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November 15th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Why natural immunity against COVID-19 is not as good as vaccination, according to doctor The U.S. has surpassed 46 million confirmed cases of COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, and natural immunity from a prior infection may not be enough to rely on when considering the ultimate aim of reducing hospitalization and death caused by transmission — especially when it comes to mitigating the threat to the most vulnerable among us. “The problem with natural immunity is that A) it’s not as good as vaccination and B) it does wane over time and people get re-infected if you don’t follow that up with a vaccination,” University of Virginia Assistant Professor of Medicine Dr. Taison Bell said on Yahoo Finance Live (video above).  Other medical experts have said similar. “This idea of really building our immunological protection at a population level just based on natural infection, first of all, is super dangerous,” Dr. Keri Althoff, associate professor of epidemiology at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, told Yahoo Finance. “It’s very hard. We have risk factors for people who are at higher risk for severe illness and death with this, but we have had young, healthy people die of this COVID. We don’t want this virus to just go wild and people lose their lives.”

Why it can be hard to prove a vaccine caused a bad outcome Doctors in Canada who willfully refuse to be vaccinated against COVID-19 should be prohibited from seeing patients in person, Canada’s top medical journal argued this week. There is “robust” evidence, wrote the authors of the editorial published in the Canadian Medical Association Journal, to rebut claims the vaccines are experimental or unsafe, and while the vaccine-resistant are free to choose not to be inoculated, “they ought not to be free to refuse SARS-CoV-2 vaccination and to work as physicians.” Tens of millions of doses into the pandemic vaccine campaign in Canada, and serious reported “adverse events” are rare. Which ones are known to carry a mortality risk? Anaphylaxis, a rare allergic reaction that can occur within minutes of needle piercing skin can be fatal, if not recognized early enough and treated quickly. VITT, or vaccine-induced immune thrombotic thrombocytopenia, a rare blood clotting phenomenon linked to AstraZeneca and J&J, adenoviral vector vaccines, “can be very persistent and malignant,” said Dr. Donald Arnold, medical director of McMaster University’s Platelet Immunology Laboratory, the only place in the country where all diagnostic testing for the clotting syndrome is done. “It just can get worse and worse, and sometimes people end up with very bad outcomes, including death.”

Diabetes is a ‘pandemic of unprecedented magnitude,’ and experts fear COVID-19 may make it worse The year 2021 marks 100 years since the discovery of insulin, a game-changing drug in the fight against diabetes. Despite a century of advancements in treatment, education and prevention, World Diabetes Day 2021 occurs in the wake of grim statistics. One in 10 adults around the world — some 537 million people — are currently living with diabetes, according to figures recently released by the International Diabetes Federation. By 2024, the IDF predicted that the number of people with diabetes is expected to rise to 1 in 8 adults. “As the world marks the centenary of the discovery of insulin, I wish we could say we’ve stopped the rising tide of diabetes,” IDF President Dr. Andrew Boulton told CNN. “Instead, diabetes is currently a pandemic of unprecedented magnitude.” Nearly 7 million adults have died worldwide in 2021 so far due to diabetes or its complications, the IDF estimated — that’s more than 1 in 10 global deaths from any cause. That doesn’t count the lives lost to the novel coronavirus, which has been particularly deadly for people living with diabetes. A study published in February found having either Type 1 or Type 2 diabetes tripled the risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19. “And if you want another startling statistic, as many as 40% of the people that have died in the U.S. from COVID-19 had diabetes,” said Dr. Robert Gabbay, chief scientific and medical officer for the American Diabetes Association. The pandemic also took a toll on how well people have managed their diabetes over the past year and a half, said Boulton, who is also a professor of medicine at the University of Manchester in the UK. “My fear is we’re going to see a tsunami in the next two years of diabetes and its complications because people have missed their screening appointments due to fear of catching COVID-19,” he said.

Questions of The Day!

