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Aug 4, 2019 1-3PM ET

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Dayton, Ohio, shooting that left 9 dead, 26 hurt halted ‘in under a minute’ by cops who shot suspect: mayor Nine people were killed and dozens were hurt when a suspect wearing body armor opened fire outside a bar in DaytonOhio, early Sunday before responding officers shot the armed assailant to death less than a minute into the rampage, according to officials. It was the nation’s second mass shooting in less than 24 hours after at least 20 people were slain in El Paso, Texas. The Dayton Police Department said on Twitter the incident unfolded at 1 a.m. in the city’s Oregon District near downtown, but officers were nearby and “were able to respond and put an end to it quickly.” Dayton Mayor Nan Whaley said at a Sunday morning news conference the shooter was wearing body armor and had extra magazines. The Oregon District was filled with “thousands” of people out on a weekend night at the time, according to Whaley. Officers were also stationed in the neighborhood and were able to halt the rampage less than a minute after it began, the mayor added.

El Paso shooting leaves 20 dead, 26 injured; investigators probing potential ‘nexus to hate crime’ A gunman killed 20 people and injured 26 others Saturday after he opened fire at a Walmart in El Paso, Texas, state and city officials said. “Texas grieves with the people of El Paso today,” said Gov. Greg Abbott at an evening news conference following one of the deadliest mass shootings in America. The casualties were the highest number since 2017, when gunmen killed 58 and 26 people, respectively, in Las Vegas and Sutherland Springs, Texas. “The scene was a horrific one,” said El Paso Police Chief Greg Allen, who added that many of the wounded had life-threatening injuries. The suspected gunman has not been publicly named, but two law enforcement officials identified him to The Associated Press as 21-year-old Patrick Crusius of Allen, Texas. It was unclear what connection the suspect had to El Paso. Texas state lawmaker Jeff Leach said in a tweeted statement that the suspect graduated from Plano Senior High School in 2017.

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Hi Robert, I can’t seem to find the silica/silicon supplement anywhere. I looked on Choose To Be Healthy’s site, even listened to Not A Doc’s interview, clicked on the link below it, but there was no Silica supplement. What am I missing??


High Fructose Corn Syrup Has Been Quietly, Deceitfully Renamed Being a health-conscious consumer in this world can be disorienting. Doing one’s best to eat the healthiest, cleanest foods while trying to stay on top of the most recent findings of pesticide contamination or even trying to decipher “cage-free” from “free-range” seems, at times, the most daunting task when all we want for ourselves and for our families is health. Now we have a new hurdle to jump. It seems that the corporations behind the production and marketing of high fructose corn syrup (HFCS) have heard the cries of the public and are aware it is an ingredient that consumers are starting to steer clear from. A survey completed by the Nutrition Business Journal found that high-fructose corn syrup tops consumers’ least-wanted list. And so, they did the best thing they could do for the interest of their companies and renamed it.

Is Sugar as Bad for Kids as It Is for Adults? Kids love sweets. Of course, so do many adults. But even those grown-ups with a serious sweet tooth would likely struggle to polish off a big bag of candy, while the average kid would relish that chore. “Even during infancy, newborns have an innate preference for breast milk because of its sweetness,” says Juliana Cohen, an assistant professor of nutrition at Merrimack College in Northern Massachusetts and the Harvard School of Public Health. Cohen says the prevailing theory is that a taste for sugary foods offered early humans an evolutionary advantage: In nature, sweet foods—stuff like fruits or honey—tend to be both safe and rich in calories, while bitter foods are more likely to be toxic. So humans may be born with an inherent desire for sugary foods that fades with age and eating experience.

Fort Detrick lab shut down after failed safety inspection; all research halted indefinitely All research at a Fort Detrick laboratory that handles high-level disease-causing material, such as Ebola, is on hold indefinitely after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found the organization failed to meet biosafety standards. No infectious pathogens, or disease-causing material, have been found outside authorized areas at the U.S. Army Medical Research Institute of Infectious Diseases. The CDC inspected the military research institute in June and inspectors found several areas of concern in standard operating procedures, which are in place to protect workers in biosafety level 3 and 4 laboratories, spokeswoman Caree Vander Linden confirmed in an email Friday. The CDC sent a cease and desist order in July.

