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June 16th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Keep Maine Healthy FAQs The State of Maine, its communities, and its diverse tourism and hospitality industries know that visitors want to travel to locations that are safe and healthy, and they want to enjoy the communities, businesses and outdoor locations that make Maine so special.To that end, Maine has launched the Keep Maine Healthy plan, designed to be a multilayered approach that aims to protect Maine people, protect visitors, and support Maine small businesses by reducing, to the greatest extent possible, COVID-19 risks associated with travel.The plan relies on three cornerstones: 1) testing for the virus that encourages all visitors to “know before you go”; 2) screening for symptoms among travelers; and 3) engaging Maine communities to promote COVID-19-prevention best practices and public health education.This multilayered approach builds off successful efforts to ensure Maine businesses are implementing added health and safety precautions through detailed COVID-19 Prevention Checklists, which require a number of measures from increased sanitation to physical distancing procedures.

CDC Report: Patients With Underlying Conditions Far More Likely To Die From COVID-19 [Infographic] As state reopenings continue to gather pace, COVID-19 cases are spiking across America. Alabama reported a record number of new infections for the fourth day in a row on Sunday while Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma and South Carolina have all reported a record number of new cases over the last three days. The alarming surge comes as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a report showing that patients with underlying conditions are far more likely to die from COVID-19.Between January 22 and May 30, 2020, Americans with underlying health conditions who tested positive for COVID-19 were hospitalized at a rate six times as often as healthy individuals and they died 12 times as often. The data in the report focuses on 1.32 million laboratory-confirmed coronavirus cases and it compared hospitalization rates, ICU admission rates and death rates between patients with and without underlying conditions. The most common underlying health problems reported in people infected with COVID-19 are cardiovascular disease (32.2%), diabetes (30.2%), chronic lung disease (17.5%) and renal disease (7.6%).

UC San Diego virus expert pleads with surfers to stay out of the ocean to avoid coronavirus Kim Prather — a UC San Diego atmospheric scientist who studies how viruses and bacteria are ejected from the ocean — pleaded with surfers on Monday to stay out of the water to minimize their chances of contracting the coronavirus.Prather urged people who have been bicycling or walking along the coast to do the same. “Surfers are saying that they’re safe if they stay 6 feet away from other people, but that’s only true if the air isn’t moving,” said Prather, who works at UCSD’s Scripps Institution of Oceanography. “Most of the time, there’s wind or a breeze at the coast. Tiny drops of virus can float in the air and get blown around.”She said trying to avoid an airborne virus was similar to trying to avoid smoke from a cigarette — particularly if you are downwind.“If you don’t care about your own life, that’s one thing. But this can be a matter of life or death to other people. I’m really worried because the coronavirus is so contagious,” added Prather, who specializes in viruses and bacteria that arise in the surf zone.Authorities have closed most San Diego County beaches and beach parking lots. Oceanside has a “soft” closure, which means that the beach is open to walkers and runners. The beach-side parking lots are closed. The same rules apply at Coronado.

Special Guest – John Bush

John Bush began his career in activism in 2002 questioning the official account of what happened on 9/11 and speaking out against the wars in the Middle East. He was introduced to libertarianism by the good Dr. Ron Paul in 2007. As he learned of anarchism and agorism he focused his energies on promoting alternative institutions like cryptocurrency and mutual aid groups. His interest in natural health led him to discover kratom, a natural remedy which he sells through his company Brave Botanicals. As of late he has been promoting self-growth and entrepreneurial strategies and helping people overcome addiction.


Kratom is a member of the coffee family and is made from the powderized leaves of the kratom evergreen tree. Grown in Southeast Asia, kratom has been used for centuries by laborers for energy, pain relief, and relaxation. Kratom is growing in popularity in the West for chronic pain, stress and anxiety, overcoming addiction, and more.

Kratom comes in a powder form and can be taken as a tea, mixed with water or juice, or taken in capsules.

There are countless people who use kratom regularly and many report that it has helped to no longer be dependent on opioids, opiates, and other pharmaceuticals.


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Board of supervisors rescind 13-month countywide ban on kratom A delegation of citizens, business owners and advocates of kratom made impassioned pleas June 1 for the board of supervisors to overturn the countywide ban on the controversial herbal supplement for treating chronic pain. Their attempt was successful as the board voted 3-2 to lift the ban.Representatives from the Crime and Addiction Task Force of the Lowndes County Foundation requested for the previous administration of supervisors to pass the ban last March, making it the seventh county in the region to approve a kratom ban.The ban was effective since early May 2019, making it illegal for the use, possession, purchase, distribution and sale, or the attempt to use, possess, purchase, distribute or sell or publicly display for sale of kratom.During June 5’s meeting, board attorney David Houston presented an order he prepared on the matter, which included a provision prohibiting the sale or kratom to people younger than 21. The order was approved and will be published once in the Monroe Journal.During last week’s meeting, kratom advocate Vickie Rose gave a legislative update on public hearings in Jackson before the legislature’s judiciary B and drug policy committees.“Neither committee took action to ban use of the product, choosing to leave the issue to county and local governments,” she said. “Family members offered overwhelming support for the product in their testimony.”Monroe County resident Sherry Owings, who traveled to Jackson with Rose, shared her success story to supervisors.

