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March 5, 2023 1-3PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guest Mike Adams

Natural News is a science-based natural health advocacy organization led by activist-turned-scientist Mike Adams, the Health Ranger.

The key mission of Natural News is to empower consumers with factual information about the synthetic chemicals, heavy metals, hormone disruptors and other chemicals found in foods, medicines, personal care products, children’s toys and other items.

Natural News covers holistic health, nutritional therapies, consciousness and spirituality, permaculture , organics, animal rights, environmental health, food and superfoods , and performance nutrition.

The site strongly criticizes drugs-and-surgery medicine, vaccines, corporate corruption, animal testing, the use of humans for medical experiments, the chemical contamination of foods, heavy metals in consumer products, factory farming and government corruption.

Natural News also warns its readers about science gone bad and frequently cites examples of science resulting in catastrophies that it calls “crimes” against humanity. Examples of such subjects cited by Natural News include:

  • Agent Orange
  • Thalidomide
  • Nuclear weapons
  • GMOs and “genetic pollution”
  • Aspartame and chemical sweeteners
  • Chemotherapy
  • The presence of hidden cancer viruses in polio vaccines
  • The continued use of mercury in vaccines and dental amalgams
  • The long history of pharmaceutical experiments on human beings, including the Tuskegee syphilis experiments conducted on African Americans in the USA.

Natural News employs a staff of over 20 writers and researchers who write up to 15 original news stories each day.

Question of The Day!

Right in the middle of my question i believe it got sent so hope i’m not repeating but I was listening to a gentelman named Clayton Thomas several days ago. I liked everything he was saying because a lot of it is what you and your guests have been saying forever. But then he mentioned illnesses that have fungal origins.. candida, possible cancer etc Then he says and, not verbatim, that in the same breath they talk about fungus being bad they push mushrooms for treatment!! Different mushrooms for different issues. What is a mushroom ? Fungus!! Given the right environment, mushroom can grow in your body. He said brain. I ‘ve been taking mushroom powder on and off for quite a while in smoothies. WTH do you do anymore? His wife Dr Rahm and he have a product called Roots i believe that is current rave. I’m thinking of sticking to NAD protocol, silver and Cardio Miracle which I been using for a week now and believe in what it can do for me. Thanks for letting me vent. What say you about this fungus as root cause of many diseases vs fungus (mushroom)
to help heal? – Lori

Hour 2 ENCORE!

Special Guest Leigh Dundas

Leigh Dundas is a human rights attorney and abolitionist dedicated to preserving basic freedoms, while also combating global injustices like child slavery and the peddling of medical tyranny disguised as progress.  Leigh’s career spans three decades, commencing with her representation of Fortune 500 companies in high-dollar courtroom battles in the early 90’s, which focus changed to humanitarian work nearly a decade ago when she joined an anti-slavery NGO as their General Counsel.

While there, Leigh liaised with foreign governments to allow undercover surveillance of child brothels by former US law enforcement assets, and also worked closely with NGOs on a plan to have on-ground investigators amass evidence of money laundering by human traffickers – and then securely relay that data to world banks so they could flag accounts suspected of criminal activity.  In recognition of her extensive knowledge on slavery matters, Leigh was appointed eight years ago to the Congressional Advisory Committee on Human Trafficking, where she further assisted in identification of these problems, and helped formulate US response to same.

Leigh has also devoted significant time to a modern-day “Sodom & Gomorrah” region comprised of 140 child brothels along the Thai-Malay border – traveling in excess of 100 mph to avoid roadside bombers, in order to provide assistance to the children trapped there and embed a film crew to document the horrors of the child-sex trade (until Thailand’s coup d’etat forced a retreat).

In 2020, Leigh took the lessons she learned – fighting Asian criminal syndicates that were hell-bent on destroying children – to the streets of America, where she joined with others to defeat an even greater threat:  a second Holocaust designed to eradicate our very humanity, and crush any who would speak against it.  To which Leigh resolutely believes:  Fiat Justitia, Ruat Caelum … Let Justice Be Done, Though the Heavens May Fall.

Follow Leigh here, and her work here.

Special Guest Paul M Davis

Not being one to back down, Paul doubled down on his defiance of tyranny and went to work on an election fraud lawsuit aimed at exposing widespread violations of federal election integrity law in the 2020 presidential and congressional elections.

Paul’s decision to take a stand on this issue cost him almost everything. The brutal media coverage of his January 6 protest and election lawsuit efforts unleashed a firestorm of hate from the left with catastrophic results. First, Paul lost his job and got a terrifying visit from the FBI. Next, his then-fiance walked out on him. The circle of friends the former couple enjoyed together collapsed. He was black-balled from the legal profession as a result of the media coverage, and had to sell his home because he had no income.

After Paul was forced to dismiss the election lawsuit due to lack of financial resources, it felt as if his life had been so thoroughly shattered that he could not go on. It was only his faith in God that compelled him to keep moving forward in establishing a law firm focused on fighting for the civil rights of conservatives.

Immediately after making this decision, Biden announced the federal vaccine mandates, Paul used his extensive employment law experience to begin speaking out publicly against the mandates. As a a result, he became inundated with speaking engagements around North Texas and was flooded with clients seeking help. His excellent work for his clients soon earned him a reputation as “the lawyer for patriots” as conservatives across the country began to call Paul for help. After becoming involved in a dramatic rescue of a client with COVID who was being abused in a local hospital, Paul was shocked to learn that hospitals receive substantial funds from the federal government each time a patient dies with COVID, a perverse incentive resulting in an apparent murder-for-money scheme. Paul has since dedicated himself to investigating and exposing this grave injustice while continuing to fight for his vaccine mandate clients.

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