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“Antivaxxers Are Killers” Programmed Into Microsoft’s BING Autosuggest – Is this Hate Speech? Recently, Google was caught red-handed manipulating its search results to serve a not-so-hidden agenda, both by scrubbing its results clean of natural health and vaccine skeptical information, and by rigging its autocomplete keyword phrases to disparage complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) and promote an exclusively pro-vaccine agenda. Now, a new investigation reveals that Bing (Microsoft’s search engine launched in 2009 which has 9% of the global markeshare) is targeting the so-called “vaccine hesitant” with preprogrammed search suggestions that bully, disparage, and ultimately characterize this increasingly marginalized group as dangerous and violent against others. Moreover, Bing falsely claims that its “autosuggest” function is based on the volume of real searches made by others, and not arbitrary human biases and/or political agendas originating within Microsoft itself.

Hidden chemistry in flowers shown to kill cancer cells Researchers at the University of Birmingham have shown that it’s possible to produce a compound with anti-cancer properties directly from feverfew—a common flowering garden plant. The team was able to extract the compound from the flowers and modify it so it could be used to kill (CLL)  in the laboratory. Feverfew is grown in many UK gardens, and also commonly sold in health food shops as a remedy for migraine and other aches and pains. The compound the Birmingham team were investigating is called parthenolide and was identified by scientists as having anti- properties several years ago. Although available commercially, it is extremely expensive with poor “drug-like” properties and has not progressed beyond basic research.

Iowa includes chronic pain as condition for legal marijuana A state board has approved a measure that expands the number of medical conditions that can legally be treated by medical marijuana in Iowa, but rejected several other conditions. The Des Moines Register reports that the Iowa Medical Cannabidiol Board voted Friday to allow those with chronic pain to have legal access to medical marijuana. The condition joins others already allowed, including seizures, Crohn’s disease, AIDS, Lou Gehrig’s disease and Parkinson’s disease. But the board denied allowing generalized anxiety disorder and opioid dependency as qualifying conditions. The board also voted to delay a decision on allowing post-traumatic stress disorder to be a qualifying condition until its November meeting. Friday’s meeting was the first since Gov. Kim Reynolds vetoed an expansion of Iowa’s medical marijuana program in May.

CBD foods sold in Maine must be made with locally grown hemp All CBD-infused food and drink sold in Maine must now be made with locally grown hemp. A state law that went into effect Aug. 1 was created to give Maine a workaround to allow CBD foods to continue to be sold despite a federal ban. The law allows for the manufacture and sale of hemp-based CBD so long as the cultivation, manufacture, sale and consumption all occur in state. The law means that, going forward, Maine consumers will know the CBD shot added to their cortado at their favorite Old Port coffeehouse was extracted from homegrown Maine hemp, as was that strawberry-champagne flavored gummy purchased at a yoga and meditation retreat near Tilton Pond. Under the new law, the sale of food products containing CBD imported from another state is prohibited. According to the Brightfield Group, a national marijuana consulting firm, consumers spent $591 million on CBD products nationwide in 2018 in the belief that it eases ailments such as insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain.

‘I don’t understand why they keep going after it.’: CBD seller’s case dismissed three times A Washington County District Court judge dismissed felony charges against a Herman business owner and her employee. This is the third time a judge has dismissed the case against Deborah Archer, 52, and Cory Russell, 29. “It’s been dismissed each time, so I don’t understand why they keep going after it,” Archer said.The judge made the ruling last week. Archer, Russell, Ed Hossner and Donna Johnson were first arrested in December 2017. Johnson and her husband, Hossner, sold the storefront on Herman’s Main Street six months earlier. “We were pretty much the only ones in the whole county to have it, so everyone was coming here to get it,” Archer said. Archer started selling products containing cannabidiol in June of 2017. It’s an organic product many use for health and wellness. There is not enough THC to make people high.

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