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Mar 30th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Confirmed Coronavirus Cases Is an ‘Almost Meaningless’ Metric It doesn’t matter that the United States surpassed China this week in reported Covid-19 cases because those numbers (83,507 and 81,782 respectively as of March 26) don’t tell us how many people actually became infected in either country. Nor do they tell us how fast the disease is spreading, since only a tiny portion of the population in the United States has been tested.“The numbers are almost meaningless,” says Steve Goodman, a professor of epidemiology at Stanford University. There’s a huge reservoir of people who have mild cases, and would not likely seek testing, he says. The rate of increase in positive results reflect a mixed-up combination of increased testing rates and spread of the virus.We will need more complete data, smarter data and more coordinated data to communicate something meaningful about the extent of Covid-19 in the United States, how many people are likely to die, which hospitals are likely to be swamped and whether drastic changes in the way Americans live will start to slow down the spread of the virus.

How deadly is the coronavirus? It’s still far from clear In announcing the most far-reaching restrictions on personal freedom in the history of our nation, Boris Johnson resolutely followed the scientific advice that he had been given. The advisers to the government seem calm and collected, with a solid consensus among them. In the face of a new viral threat, with numbers of cases surging daily, I’m not sure that any prime minister would have acted very differently.But I’d like to raise some perspectives that have hardly been aired in the past weeks, and which point to an interpretation of the figures rather different from that which the government is acting on. I’m a recently-retired Professor of Pathology and NHS consultant pathologist, and have spent most of my adult life in healthcare and science – fields which, all too often, are characterised by doubt rather than certainty. There is room for different interpretations of the current data. If some of these other interpretations are correct, or at least nearer to the truth, then conclusions about the actions required will change correspondingly.

Special Guest Doc Nuzum

Daniel Nuzum is a seasoned and dedicated medical professional with proven expertise and demonstrated success as a Doctor of Osteopathy, Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine, Doctor of Indigenous Medicine, and a Doctor of Natural Medicine, and a researcher and formulator for Dr. Nuzum’s Nutraceuticals. Please note that Dr. Nuzum is not a Western Medical Doctor nor does he claim to be one. He does not practice Conventional Medicine.A pioneer in the industry and an expert in Naturopathic medicine with immense field-work experience, substantial research contributions, and significant private practice experience in which he has treated more than 15,000 patients throughout his dynamic and comprehensive career, Dr. Nuzum exceeds what it means to be an industry leading practitioner.With a background that extends all throughout natural medicine, Dr. Nuzum has spent much of his life working towards becoming a comprehensive physician in the alternative medicine field. Growing up in a home where his parents believed in the power of natural medicine, he was exposed to the concept at a young age. And serving as an assistant to his parents who went on to adopt 32 special needs children throughout his childhood, Dr. Nuzum frequently helped his parents to provide natural medical treatments like physical therapy, care giving, and thoughtful meal preparation. In addition, he would often procure tinctures and herbal supplements for his adopted brothers and sisters.

Question of the Day:

Robert, Can you please explain Humic and Fulvic Acids. I use both daily, however, I am still trying to fully understand how they work in the human body. Thank You so much!-Cathy


Hour 2:

Special Guest Maggie Frank – CV Sciences

With over 10 years in the Natural Products Industry, Maggie Frank has cultivated her passion for education through her extensive experience as an educator and health and wellness advocate. Ms. Frank first found her passion for nutrition while living on a sailboat in Mexico. Having to catch fish and trade for fresh fruits and vegetables, Ms. Frank came to the realization that whole, fresh foods make for a healthy, happy and and more balanced lifestyle. Inspired and determined, she then set off to share this experience with others and educate the public about nutrition. Ms. Frank started in the industry with a part-time job at Henry’s Marketplace (now known as Sprouts) in Carlsbad,CA and worked her way up to Natural Living Manager. She then graduated to National Educator for the esteemed greens company, Vibrant Health. She currently serves as the National Educator for CV Sciences, and believes hemp and phytocannabinoids hold tremendous promise for human health.

