Live in Toronto! Rachel Parent, Kids Right To Know, Tattoo removal concerns, Alleviating vertigo, Drugs in the water, Canadian bear ice cream, CDC vaccine scandal, Pharma science collusion, Flu death stats, CDC muffin apology and MORE!

May 10, 2018 7-9PM ET

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Special Guest – Rachel Parent! 

Rachel Parent glamorThis is not your average teenage girl. She’s not drawn to designer labels. She’s drawn to food labels. At 11 years old, Rachel began researching for a school project and became alarmed by what she learned about GMOs. This gave her the spark to become an activist fighting for our right to know what’s in our food by making GMO labeling a law in Canada. That spark evolved into what’s now known as Kids Right To Know, a not-for-profit organization that she founded to inform the public, especially other children, about food safety.

In 2013, CBC’s Kevin O’Leary suggested on one of the episodes of the Lang and O’Leary Exchange that people who stand against GMOs should “stop eating” so we can “get rid of them.” Rachel was outraged, and challenged him to a debate. O’Leary agreed, and the resulting debate was posted on YouTube, raising awareness about GMOs through over 2 million views in less than two months, along with countless national and international media.

Rachel Clean 50 AwardA Toronto high school student, Rachel has since become a media veteran with dozens of televisionradio, magazine and online interviews under her belt. She has been a featured speaker at a variety of events including the Planet in Focus Environmental Film festival, The Green Living Show, Total Health Show, TEDx Toronto, WE Day, the Uplift Festival in Australia, Sonoma Valley Heirloom Expo, Toronto Veg Fest and Vancouver Veg Expo to name a few. She has been acknowledged as an Emerging Leader by the The Clean50 Summit in Toronto, named one of Toronto’s Environmental Heroes by Now Magazine, recognized as one of the Seven Kids Saving the Planet Right Now by ELuxe Magazine, and included in Canada’s  Top 20 Under 20 Change Makers by the National Post.


Throughout this journey, Rachel has been fortunate to meet and work with world leaders in the food safety movement, including Dr. Gilles-Eric Séralini, Dr. Vandana Shiva, Dr. Shiv Chopra, Dr. Thierry Vrain, Dr. Bruce Lipton, Jeffery Smith of the Institute of Responsible Technology, and Dr. Jane Goodall. Collectively, they are raising awareness about the risks of GMOs and motivating millions to ask questions and take action.

Questions of The Day!


Hello robert! what are your thoughts on tattoo removal? recently there have been a lot of articles published on natural news and other health websites about scary realities of getting a tattoo. but what should those of us who already have tattoos do? is laser removal at all safe? can we detox from the ink? i am super confused and need your help. thanks! masha from deutschland



Hello Robert & Super Don !!! – I’d like to ask you fellows a question? I woke up early one morning with a severe case of Vertigo. Xray & CAT Scan (Ug, glad I take iodine) were all clear and I’m not on any prescriptions and Never had I had a flu shot (I’m 64yo) It’s been a month now and I’m still trying to get back to “normal”. I’ve just started taking Silica, Selenium and CF Chromium and eat pretty clean and organic, though no one is perfect. Would you happen to have any suggestions, maybe certain homopathic’s that I could take?
PS…Thanks for all you two do, I listen to the show everyday, especially when driving. In fact I’ve bookmarked a few because they’re so good and Never go out of date 😉


If You Don’t Have A Water Filter Yet….

Experts warn that the amount of drugs flushed into our rivers and lakes will increase 65% by 2050 There is no doubt that pharmaceutical drug use is on the increase globally. In addition to the detrimental effects the use of such drugs have on our health, their distribution also causes widespread harm to the environment. A study presented recently at the European Geosciences Union General Assembly, found that if urgent and drastic measures are not taken to reduce consumption of chemical medicines, the concentration of such drugs in freshwater lakes and rivers will increase as much as 65 percent by the year 2050. This poses numerous risks to the health of fish, frogs, lobsters and even humans. How do these drugs end up in our waterways? For years people were taught that the safest way to dispose of excess medications was by flushing them down the toilet, and although this is no longer advised, many people still continue to do so. In addition, though we might not be aware of it, our bodies release these drugs when we urinate. Healthcare facilities also flush medications directly into lakes and rivers.

In Canada, Bears and Ice Cream Don’t Mix

Canadian zoo charged for bear’s Dairy Queen trip A Canadian zoo has been charged under the country’s Wildlife Act after officials took a bear for ice cream at a Dairy Queen drive-through. The Discovery Wildlife Park, located in Innisfail, Alberta, has been chargedunder the Wildlife Act for taking a bear outside the facility without notifying authorities. The zoo is being charged with an additional count after it emerged that the bear was being taken to an employee’s home each night for bottle feeding in 2017. “Under the terms and conditions of the zoo’s permit, the charges are directly related to the alleged failure of the park to notify the provincial government prior to the bear leaving the zoo,” Alberta Fish and Wildlife said in a statement. The zoo posted a video of the bear’s Dairy Queen trip in January, but it was taken down after widespread criticism. The video showed the Kodiak bear, Berkley, being hand-fed ice cream by a Dairy Queen drive-through employee while riding in the passenger seat of a pickup truck.

