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Oct 19, 2018 7-9PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest – Dr. Mark Chaet!

As both a parent & a professionally recognized pediatric surgeon, Dr. Mark S. Chaet has been the choice for Florida pediatricians  & parents across five Central Florida counties since 1997. Choosing a surgeon for your child is one of the most important decisions you can make. You want someone who is caring, knowledgeable, experienced & accessible. At Pediatric Surgery, P.A., we pride ourselves on our unparalleled patient care & use of the latest in medical technology & continuing education. 

Question of The Day!

Hey Robert and Super D it’s Shane again. I’m just really worried about my girlfriend Melissa she found blood in her urine 2 days ago. We are pretty sure it’s a bladder infection, she’s now getting back pain we’re thinking it’s traveled to the kidneys. I’ve been giving her ounces of silver a day, a little bit of oil of oregano and more olive leaf and probiotics, but her pain is real bad I’m really worried we may have to go to the clinic but we both don’t want antibiotics, any thoughts of what else we should and could do? Thanks God bless you all.


Special Guest – Dr. Kristin Comella

Dr. Comella is a world-renowned expert on regenerative medicine with a focus on adipose derived stem cells. She was named number 24 on Terrapin’s list of the Top 50 Global Stem Cell Influencers and number 1 on the Academy of Regenerative Practices list of Top 10 Stem Cell Innovators. Most recently, Dr. Comella made the list of Top 50 Functional and Integrative Medical Doctors/Scientists in the country by, one of the most visited natural health websites in the world.

Dr. Comella has pioneered stem cell therapies from various sources including cord blood, bone marrow, muscle, and adipose. She led the team that gained the first ever FDA approval for a clinical trial using a combined cell and gene therapy product in the heart. In addition to advanced cell culturing experience, Dr. Comella has managed the development, manufacturing, and quality systems of a variety of cellular products. She has developed a wide range of regenerative techniques and products that have now been successfully implemented into the clinic setting. Her professional experience includes positions in several companies including US Stem Cell, VetBiologics, Tulane University and Osiris Therapeutics. Dr. Comella progressed from research engineer at Osiris Therapeutics developing stem cell therapies for osteoarthritis to building and managing the stem cell laboratory at Tulane University’s Center for Gene Therapy. She was the co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Stemlogix, a regenerative medicine company focusing on veterinary medicine.

She is currently serving as the Chief Scientific Officer and board member of US Stem Cell, a publicly traded company focusing on the discovery, development, and commercialization of autologous cell therapies for the treatment of degenerative diseases. She has been responsible for the development and implementation of cell therapies in the clinic for a variety of different indications for more than 7000 patients. Hundreds of practitioners world-wide have provided stem cell treatments to their patients using her protocols. Dr. Comella has a PhD in Stem Cell Biology and holds both an MS and BS in Chemical Engineering.


On May 9th, the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) filed a lawsuit at the request of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) against stem cell clinics currently performing surgical procedures involving autologous adipose tissue. According to the FDA and the DOJ, even if this procedure is in the patient’s best interest and can improve their quality of life, they are no longer legally allowed to undergo such treatment. If the FDA prevails in its attempt to stop physicians in the United States from performing these life-changing stem cell procedures,  the thousands of patients nationwide who have benefitted from this holistic therapy will be the last to do so, and subsequent treatments will return to offshore clinics. This will greatly reduce the number of patients who can afford these kinds of life-changing therapies and will force autologous, adipose stem cell treatments back into the dark ages.

Question of The Day!

Hello Robert,

1. My 85 year old father has crawling sensation on his skin(there are no bugs) which makes him crazy and not sleep well.
He has tried many allopathic ointments but nothing gave permanent relief. Any suggestions please.

2. Is it possible to make homeopathic remedies without alcohol ?

Thank You,

Hour 2 – Special Guest – Josh Hendrix!

Born and raised in the Bluegrass State and a University of Kentucky alumnus, Mr. Hendrix relocated back to Central Kentucky in 2014 on a mission to help rebuild the US hemp industry. Seeing a need to bring farmers, processors, manufacturers and supporters of the industry together, Mr. Hendrix founded the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association that summer and still serves on the Board of Directors. He also became an active member of the Kentucky Hemp Industries Council where he now serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors. In 2015 he created and became President of Hendrix Hemp, a licensed hemp producer that manages hemp cultivation on his family’s, Mayflower Farm, in Mount Sterling, KY. In early 2016 Mr. Hendrix was appointed to the Technical Advisory Council for the National Hemp Association and accepted a role on the Senior Advisory Board of the institutional trading platform for hemp, Seed CX. Currently Mr. Hendrix serves as the Director of Business Development – Domestic Production for CV Sciences, Inc. where he works with numerous universities, farmers, businesses, and organizations to help facilitate the infrastructure necessary to establish a modern domestic supply chain for hemp in the United States.

