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August 12, 2022 3-5PM ET

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Did Lockdowns Turn Americans Into Lazy Bums? It looks as if we can add another line to the long list of lockdown harms. Sloth.  This explains so much actually. For months, we’ve been watching working/population ratios and labor participation rates and have been stunned by how they both continue to plummet. We search for explanations. Early retirement. Women driven out due to childcare shortages. Unemployment payments.  All these factors contribute but there is still more to explain.  In the midst of the astonishing hullabaloo over the raid of Donald Trump’s home – and the confiscation of a pro-freedom Republican Congressman’s smartphone – the Bureau of Labor Statistics dropped a remarkable report on labor productivity. Here we see something we’ve never seen before.  It’s low and falling. Lower than it has been than in the entire postwar period. It breaks all records. This chart is from 1948 to the present. It adjusts for all factors including participation, population, retirement, and so on. It only looks at hours over output. Here is what we see.  What does this mean? The immediate response might be that Americans have gotten lazy. They got used to their Zoom lifestyles and pretending to work. They want to hang around on apps, Tweet, chat it up with their friends on Facebook or Slack, and otherwise fake out the boss who can’t fire them anyway for fear of lawsuits. They aren’t doing much anymore, at least not those in high-end employment in professional office suits.

Special Guest – Stan Graham

Stan Graham is the second of 9 children. Growing up and working on small farms in Idaho, his parents made sure he learned the values of hard work and physical health. Raising the food they ate, these lessons rooted themselves deep into Stan’s heart and mind. Stan’s lifestyle stayed true to those lessons for decades. Committed to sustainable health and longevity, he was vigilant about his daily nutrition and physical conditioning. But at the age of 52, Stan suffered multiple devastating shoulder injuries, leading to more than a year of failed surgeries and the possibility of losing the use of his arms. Losing his health, he knew that lasting recovery would require years of determined commitment. Stan realized that his way forward was through an audacious goal: breaking the world record for the 50+ men’s mile run. He knew that this would require the highest level of commitment to both training and nutrition.Training he would handle with a professional coach. His nutrition, however, was another matter. It not only had to be the very best quality, but it also had to be truly simplified and convenient … perfectly created to support his commitment to heal and adapted to his on-the-go lifestyle. Was that kind of whole food nutrition even possible? No, it wasn’t. Stan’s search for the elusive nutrition solution proved futile. He simply couldn’t find what he needed: “Just fresh farm food in a bag, with no garbage; meals that I could eat anytime I wanted, anywhere I was.” So, he set out to make it.Sharing his vision with his partners, and after years of research and development with a world-class team of food scientists and nutritionists, Stan and his team produced a revolutionary whole food nutrition solution that is now available to all.


Hour 2 Special Guest – Ula Tinsley

Ula Tinsley aka Autism Mama Bear is a passionate autism advocate, featured writer at  and a talk show host on Autism Mama Bear Talk. She’s been raising autism awareness on a local and national level since 2010, when her son was diagnosed with a regressive form of autism. After gaining more experience and knowledge about different ways of treating ASD, she’s been supporting and consulting other families living with autism. Her latest project, Autism Mama Bear Talk, is a fast-paced interview show bringing informative and everyday inspiring stories from leading autism advocates, self-advocates, parents and medical experts.

The History of Scalp Acupuncture As the use of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and evidence of its effectiveness continues to grow worldwide, it is being increasingly incorporated into the treatment of conventional biomedical diagnoses. TCM is widely accepted for the treatment of acute and chronic pain, a neurological condition.  Other neurological conditions for which TCM may be effective include Complex Regional Pain Syndromes, Traumatic Brain Injuries, Stroke, Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Parkinson’s and Cerebral Palsy. A technique that is being increasingly applied within the scope of neurology is Scalp Acupuncture. In Asia, the use of Scalp Acupuncture, also known as Neuroacupuncture, has been used to treat neurological disorders for over 50 years. Animal studies and human case reports support its effectiveness for neurological disorders. Academic centers and hospitals, primarily in China but increasing in the USA and Europe, incorporate neuroacupuncture into the clinical treatment of neurologic disorders.

U.S. Healthcare System Doesn’t Care if You Live or Die — as Long as It Gets Paid When I was growing up in the Rust Belt, there was a phrase people would use to describe an unusually vicious or cold-blooded kid in the neighborhood (and there were a few). “He’d just as soon kill you as look at you,” they would say. I thought of that phrase when a graph went around recently on left-leaning social media comparing life expectancy and healthcare costs in the U.S. with those in other industrialized countries. It went viral, even though the information it contained has been widely discussed for years. That’s the power of a well-crafted image. Why are our costs so much higher and our healthcare outcomes so much worse? There are a number of reasons, but the most important one is: our health financing system is sociopathic. That’s not hyperbole. Ours is a system that would, quite literally, “just as soon kill you as look at you.” White America is catching up, at least its poorer neighborhoods. “Deaths of despair” — suicide, opioid addiction and alcoholism — were ravaging lower-income White American men even before the pandemic, contributing to the U.S.’s declining life expectancy (as seen in the graph above). A paper in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) showed that living in an area with high economic inequality was, like race, a strong predictor of COVID-19 deaths. In 2020, nearly 46,000 people in the U.S. killed themselves. White men, who make up 30% of the population, committed 70% of the suicides.

FDA: Take 3 Home Tests If Exposed to COVID to Boost Accuracy If you were exposed to COVID-19, take three home tests instead of two to make sure you’re not infected, according to new U.S. recommendations released Thursday. Previously, the Food and Drug Administration had advised taking two rapid antigen tests over two or three days to rule out infection. But the agency says new studies suggest that protocol can miss too many infections, and could result in people spreading the coronavirus to others, especially if they don’t develop symptoms. The new guidance applies to people without symptoms who think they may have been exposed. People with symptoms can continue using two tests spaced 48 hours apart. Thursday’s update reflects the evolving understanding of the accuracy of antigen tests, which are less sensitive than laboratory tests but have become the standard testing approach due to their speed and convenience. Instead of detecting the coronavirus itself, they detect protein traces, known as antigens, similar to rapid flu tests. Health officials have repeatedly cautioned that the tests can give false negatives if taken too early. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends people without symptoms wait five days after an exposure. That’s because it generally takes several days before the antigens reach levels detectable via testing with a nose swab.

Sure Signs Your Endocrine System Isn’t as Strong as it Should Be The endocrine system isn’t talked about often and many people have never heard of it, but we rely on it for several vital functions that affect our mood, growth, metabolism, development and sexual health. The endocrine system includes eight major glands and when hormone levels are too high or low, your overall well-being can be greatly affected. Eat This, Not That! Health spoke with Kanchana Viswanathan, M.D, FACE with Dignity Health St. Mary who shares what to know about the endocrine system and symptoms to pay attention to that indicate you could have a disorder. As always, please consult your physician for medical advice. Dr. Viswanathan tells us, “Endocrine System comprises multiple hormone producing glands secreting a variety of hormones -like Insulin  (yes -insulin is a hormone ) secreted from pancreas, thyroid hormone from thyroid gland , steroid hormones like cortisol from adrenal gland sex hormones -estrogen, testosterone from ovaries and testicles. There are also major hormone producing glands like the pituitary and parathyroid glands. These hormones have effects on multiple cells throughout the body. Hence any dysfunction of the endocrine system causes symptoms affecting the entire body.”

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