Hour 2 – Whoops… They Did It Again…

Another CDC Vaccine Scandal: Data Showing Chickenpox Vaccine Causes More Harm than Good Concealed from Public “Collusion” is the word du jour, and the practice’s very characteristics—deception, fraud, misrepresentation and secrecy—often prevent collusive acts from coming to light. In the scientific research community, would-be deceivers draw on a variety of tricks to slant their message, including manipulating data, employing other questionable research practices, not disclosing conflicts of interestharassingwhistleblowers and engaging in outright censorship. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is no stranger to any of these tactics, but eventually, as Shakespeare once predicted, the “truth will out.” Critics and senior scientists, in growing numbers, have been pulling back the veil on the CDC’s unethical modus operandi, arguing that questionable practices have become “the norm and not the rare exception.” Adding to this emerging picture of a public agency captive to “rogue interests,” a March 2018 article in the Annals of Clinical Pathology describes CDC’s suppression of inconvenient research findings pertaining to its Universal Varicella Vaccination Program. The author, an independent computer scientist, outlines in morbidly fascinating detail the “collusion” between CDC and its local public health partner to conceal unwanted chickenpox vaccine outcomes from the public.

Moment of Duh?

Most University Medical Research Brought to You By Big Pharma Partly a result in the decrease in government funding in innovation, health, science, and general development and partly a result of the close connection between major corporations, government, and academia, there has been a major increase in the “financial partnerships” between universities and Big Pharma over the past several years. Once a relatively rare occurrence, Big Pharma/Big Ed partnerships have become a common sight, with many corporations maintaining massive “integrated programs” and “science hubs” in university institutions. The focus of these programs are not necessarily public health but the development of drugs for Big Pharma profits. Ever since the 1980s, more money for medical research has come from Big Pharma than from grants awarded by the NIH. In 2011, Big Pharma spent $39 billion while the NIH only spent $31 billion. This is in part a testament to the fact that, while the U.S. can waste billions on foreign wars and foreign aid, it is pinching pennies with research that could benefit its own people back home. But it’s also a revelation of just how close corporate interests and the University Industrial Complex actually are. Thus, it’s very concerning when one of the greatest forces for cultural “revolution” and Big Pharma are teaming up to such an openly high level.

Questions of The Day!


I take Sovereign Silver everyday. I can’t remember to take one teaspoon 3 times a day, so is it ok if I take one tablespoon in the morning instead? Does the body only utilize one teaspoon at a time?



I saw your you tube about nebulizing silver. I did it the next day. But I wanted to know could nano silver get in the way of the oxygen exchange in the lungs? CaN the body rid silver? And can it affects l the filtration parts of the body Because of it’s size like the kidneys?

Also, Thanks alot I love your shows.


More Bad News For The Flu Jab

Nevada Health Officials Announce Vaccinated Flu Death Numbers The flu’s media hype has most certainly died down, at least some. Maybe that’s because more and more, the flu shot has been shown to be, at the very least, ineffective. Case and point: Nevada’s 57 flu deaths. Health officials have released information citing that almost 23% of all of those deaths happened to vaccinated people. Yes, this means people who got the flu shot eventually went on to get the flu and die from it. Southern Nevada Health District officials said that most of the victims were older than 65 and six were under the age of 50. News stories such as this one certainly cast doubt over whether or not a flu shot is worth receiving. More and more people are seeing the light and realizing that flu shots aren’t that effective. However, workplace bullying over flu shots continues to be a major issue in this country. Hopefully, we can get to a place where people accept other people’s right to choose their own medical slate.

Way To Go, CDC. Geez…

CDC apologizes after ‘gross’ poppy seed muffin post about ticks goes viral The Centers for Disease Control andPrevention (CDC) may have just ruined poppy seed muffins for the internet after replacing the seeds with tiny ticks in a photo the organization posted on Twitter. At first glance, a photo shared by the CDC appeared to be a delicious muffin. But in another zoomed-in photo attached to the post, the health organization replaced the poppy seeds with tiny bugs. “Ticks can be the size of a poppy seed. Can you spot all 5 ticks in this photo? Learn how to prevent tick bites,” the CDC tweeted on May 4, linking to an article on tick prevention on its website. The article explains how to avoid ticks by using repellant, avoiding wooded areas and provided instructions on how to wash your clothes after spending a day outside. While the tips may be helpful, some Twitter users didn’t enjoy the “gross” imagery used by the site to capture their attention.

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