CV Sciences, Inc. Partners with the Rodale Institute on Organic and Industrial Hemp Research, Joining Patagonia and Dr. Bronner’s CV Sciences, Inc., (OCTQB: CVSI) preeminent supplier and manufacturer of industry leading hemp extract brand, PlusCBD Oil™, announces that the Company is now sponsoring Rodale Institute’s research on organic hemp farming alongside industry leaders Patagonia and Dr. Bronner’s. The Rodale Institute is the nation’s leading organic farming institution, dedicated to pioneering organic farming through research and outreach. Since 2014, CV Sciences has pioneered the hemp industry through research and development affiliations with the University of Kentucky and Murray State University, amongst others.  The Company continues to invest and support the promising future of agricultural hemp in the United States and this partnership with the Rodale Institute demonstrates our continued commitment to expanding scientific research in hemp agriculture.  Joseph Dowling, Chief Executive Officer at CV Sciences, states, “We are thrilled to expand our robust support of hemp farming research throughout the United States to increase organic production of hemp with such a forward-thinking organization like the Rodale Institute.  We believe that hemp can play a large role in the future of agriculture and look forward to working with Rodale to further organic hemp production.” “We appreciate the support of CV Sciences as we explore hemp’s role in soil health,” said Jeff Moyer, Executive Director of the Rodale Institute. “We know that healthy soil equals healthy food equals healthy people and a healthy planet. Having a partner like CV Sciences allows us to have a much larger impact.” To learn more about CV Sciences’ partnership with the Rodale Institute and their dedication to the future of hemp, click here.

Growing hemp and CBD oil industry face legal uncertainty A popular nutritional supplement derived from hemp called CBD oil lines the shelves of natural food stores and head shops across the Twin Cities. Although it hasn’t been approved for medical use, customers use CBD oil to treat everything from anxiety to restless leg syndrome. As demand grows for the oil, farmers and entrepreneurs in Minnesota want a piece of the market. But the murky legal status of the supplement, and hemp itself, is a challenge for an industry that already brings in an estimated $700 million a year nationally. Garth Carlson owns Minnesota Hemp Farms in southern Minnesota, where he and his business partner had been farming for decades. “We’ve grown corn and soybeans in the past, but we were looking at something new and exciting,” Carlson said. “Corn prices, bean prices, they’re in the dumps. So how can we survive this bad time?” They looked at growing medical marijuana, but the startup costs and legal hurdles were too high. The difference between hemp and marijuana is that hemp has very little of the psychoactive chemical THC, which is what gets people high.

Special Guest – Mike Filip!

Who is Mike Filip? Mike grew up in radio stations, attending broadcast schools with his dad in 1985 assisting with request nights and production. Mike then received his official broadcast training in 1995. Over the following years, Mike developed a love for talk radio and a tendency for being an “info junkie” while noticing the world around him was becoming increasingly hilarious! Join Mike in the quest to find out why things work the way they do, and be careful not to spew coffee out of your nose in the process! Mike is host of Americanuck Radio on GCN and lives in Canada

Marijuana Is Now Legal in Canada. Here’s How It’s Going So Far As of now, marijuana is legal for adults to own and use recreationally throughout Canada. It’s the second nation, after Uruguay, to make recreational cannabis use legal. Here’s what Canadian legalization looks like so far. In Toronto, a huge crowd gathered to watch a giant marijuana bud drop at the stroke of midnight, in imitation of the ball in Times Square on New Year’s Eve. People across the country waited in line for as long as seven hours to be among the first to legally buy pot in their local stores. “I have never felt so proud to be Canadian,” one of them told The New York Times. Adults are allowed to own, consume, and share with other adults up to 30 grams of dried cannabis, enough for about 60 joints. In Alberta and Quebec, that applies to anyone over 18; it’s anyone over 19 in the rest of Canada. In most provinces, adults can grow up to four plants, but not in Quebec or Manitoba–and in British Columbia you can be fined or jailed if your cannabis plants are visible from a public space. Pot won’t be sold in the same stores as alcohol or tobacco; it will be available only in government regulated shops. For now, the marijuana plant (fresh or dried), cannabis oil, and pre-rolled joints are all legal. Pot-infused edible products will become legal in another year. Canadians (unlike Americans) can buy pot online from government stores, and the Times reports that online sales have been so strong that inventories are already running out.

Tommy Chong Missed Canada’s Marijuana Legalization Chong has been an international celebrity since the 1970s, a high profile owing more than a little bit to his and longtime collaborator Cheech Marin’s affinity to marijuana —and, this writer can attest, he is by all accounts a warm, kind, and gracious soul, generous with his time and happy to talk at length about his 60 years in show business. Now a multi-dimensional marijuana entrepreneur, with his likeness licensed to cannabis strains and cannabis accessories, as well as a two-time cancer survivor — a record that he attributes wholly to his lifelong marijuana habit — Chong was scheduled to be on the ground in Canada on Wednesday for the first day of that country’s recreational marijuana legalization. Though he has lived for decades in California (and served time in an American federal prison after DEA agents set him up in 2004 for running a bong company) Chong is Canadian by birth. He grew up in Calgary, where he says he first tried cannabis as a 17-year-old in the 1950s, and ran a nightclub in Vancouver before fate and fortune brought him to Los Angeles. He was supposed to jet from Southern California to British Columbia for an event celebrating legalization’s first day north of the border when, as the UK Independent reported, he discovered he couldn’t find his passport.

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