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May 16, 2018 7-9PM ET

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See Something, Say NOTHING?

Media won’t investigate medically-caused death numbers Imagine a Congressional hearing held before media cameras, with reporters all over the US and Europe ready with shocking articles about one of the leading causes of death—

SENATOR: Sir, I have the numbers in front of me. How can you keep this secret from the public?

FDA COMMISSIONER: It’s not a secret, sir. Many experts know about it.

SENATOR: I’m looking through the trillion-dollar federal budget. I’m looking for the money allocated to fix this horrible situation. Where are those funds?


I know major media won’t investigate medically-caused death numbers, because I’ve published reports for years, and I’ve contacted news people with the facts; and nothing happens. So we begin with a few citations. July 26, 2000, Journal of the American Medical Association; author, Dr. Barbara Starfield, revered public health expert at the Johns Hopkins School of Public Health; “Is US health really the best in the world?”

I Told You So

Some calories more harmful than others While calories from any food have the potential to increase the risk of obesity and other cardiometabolic diseases, 22 nutrition researchers agree that sugar-sweetened beverages play a unique role in chronic health problems. The disease risk increases even when the beverages are consumed within diets that do not result in weight gain. It’s just one of the conclusions published today in Obesity Reviews in a position paper by a group of researchers who participated in the 2017 CrossFit Foundation Academic Conference. The task of researchers was to deliberate the question: Are all calories equal with regards to effects on cardiometabolic  and obesity? The paper provides an extensive review of the current science on diets that can lead to obesity, cardiovascular disease and Type 2 diabetes.

Special Guest – Josh Hendrix!

Born and raised in the Bluegrass State and a University of Kentucky alumnus, Mr. Hendrix relocated back to Central Kentucky in 2014 on a mission to help rebuild the US hemp industry. Seeing a need to bring farmers, processors, manufacturers and supporters of the industry together, Mr. Hendrix founded the Kentucky Hemp Industries Association that summer and still serves on the Board of Directors. He also became an active member of the Kentucky Hemp Industries Council where he now serves as Treasurer on the Board of Directors. In 2015 he created and became President of Hendrix Hemp, a licensed hemp producer that manages hemp cultivation on his family’s, Mayflower Farm, in Mount Sterling, KY. In early 2016 Mr. Hendrix was appointed to the Technical Advisory Council for the National Hemp Association and accepted a role on the Senior Advisory Board of the institutional trading platform for hemp, Seed CX. Currently Mr. Hendrix serves as the Director of Business Development – Domestic Production for CV Sciences, Inc. where he works with numerous universities, farmers, businesses, and organizations to help facilitate the infrastructure necessary to establish a modern domestic supply chain for hemp in the United States.

Michigan to now regulate CBD oil as marijuana Michigan’s market for oil-based marijuana products will now be covered by medical marijuana laws, state regulators announced Thursday. The Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs issued its first clarification of CBD oil, declaring that state laws allow for its sale to medical marijuana patients – as long as the oil comes from marijuana, not hemp. CBD oil can be derived from either of the two plants, which are both a form of cannabis, though CBD does not give users the same “high” feeling commonly associated with smoking pot. “We received lots of questions about if CBD was going to be regulated along with marijuana and how hemp plays into that,” said department spokesman David Harns. “Now is the right time to send out an advisory bulletin.” Marijuana for certain medical conditions was approved by voters in 2008, but the program is undergoing a major overhaul under a 2016 law. The state now is processing hundreds of applications to grow, sell or transport marijuana.

McConnell Still Opposes Marijuana Legalization At National Level Make no mistake, Congress is still locked up on the idea of legalizing marijuana. It has been a confusing year so far. Federal lawmakers that were once considered enemies of the marijuana legalization debate have shown they are capable of dropping the cross long enough to get on the right side of common sense. Senators Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer are now among those in the pro-pot corner, even if this sudden change of heart is purely for political reasons. Even Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, the man who controls the policy agenda in the upper chamber, shocked and amazed the cannabis advocacy community recently with his push to legalize a nationwide industrial hemp market. Most were under the impression that a move of this magnitude meant the Republican from Kentucky was beginning to go soft on marijuana. But it turns out that wasn’t the case.

Marijuana growers diversify with hemp amid CBD boom A glut of legal marijuana has driven Oregon pot prices to rock-bottom levels, prompting some nervous growers to start pivoting to another type of cannabis to make ends meet—one that doesn’t come with a high. Applications for state licenses to grow hemp—‘s non-intoxicating cousin—have increased more than twentyfold since 2015, and Oregon now ranks No. 2 behind Colorado among the 19 states with active hemp cultivation. The rapidly evolving market comes amid skyrocketing demand for a hemp-derived extract called cannabidiol, or CBD, seen by many as a health aid. In its purified distilled form, CBD oil commands thousands of dollars per kilogram, and farmers can make more than $100,000 an acre growing hemp plants to produce it. That distillate can also be converted into a crystallized form or powder.

