 workers remain unvaccinated. “It’s pretty simple,” NSW Health Minister Brad Hazzard said. “If you don’t care enough to get vaccinated and look after your colleagues, if you don’t care enough about your patient, you probably shouldn’t be in the health system.”

Hour 2 Special Guest – Suzie Senk

Suzie Senk is an international Health Educator, Holistic Wellness Practitioner, Sleep Specialist, Speaker, Author and Mother. She offers integrative solutions to modern-day sleep challenges, and helps people of all ages get a better night’s sleep quickly and easily. Her work bridges the gaps between sleep and health, consciousness and vitality.

Suzie began her life-affirming wellness consulting practice 20 years ago after training in herbalism, nutrition and whole-body health. Her passion for health on all levels led her to further research and training in yoga, meditation, energetic/Chinese Medicine, infant mental health, sleep, fitness, sound and light therapy, transpersonal psychology, and philosophy of mind. She weaves this multi-disciplinary knowledge into valuable and effective support for her clients.

She offers personalized, developmentally-appropriate gentle sleep solutions for families with young children, and profound yet practical custom wellness programs for teens and adults.

Suzie is known for using her intuitive, empathic abilities and her depth of experience and knowledge to help her clients create powerful, heart- centered, lasting changes in their sleep, health and outlook on life.

School Officials Beg Biden and FBI for Protection Against Threats From ‘Angry Mobs’ An organization representing tens of thousands of school officials across the U.S. has appealed to the federal government for help in protecting school staffers under “immediate threat.” In a letter sent Wednesday, National School Boards Association President Viola Garcia and Interim Executive Director and CEO Chip Slaven appeal directly to President Joe Biden, asking him to step in amid rising threats to school officials due to the right-wing furor surrounding mask mandates and critical race theory. “As these acts of malice, violence, and threats against public school officials have increased, the classification of these heinous actions could be the equivalent to a form of domestic terrorism and hate crimes,” the letter says. It goes on to detail several recent incidents of “threats or actual acts of violence” against school officials, including “angry mobs” derailing school board meetings and at least one instance of alleged aggravated battery during a meeting.

Due Process — And Normal Social Relations — Are Being Destroyed By COVID Snitching Culture Earlier this month, a student at one of the country’s most eminent law schools received an email announcing that a fellow classmate had anonymously lodged a complaint against him. The allegation: that he had violated University policy by engaging in prohibited behaviors, such as momentarily lowering his face mask to take a drink of water during a 90-minute lecture. Ironically for a top tier law school — at which vaccination had already been mandated, and where basic precepts of due process are presumably taught — the student was denied any opportunity to be apprised of his accuser’s identity. Nor was he advised of any adjudicatory process to contest the allegations. So the complaint just hangs there, in a kind of creepy administrative limbo, and there’s apparently nothing he can do about it. I would love to provide more specifics — including the name of the law school, and the exact obnoxious quotes emailed by the Dean in question — but I cannot. Because the person who gave me these emails is extremely worried, probably for good reason, that going on-record could jeopardize his life in all manner of ways. Including social ostracization, compromising future employment prospects, and perhaps even inviting additional retribution from what I’ve been told is a highly ‘assertive’ crew of official disciplinarians.

Study: Homeschooling Now a ‘Viable Educational Choice’ A new study published at the Boston-based Pioneer Institute points to the significant increase in families who are now regularly homeschooling as a sign the education option is now a “viable” choice. The study notes that, while parents across the nation were suddenly plunged into the realm of having “school at home” when the pandemic hit in March 2020, many decided the closer involvement they experienced in their children’s education would be the best permanent option after all. Kerry McDonald, senior education fellow at the Foundation for Economic Education, writes in the study’s foreword: The COVID-19 pandemic has re-empowered parents in unprecedented ways, putting them back in the driver’s seat of determining the best learning environment for their children. As entrepreneurs recognize the mounting demand for schooling alternatives and invent new educational solutions, more families will be able to join current homeschoolers in opting out of an assigned district school for other, better options. The U.S. Census Bureau reported in late March that 11.1 percent of K-12 students in the nation are now homeschooling, a significant jump from 5.4 percent when school closures went into effect in spring of 2020, and from the 3.3 percent of families who homeschooled prior to the coronavirus pandemic.

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