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March 2, 2018 7-9PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Is The Defense Of Our Country in Jeopardy?

71% Of Military Age Americans Too Sick To Join, Study Says  The United States is now facing a
security crisis the likes of which it has never faced before. Although we are awaiting the attempts to blame it on them, it’s hard to see how the State Department or the corporate media can pin this on on the Russians. According to a new study by the Heritage Foundation, nearly 71% of young U.S. citizens are ineligible to serve in the military. To be more specific, out of 34 million people, between the ages of 17 and 24, more than 24 million are unable to join the military. Sixty percent of those ineligible to join are ineligible due to health problems or physical fitness. Around one-third are too obese. Indeed, 27% of young Americans are “too overweight for military service.” “The obesity issue is the most troubling because the trend is going in the wrong direction…by 2020 it could be as high as 50%,” said Major General Allen Batschelet, former Commander of U.S. Army Recruiting Command “back in 2015, “which means only two in ten would qualify to join the Army.”

Special Guest – Sallie Elkordy

Vaccine Free NYC (group) Marching in the “St. Pat’s for All Parade” this Sunday, March 4th in Queens ~ JOIN US!

On Sunday March 4th, meet in Sunnyside (Queens) at 1pm and step off at 2pm to MARCH in the “ST. PAT’S FOR ALL” Parade with our registered group, “Vaccine Free NYC”. Banners provided.

Sunday, March 04, 2018
1:00pm Assembly & Remarks at 43rd St. and Skillman Ave in Sunnyside, Queens
2:00pm Parade Step-off

The Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King! 

Get ready for some proactive care from Dr. Frank King and the Healing Revolution! Got joint inflammation? RSB and Dr. King discuss his newest formulation for topical application in cases of arthritis. In concert with his hands-on-training (HOT), just massage some of the new Warming Arthritic Pain & Joint Relief topical into the areas of pain or tender spots. Are you ready to learn how to engage in more profound self-care? You can use an Origin Insertion Technique to get at the source point of the pain and inflammation as well. RSB’s son uses the Dr. King’s Advanced Arnica to promote rapid recovery from all of his Track & Field workouts, along with the Sporting Edgeand Muscle Maximizer formulas. Click here to get Dr. King’s Gifts for Friends of The Healing Revolution®!

Other new products that are set to debut at the Natural Products Expo West in Anaheim next week include: Breakthrough for the Common Cold nasal gel! Also, parents will love the all-new Baby Teething and Baby Colic formulas with no Belladonna!

Tap Into (your) Potential (TIP) – it’s the first essential among the 8 essentials for healthy life in Dr. King’s guidebook, The Healing Revolution. Learn the 8 Essentials for Life in Dr. King’s book. The eighth Essential is called Hands On Techniques, or H.O.T.s for short. These are just as essential in helping you take care of your body as healthy food, water, and fitness. Some of these techniques are demonstrated in videos at Four free gifts are yours when you sign up for the newsletter, too!Remember to counteract the flu shot propaganda with the Multi-Strain Flu Relief formula.  Join the Healing Revolution by reading Dr. King’s book about the 8 Essentials to life and health!

Comment of The Day!

I don’t know if this has been done or not, but here is a suggestion for another T-shirt. “BAN ASSAULT WEAPONS” with a picture of a hypodermic needle underneath the caption. Really, really enjoy your show. Glad Super Don is getting better.


Hour 2 – Special Guest – Rosanne Lindsay

Rosanne Lindsay, ND, is a Naturopath, certified by the American Naturopathic Medical Certification Board, and a Tribal Healer with the Turtle Island Provider Network. She holds graduate degrees from Trinity School of Natural Health in Naturopathic medicine and from the University of Chicago’s School of Public Health in Environmental Health Science.
Rosanne discovered her gifts as a healer through her own journey of reversing Profound Hypothyroidism naturally.

Her mission is to guide others to heal themselves using body-mind-spirit medicine. She consults in person and online. She is a writer/blogger, speaker, and author of the book, ‘The Nature of Healing, Heal The Body, Heal The Planet. Her second book ‘Free Your Voice, Heal Your Thyroid’ is due out soon.

United States Health Freedom Congress June 10, 12, 2018 in St. Paul Minnesota! REGISTER NOW SPACE IS LIMITED, so please book early to reserve your spot. Take advantage of our ‘Early Bird’ pricing until March 15th. Our ‘Early Bird’ price of $225 includes 3 days of activities.

Doctors “sound the alarm” on possible harms of saline in IV bags New research calls into question what’s in those IV bags that nearly every hospitalized patient gets. Using a different intravenous fluid instead of the usual saline greatly reduced the risk of death or kidney damage, two large studies found. The difference could mean 50,000 to 70,000 fewer deaths and 100,000 fewer cases of kidney failure each year in the U.S., researchers estimate. Some doctors are hoping the results will persuade more hospitals to switch.

Studies Prove Without Doubt That Unvaccinated Children Are Healthier Than Their
Vaccinated Peers
 As doctors, parents and concerned citizens we consistently strive to do what is best for the children in our lives. As of late, with the passage of SB277 in California, the mainstream media has been trying to convince everyone that the vaccinated child is some how a healthier individual and lives a more “disease” free life versus their unvaccinated counterpoint.
But, is this the truth?


Only 2 weeks to reach NHFA’s fundraising goal of $5000 by March 15!

Help us reach our goal by midnight, March 15. Can you pitch in whatever you can to help us make it? Our vision is a healthy nation, with empowered people, making informed health care decisions. Your donation helps us do that for you.

With your help, NHFA is protecting the right of holistic practitioners to legally practice. We won’t stop until all 50 states allow herbalists, homeopaths, nutrition and wellness consultants, and many others to be able to practice without fear of arbitrary prosecution.

We are also working throughout the country to preserve and protect the right for all parents to make health care decisions for their children.

We need your help to make this all possible. Please give whatever you can to support health freedom nation-wide.

Cannabis Update!

All charges dismissed for Tennessee stores accused of selling CBD candy Authorities have dropped all charges in connection with “Operation Candy Crush,” a sting that targeted Tennessee stores accused of selling candy and other products containing a form of marijuana. District Attorney General Jennings H. Jones said in a Wednesday release that the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation has backed off its initial determinations. The TBI said investigators could not determine whether the cannabidiol in the products derived from marijuana or hemp.

 Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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