Using cannabinoids to treat acute pain A new systematic review and meta-analysis showed a small but significant reduction in subjective pain scores for cannabinoid treatment compared to placebo in patients experiencing acute pain. No increase in serious adverse events suggested the safety of using cannabinoids to treat acute pain, according to the study published in Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research.The article entitled “Cannabinoids in the Management of Acute Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis” was coauthored by Herman Johal, MD, MPH, Ph.D., McMaster University, Hamilton, Canada and colleagues from McMaster University and Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Thunder Bay. The researchers included six trials in their study, five using oral cannabinoids, and one using intramuscular cannabinoids. They reported a significant difference in effect size between the oral and nonoral routes of administration, with intramuscular cannabinoids yielding a significant reduction in pain relative to placebo. There was no difference in effect between oral cannabinoids and placebo.

CBD and Stress: Why and How it Works It comes in so many different guises. It’s linked to so many areas of our lives, both good and bad. Planning a weddinggetting ready for a graduation, or riding a roller coaster can be both exciting and stressful, but in a good way. These examples are known as “eustress” or positive stress that can be healthy and typically are not long term.  Pressures from work, school, unhealthy personal relationships, and now even social media, can really dial up the stress. Once our body perceives stresswhether inside the body or from external cuesit immediately responds and goes into fightorflight mode, releasing a hormone called cortisol. While stress is a part of life and cortisol is vital to keep us functioning, it can take a toll on our health when it reaches unnecessary levels.  As a society, we’re always looking for healthy ways to relieve our stress. In our endocannabinoid system (ECS), we find a system closely linked to the mood of our mind. We know that the endocannabinoids made within us and the phytocannabinoids made by the hemp plant interact in many ways to establish balance Many have experienced calming effects from CBD, which is why many have been turning to hemp CBD oil products to manage healthy stress levels.  A recent study found that CBD may even calm the nerves before public speaking. It’d be a good idea to pick up some hemp CBD oil to prepare for the next big presentation!

 Hundreds at Louisiana church flout COVID-19 gatherings ban Hundreds of worshippers attended services at a Louisiana church on Sunday, flouting a ban on large gatherings, angering neighbors and seemingly turning a deaf ear to their governor, who once again warned that hospitals could soon be overwhelmed with new cases of the coronavirus.An estimated 500 people of all ages filed inside the mustard-yellow and beige Life Tabernacle church in Central, a city of nearly 29,000 outside Baton Rouge.Assistant ministers and worshippers who stood outside the front doors and in the parking lot of Life Tabernacle told news reporters to leave, saying cameras would not be allowed on the property and they had been told not to talk to the news media. They went inside without further comment.Across the street, Paul Quinn and other neighbors took pains to stay 6 feet (2 meters) apart from each other as they stood in a driveway and commented on their opposition to the services being held.

Question of the Day:

I listened to you last Monday in a show w/Carolyn Dean, ND. You spoke several minutes re using a nebulizer to administer silver. You said one could use distilled water with silver but not saline solution. You also mentioned you have a 10ppm silver you use.Is it necessary to dilute Dean’s Pico Silver(20ppm) or can you simply nebulize it right out of the bottle: 1t at a time? This question still remains out there.Same for the neti pot. You mentioned some burning might accompany neti pot use but did not clarify if the silver must be diluted w/distilled water.Thank you for being you.



What do you use to supplement Omega 3’s? Or do you only get them through your diet?



Is It Time To Revive “Survival Gardens?” It is difficult to visualize what our world’s future might look like given the twists and turns of a pandemic. While many are sitting in their homes fearful of what the future may hold, it isn’t difficult to see into my future. I’m planting a garden this year, pandemic or not.But the pandemic does add another layer to gardening and having one could alleviate some of the fears of a food crisis. We’ve all probably experienced the empty shelves at our local stores. I know I did (the vegetables and organic meats were still available. People wiped out the rice, potatoes, flour, sugar, and junk food though. More importantly, some believe these initial empty store shelves are only the beginning and if this is a long-lasting crisis we could see more breakdowns in stores and social unrest as a result of stores not meeting the demands of the population. I don’t want to imagine just how fearful people will get, so I have dried and frozen vegetables stocked up along with my husband’s supply of wild game from hunting. And we planted our garden starts already.


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