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Miserable Covid Kids, Kurtis Bay, Death by protocol, Remdesivir and a ventilators, PFAS, Forever chemicals, Socialized Medicine, Britain economy, Health staff leaving, Glyphosate exposure, Top 8 WORST INVENTIONS, NZ cow burps and MORE!

October 11th, 2022 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Shocking Email: Feds Purposefully Made Kids Miserable During Covid Pandemic to Coerce Them Into Getting Vaxxed The federal government’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic may already be one of the most infamous chapters in U.S. history. But new evidence keeps coming to light that reveals the “Experts” were every bit as cynical and dishonest as most citizens had figured out years ago. An August 2021 email by the U.S. Department of Education’s Anne Hartge, of the Office of Communications and Outreach, following up on a conversation between Eric Hagarty, who is now Pennsylvania’s current Secretary of Education; Tara Piechowicz, Deputy Chief Of Staff for Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf; and Jack Groarke, Deputy Chief of Staff for Federal Affairs for Gov. Wolf, sheds an ugly spotlight on the behind-the-scenes decisionmaking that led to the current crisis in education among America’s schoolchildren. “Not sure if you saw yesterday, but President Biden along with [Education] Secretary Cardoina in addition to calling for every school district to host a vaccine clinic, announced next week as a national Back to School Week of Action and introduced a slew of initiatives on youth vaccinations the Administration will be making including high profile trips acrosss the country…” Hartge wrote. Then comes an absolutely brutal revelation about how the vaccine requirements were used to punish children who did not want the jabs, or whose parents did not want them to have them, and limited many children’s ability to socialize, get sunshine, and exercise.

Special Guest Kurtis Bay

Kurtis Bay was the loving husband of Tammy Bay, an athletic, healthy, and vibrant 59-year-old. They had been together since they were sixteen years old. Both were unvaccinated and had recovered from COVID last year, and then they acquired COVID again over the holidays. Once admitted to the hospital, doctors told Tammy that she would be home in two days. But unfortunately, their next decisions kept her from ever leaving. They denied her monoclonal antibodies because Tammy was too healthy and didn’t qualify. Instead, per hospital protocols, she received Remdesivir and a ventilator and died on January 20, 2022.


“Forever Chemicals” are Everywhere – Here’s What You Need to Know About Them Whether you’ve heard of them before or not, “forever chemicals” are all around us. Stain-resistant carpets, non-stick pans, mascara and even some food packaging all contain these chemicals. But while these products can be very useful to us, the chemicals they contain have a darker side. Research has shown that they’re linked to health problems, including cancer. And one recent study even suggested that in utero exposure to forever chemicals can affect a man’s sperm count and quality later in life. Here’s what you should know about them. Forever chemicals are a class of chemicals collectively known as per- and polyfluorinated alkyl substances (PFAS), which were first introduced in the 1940s. Their high thermal and chemical stability, coupled with their ability to repel grease and water, make these chemicals uniquely suited for a variety of engineering and commercial uses. As such, they can be found in many consumer products, such as makeup, fire extinguishers, fast food wrapping, textiles, stain repellents and electronics. The actual number of PFAS in circulation worldwide has yet to be defined – though according to some resources, this number is well over 4,700 chemicals.

Hour 2

Socialized Medicine Is Tanking Britain’s Economy Great Britain has a new king, a new prime minister—and a new economic crisis. S&P Global says that the country is already in a recession. Inflation is at 9.9%, higher than in the United States. The pound has fallen dramatically against the U.S. dollar, and government debt is surging. But at least the Brits can count on their 74-year-old system of socialized medicine, the National Health Service, right? Not really. The NHS is facing a cost and care crisis of its own. And it may get worse, as the government contemplates spending cuts to bring inflation to heel and offset energy subsidies planned for winter. Thanks to what one official has called “the greatest workforce crisis in history”—a massive shortage of doctors and nurses—the NHS now has a 6.8 million-patient backlog. Desperate patients are doing the only thing they can to get treatment: buying it on the private market. Private health insurance is legal in the United Kingdom. Roughly 11% of Britons have private coverage. And it’s not solely the province of the rich. Last year, both the poorest and richest 10% of Britons allocated roughly the same percentage of their weekly expenditures to private medical care—even though their government was, ostensibly, providing it for free. Waits for publicly provisioned care are catastrophic. Roughly one-third of British patients on waiting lists for potentially life-saving cardiac care have been queueing for more than four months. That’s about 95,000 people.