No Fairy Tales For Snowflakes

Quarter Of Parents Change Classic Fairytales — Because They’re Too Politically Incorrect Have our favorite fairytales grown too politically incorrect for this generation of children? A new study finds that a quarter of parents admit to changing parts of traditional classics when they tell them to their kids because they feel they’re inappropriate or simply too scary. Researchers with musicMagpie, a company that helps people declutter by selling their unwanted electronics online, surveyed 2,000 parents in the United Kingdom on their thoughts about fairytales. The survey showed that parents tend to update the details in Little Red Riding Hood the most, with The Three Little Pigs, The Gingerbread Man, Hansel and Gretel, and The Ugly Duckling rounding out the top five. In particular, a third of parents feel that the Gingerbread Man being eaten by a fox is just plain “cruel,” while 30 percent don’t like that Hansel and Gretel were abandoned in the forest. Another quarter believe The Ugly Duckling promotes body-shaming and discrimination.

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

New Study: Vaccines Linked to Decline in Mental Health and Social Interaction – A Cause of Increase in Mass School Shootings? A recently published study in the journal Brain, Behavior, and Immunity titled Low-Grade Inflammation Decreases Emotion Recognition – Evidence from the Vaccination Model of Inflammation links low-grade inflammation to a decrease in mental health and human social interaction. The study, authored by a team of researchers from the University of Birmingham in the UK and headed by Leonie J.T. Balter, outlined their research into the effects that mild inflammation can have on cognitive recognition and the Theory of Mind (ToM). Balter stated that:The concept of ToM, sometimes called mentalizing (Frith & Frith, 2006), was developed in the context of research on autism-spectrum disorders and refers to the ability to interpret someone else’s desires, beliefs, and intentions, all of which are essential to human social interaction (Premack & Woodruff, 1978). However, impairments of ToM more broadly characterize a number of mental health disorders, most notably depression (Bora & Berk, 2016).

New Farm Bill Increases Pesticides on Organic Food – Take Action Lawmakers in the House of Representatives think they’re safe enough to eat and drink. Don’t let them sell us out to Big Ag. Action Alert!  Every four years, Congress passes a new Farm Bill, a huge piece of legislation that establishes policies for US agriculture, nutrition assistance programs, organic development programs, and more. While there are some decent, minor provisions in the current Farm Bill making its way through the House of Representatives, on balance it contains many more items that will hurt consumers, especially when it comes to the regulation of pesticides. One of the biggest problems with the bill is that it will likely allow more pesticides to be sprayed on organic crops. Currently, there is a National List of approved and prohibited substances for organic production—some synthetic substances are allowed in organic farming, and some natural substances (like arsenic and strychnine) are prohibited.

FBI estimates doctor victimized ‘thousands’ of people, many undocumented immigrants The FBI is trying to track down patients of a McAllen-based doctor with a San Antonio office who allegedly administered chemotherapy and other toxic medications to people based on false diagnosis. Jorge Zamora-Quezada, 61, is accused in an international money laundering scheme and health care fraud totaling $240 million. Zamora-Quezada appeared before a court Monday and is charged with one count of conspiracy to commit health care fraud, five counts of health care fraud and one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering. His detention hearing will be Tuesday. “The allegations that Zamora-Quezada violated his oath to do no harm by administering unnecessary chemotherapy and other toxic medications to patients with serious diseases — including some of the most vulnerable victims imaginable — are almost beyond comprehension,” acting Assistant Attorney General John Cronan said.

Gates Foundation Buys Cochrane Integrity for $1.15 Million: The Death of Scientific Integrity This may be the last straw in dissolving the illusion of scientific integrity in reviews published by the Cochrane Collaboration group. With a $1.15 million “donation” – chicken feed for the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation – they have purchased the Cochrane seal of “science-based reviews”. The medical literature has been corrupted at its core. Medicine is and has been for a long time, the domain of Big Pharma, and Big Government with the acquiescence of the medical academic institutions. For those of you who are under the illusion that the purpose of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and its financial “donations” is about philanthropy and the good of society, please, examine some of the empirical evidence that I have gathered documenting the contrary at

Cannabis & Traditional Chinese Medicine You don’t hear a lot about cannabis use in Traditional Chinese Medicine, but the plant has a long history with the practice. Known as da ma in Chinese medicine, cannabis is considered one of the 50 “fundamental” herbs of TCM. The Chinese goddess Ma Gu, a name that literally means “hemp maiden,” is associated with longevity and the elixir of life and the Chinese term for anesthesia is composed with the Chinese character that means hemp. Hua Tuo, a Han Dynasty physician, is credited as the first person to use cannabis as an anesthetic, by mixing the dried and powdered plant with wine for use internally and externally. By utilizing this preparation (known as ma fei san) in conjunction with acupuncture, he was able to perform surgeries and control the pain of his patients. It is also believed that moxibuxtion — the burning of dried plants next to the skin to stimulate circulation — originally utilized both mugwort and cannabis. In modern TCM, cannabis or hemp seeds are are often used to treat constipation. Additional uses include relief for menstrual cramps, anxiety, dry cough, asthma and spasms.

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