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September 18th, 2022 1-3PM ET

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Martha’s Vineyard ‘rallies relief effort’ for migrants by shipping them to Cape Cod military base The idyllic island playground of the rich and famous, Martha’s Vineyard, has washed its hands in just 44 hours of what local leaders called a “humanitarian crisis” caused by the arrival of 50 migrants flown in from Florida.  The duty of caring for the mostly Venezuelan nationals now falls on the beleaguered backs of the Massachusetts National Guard on the mainland. The migrants were shipped by bus and ferry to Cape Cod on Friday morning. About 55.5% of the homes on Martha’s Vineyard are vacation homes — the highest rate in the entire nation, according to a 2019 report by the National Association of Realtors.  One local resident even urged former President Barack Obama to offer up his $12 million Vineyard vacation manse for shelter, according to the New York Post. But none of those vacation homeowners apparently stepped up to offer shelter to the unexpected visitors.  “Operations ended here at 11 a.m.” an officer at the Duke’s County Sheriff’s Office told Fox News Digital on Friday. Dukes County includes all six municipalities on Martha’s Vineyard.  The Martha’s Vineyard migrants were taken by bus on Friday morning and put on an 11 a.m. ferry to the Massachusetts mainland, an official at the administrative office of Duke’s County confirmed.

Scientists debate how lethal COVID is. Some say it’s now less risky than flu Has COVID-19 become no more dangerous than the flu for most people? That’s a question that scientists are debating as the country heads into a third pandemic winter. Early in the pandemic, COVID was estimated to be 10 times more lethal than the flu, fueling many people’s fears. “We have all been questioning, ‘When does COVID look like influenza?”’ says Dr. Monica Gandhi, an infectious disease specialist at the University of California, San Francisco. “And, I would say, ‘Yes, we are there.'” Gandhi and other researchers argue that most people today have enough immunity — gained from vaccination, infection or both — to protect them against getting seriously ill from COVID. And this is especially so since the omicron variant doesn’t appear to make people as sick as earlier strains, Gandhi says. So unless a more virulent variant emerges, COVID’s menace has diminished considerably for most people, which means that they can go about their daily lives, says Gandhi, “in a way that you used to live with endemic seasonal flu.” But there’s still plenty of differing views on this topic. While the threat from COVID-19 may be approaching the peril the flu poses, skeptics doubt it’s hit that point yet.

The #1 Best Way to Tell if You Have Inflammation Your immune system activates when it senses there’s an infection or injury and relies on acute inflammation to help keep you healthy. But when your body produces too much inflammation, it becomes harmful and can cause major health problems like cancer, Crohn’s disease, heart disease, ulcerative colitis and arthritis to name a few. There’s several reasons why chronic inflammation can happen like trauma, autoimmune disorders and more. Getting inflammation under control is key to maintaining overall good health and Eat This, Not That! Health spoke with experts who explain how to help prevent inflammation and signs you have it. Dr. Barry Sears, President of the non-profit Inflammation Research Foundation explains, “Acute inflammation is essential to our survival.  It is needed to protect us against microbial invasions and injuries.  However, the acute inflammation has to be turned off.  The technical term is resolution. If not, the initial acute inflammation can become chronic low-level inflammation that is constantly attacking the body.”

Some of the Most Common Medications Can Cause Permanent Side Effects in Children A recent study demonstrates that early exposure to antibiotics destroys beneficial bacteria in the digestive system and can cause asthma and allergies. The research, which was published in the journal Mucosal Immunology, has offered the strongest evidence to date that the long-recognized link between early antibiotic exposure and the later onset of asthma and allergies is causative. “The practical implication is simple: Avoid antibiotic use in young children whenever you can because it may elevate the risk of significant, long-term problems with allergy and/or asthma,” said senior author Martin Blaser, director of the Center for Advanced Biotechnology and Medicine at Rutgers. The study’s authors, from Rutgers University, New York University, and the University of Zurich, stated that antibiotics,  “among the most used medications in children, affect gut microbiome communities and metabolic functions. These changes in microbiota structure can impact host immunity.” Five-day-old mice were given water, azithromycin, or amoxicillin in the first stage of the experiment. After the mice reached adulthood, scientists exposed them to a common allergen produced by house dust mites. Mice that had taken either antibiotic, particularly azithromycin, had heightened immunological responses — i.e., allergies.

Coercion on Campus Stops When Students Say No Dear Canada’s university students, Over the last year, our country’s universities have dismissed your concerns and refused to answer your questions. They made you unconfident in your beliefs, afraid to ask questions, and reticent to speak out. They undermined everything they were supposed to be nurturing in you. You complied with the mandates—you got doubly vaccinated, you masked, you distanced, and you stayed at home and tried to adjust to online learning. You followed the universities’ directives in good faith, you believed they had your best interests at heart, and that what you were doing was necessary for your education and essential to protect others. COVID spread through your campus anyway, all the while undermining your confidence in your right to make choices for yourself, and creating a deep culture of silence, censorship, and division. The universities’ positions so far have been “trust us,” everything done is to “keep the community safe.” Maybe there was some rationale for that position last year, when more was unknown. But now the data is in. We keep hearing that this is about the science. But informed consent isn’t about making the “right” decision from objective point of view. It’s about your right not to have to choose between your education and bodily autonomy, to make a decision that reflects who you are and the risks you are willing to take in your life. To penalize someone for not making a particular choice is not consent—it is coercion.


Special Guest Ilana Rachel Daniel

Ilana Rachel Daniel has been studying & practising in the area of natural health for 15 yrs. With the onset of a declared Covid Pandemic & the resulting theft of fundamental human rights and civil liberties, Ilana became a key voice out of Israel, challenging the dominant narrative pushed by governments, pharma & the media who, operation mockingbird style, supported the unprecedented usurping of our freedoms. Ilana stood as a member of Parliament in the 2021 Israel elections for the human rights “Rappeh” party, & now writes, produces and hosts the weekly “The Jerusalem Report” airs on RFK Jr’s Children’s Health Defense

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