Nurses and other health staff in UK leaving profession for better paying jobs: New survey First there was Brexit. Then there was “Drexit” — an exodus of doctors walking away the National Health Service (NHS) in the United Kingdom. And now nurses and other staff in the NHS are heading for the doors, too. Staff are leaving the medical profession for better paying jobs, such as hospitality and retail, according to a recent NHS Providers survey. “All respondents say they are concerned about the mental, physical and financial well-being of staff as a result of cost-of-living pressures — and the majority (61%) report a rise in mental health sickness absence,” the survey said. NHS asked its chairs, chief executives, finance directors, medical directors and nursing directors for their perspectives on the impact on the cost of living, which has become a crisis within “trusts” and the health care sector during August 2022 and September 2022. NHS Providers represent every NHS hospital, mental health, community and ambulance service in England, according to a press release.

A potentially cancer-causing chemical is sprayed on much of America’s produce. How high is exposure near you? On a daily basis, many people in the U.S. could be exposed to a potentially cancer-causing chemical used in the world’s most common weedkillers. Data shows that people in the Midwest, parts of the South and Colorado have the highest exposure. Glyphosate, the active ingredient in many herbicides, has been in use for nearly 50 years. But the chemical’s health impacts have been heavily debated, with lawsuits arising over allegations that the chemical is linked to cancer. The Environmental Protection Agency has maintained that there is no risk to human health based on current uses and that there is no evidence glyphosate causes cancer. Bayer, the pharmaceutical company that sells the most widely used glyphosate herbicide, says it stands by the safety of the chemical. Glyphosate’s main use is in agriculture; weedkillers containing it are sprayed on nearly half of all planted acres of corn, cotton and soybeans in the U.S. They’re also used on wheat, oats, beans and fruits. And data from the U.S. Geological Survey shows several counties across the country with higher than average glyphosate usage. The chemical giant Monsanto introduced glyphosate in its product Roundup in 1974. Bayer acquired Monsanto in 2018. “Glyphosate is the most widely used chemical weedkiller in human history because of genetic engineering,” said Dave Murphy, the founder of Food Democracy Now, an advocacy group that tests glyphosate in food. “It’s sprayed ubiquitously and Monsanto has, for decades, just maintained that it’s the safest agricultural chemical ever made.”

Top 8 WORST INVENTIONS of the past century that decimate people’s health and safety Throughout history, there are amazing inventions that improve our world, our lives and help us evolve. Some of those inventions, though, are utilized for evil purposes. Then, there are inventions that simply were designed for evil purposes, and that’s what this research reveals about 8 inventions that destroy people’s mind and body, and put their lives at risk. Just because something comes from a laboratory or a tech facility, or from some software engineer’s computer, doesn’t mean it’s the best thing since sliced bread (which isn’t so good for you either). Let’s take an inside look at some inventions that the media and the medical establishments brag about, that are abusive, unethical and used irresponsibly to destroy people’s lives. Yet, they scream “science!” every time there’s a challenge and justify the creation and use of these “therapies” and “tools” of destruction. This requires careful consideration. Many consumers, patients, military personnel, and students may not know this, but the following 8 inventions are used for population reduction and medical tyranny. Many inventions are used mainly for evil purposes and the majority of Americans have no clue, thanks to (fake news) mass media, social media, misinformation, big tech and the highly corrupted US regulatory agencies.

New Zealand proposes taxing cow burps, angering farmers New Zealand’s government on Tuesday proposed taxing the greenhouse gasses that farm animals make from burping and peeing as part of a plan to tackle climate change. The government said the farm levy would be a world first, and that farmers should be able to recoup the cost by charging more for climate-friendly products. But farmers quickly condemned the plan. Federated Farmers, the industry’s main lobby group, said the plan would “rip the guts out of small-town New Zealand” and see farms replaced with trees. Federated Farmers President Andrew Hoggard said farmers had been trying to work with the government for more than two years on an emissions reduction plan that wouldn’t decrease food production. “Our plan was to keep farmers farming,” Hoggard said. Instead, he said farmers would be selling their farms “so fast you won’t even hear the dogs barking on the back of the ute (pickup truck) as they drive off.” Opposition lawmakers from the conservative ACT Party said the plan would actually increase worldwide emissions by moving farming to other countries that were less efficient at making food. New Zealand’s farming industry is vital to its economy. Dairy products, including those used to make infant formula in China, are the nation’s largest export earner.

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