FDA Targets Websites Selling Illicit Opioids The U.S. Food and Drug Administration is trying to put more teeth into efforts to stop the sale of unapproved or misbranded opioid medications online.The FDA has launched a pilot program with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) that could result in online pharmacies being blocked or having their domain names suspended for selling illicit opioids. The NTIA is a branch of the U.S. Commerce Department that is responsible for telecommunications and information policy issues.Under the pilot program, the FDA will notify three internet registries – Neustar, Verisign and Public Interest Registry – when the agency sends a warning letter to a website operator for selling opioids illicitly and the operator does not respond adequately within the required time frame. The internet registries could then voluntarily block or suspend the website domains, which would effectively take them offline.“Stopping abuse of illegal opioids, including those sold online, has been one of President Trump’s top health priorities. The men and women of FDA have worked tirelessly over the years with the private sector and federal partners, like NTIA, to fight illegal online opioid sales,” Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar said in a statement.

Hour 2: Special Guest- Diane Miller

Diane Miller is a Minnesota attorney who successfully helped to defend a Minnesota farmer from charges of “practice of medicine without a license”. After State v. Saunders, Miller proceeded to design health freedom legislation for the State of Minnesota and was the lead lobbyist and legislative consultant to the Minnesota Natural Health-Legal Reform Project responsible for passing the consumer driven legislation entitled the Minnesota Complementary and Alternative Health Care Freedom of Access Act. The new law exempts unlicensed health care practitioners from charges of “practice of medicine without a license”. In 2000 Miller co-founded the National Health Freedom Coalition, a national information resource for health freedom decision-making, to support individuals and states that are interested in health seekers access to complementary and alternative health care.Miller is currently Legal and Public Policy Director of the National Health Freedom Coalition (NHFC) and it’s sister organization, the National Health Freedom Action (NHFA). NHFC provides information and resources to health freedom decision-makers across the country. Her work involves state, national, and international health freedom issues, and Miller works to help monitor and promote an understanding of various forms of legislation, international trade guidelines, and Charters. Her role as Co-Moderator of the World Health Freedom Assembly, a 2006 project of NHFC, and her future role as Co-Moderator of the upcoming United States Health Freedom Assembly in October 2007 demonstrate her vision and determination to bring health freedom to the United States and global conversations and arena.


CHCA is working to protect your civil liberties in California during times of emergency. We have drafted legislation for proposal. Some of the main points include: 

  • Right to refuse testing, tracing and treatment
  • Infected person’s right to self-quarantine with caretaker, location, and treatment of choice
  • A minor child may not be forcibly removed from their parent or home
  • Right to information

COVID-19 Response Shines Light on Need for Civil Liberty Protections: California Organization Drafts Bill to Fix Health and Safety Code In an effort to protect the right to body autonomy, California Health Coalition Advocacy (CHCA) has drafted legislation that would protect the right to refuse a long list of medical and non-medical interventions issued by the California Department of Public Health and Governor Newsom.The organization points out that in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been an onslaught of Governor’s orders as well as an unusually high number of intrusive County Health Department ordinances. The breadth of powers granted, especially to unelected officials in county health offices, has surprised legislators and county supervisors.Local Health Officers, who are not elected by their county constituents, have taken broad control of the response to this pandemic and created ordinances that come dangerously close to, if not outright, violating the right of Californians to decide how they manage their personal health choices.“The right to refuse is based on fundamental constitutional principles. The sovereign nature of people necessitates that they be free and independent in all aspects of their life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness without interference from governmental power structures, and these inalienable rights need perpetual protection,” said Diane Miller, who drafted the bill’s language and who is also an attorney and Legal and Public Policy Director of National Health Freedom Coalition.

Question of The Day:

Several weeks ago, you had the man who invented Cardio Miracle. I researched it, called the company, and then ordered it.
When I was 18, I had thrombophlebitis. I’m in my 60’s now, and in those days they gave you Warfarin and sent you on your way. Thank goodness! Through the years, I learned natural ways to prevent blood clots and have been 100% successful (also taking silica for years, as you recommend). But lately, I have exercised so much more than normal due to the shutdown, that I’ve felt the need to wear my compression stocking because of a feeling a tingling and numbness in my leg and three of my toes. It is a vascular condition.
I began taking the Cardio Miracle at half strength to see if it would affect anything. Within two weeks, the feeling in my leg completely went away and I no longer need to wear the compression stocking, and the numbness in my toes has gone away.
Needless to say, I am so happy and will continue to take it. Well worth the money. Thank you for introducing it.

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