Hello Dr. Don and Super R.S.B.–I KNOW ! I KNOW!-ONLY KIDDING.
Is there a cure for tinnitus? I am 72 years young in good health and just started experiencing tinnitus and some loss of hearing-i did not fall or was hurt in any way-no bump on the head any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi Robert and Super Don,
My brother age 60 has a dark red scab on left side of middle nose that is struggling to heal that itches now and then and sometimes bleeds when accidentally gets scratched. He is taking the Innate Response Selenium 3 tablets 3 times per day, Innate Response Chromium 1 tablet 3 times per day, Alta-Silica 3 tablets one time in morning, just started taking 1 tablet of Mega Food Magnesium in morning, plus he is taking a variety of vitamins & minerals along with supplements Astragalus Root and Omega 3s. He took homeopathic remedy Nitricum Acidum 30c a few times over few weekends that seemed to help some. My question in regards to additional supplements, homeopathic remedies/potencies and other suggestions, what do you recommend? Also, should he also increase his intake of Selenium, Chromium and Silica and if so, to what level?

Holiday hell: 3 in 5 Americans BANNING unvaccinated relatives from family gatherings! The holidays are about to get heated — and politics aren’t even the main issue this time. Nearly two-thirds of vaccinated Americans are banning unvaccinated family members from their holiday gatherings this year. A survey of 2,000 U.S. residents – conducted by OnePoll on Nov. 2 – examined how the COVID-19 vaccine has impacted people’s relationships with their loved ones ahead of the holidays this year. According to the results, two in three respondents feel they cannot go home for the holidays without getting vaccinated first. Of the 65 percent who are fully vaccinated, nearly six in 10 (58%) have reportedly cut off family members who refuse to get the vaccine. Meanwhile, 63 percent don’t feel comfortable inviting unvaccinated relatives to their parties. Seventy-two percent of vaccinated respondents don’t think they could ever get some of their family members to understand the importance of the vaccine. On the other hand, 14 percent of survey respondents don’t plan to ever get the shot themselves. When asked about their decision, one respondent admits that they “don’t trust the vaccine is safe,” while another says they are “concerned about side effects.” One even believes the vaccine “was rushed and people who are getting vaccinated are still getting sick.”

Hour 2

Melbourne protests: prop gallows seen as thousands march against Victoria’s Covid powers Thousands of demonstrators descended on to Melbourne’s central business district on Saturday, protesting against the Victorian government’s new pandemic powers and vaccine mandates. The protest, which included signs advocating violence against politicians and a man carrying a prop gallows with three nooses hanging from it, came as the state recorded 1,221 Covid-19 cases and four deaths. Wet weather did not deter the crowd, which chanted “kill the bill” and “sack Dan Andrews” as it blocked tram lines and marched from the Victorian State Library to Parliament House in Spring Street. Many held signs that likened the Victorian government to oppressive regimes and former Liberal MP and current head of the United Australia party Craig Kelly addressed the crowd outside Parliament House, denouncing vaccine passports and the vaccination of children. Kelly said Australia was being “governed by medical bureaucrats that are part of a mad, insane cult” and claimed the party would “bring Daniel Andrews to his knees” at the next federal election.

G’Day RSB and Super Don
My husband and I are huge fans.  We discovered your show early in 2020 and are so grateful we did as we appreciate your work in providing balanced commentary and information in the world of propaganda we find ourselves.
I heard you recently talk about how the Australia of today is not the image of Australia you remember or imagine.  As an Australian I don’t recognise the country I have called home for over 50 years either and its heartbreaking.  We have experienced the most obscene violation of our rights and freedoms – extended and harsh lockdowns,  denying freedom of movement between states and restrictions to within 5km of your home, exorbitant and unreasonable fines, digital check in requirements everywhere you go and now mandatory experimental MRNA gene therapy ‘jabs’ where people are losing their work and being denied access to many places and venues if they are not double jabbed.
There is a growing resistance as people wake up and a small group who have said ‘no’ all along and continue to remain firm.

I thought I would share footage of a demonstration in Melbourne last week, tens of thousands gathered (even though MSM reported hundreds) and sang a much loved Australian song that represents diversity, unity and freedom. It is very moving.

I also provide a second link to an informative video released by Craig Kelly, Member of Parliament who now leads an independent political party, The United Australia Party.
This party in a few months has over 70,000 members surpassing both our major parties (Labor (democrat) and Liberal (republican).
Craig Kelly covers several aspects of the current situation in Australia well. (unfortunately you can only view this on Telegram).
I hope you find this information of interest – Keep up the great work !!
Chris and Paul
(Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia)

New Zealand man who died of gunshot wound to be recorded as COVID-19 death: Report A New Zealand man who died of a gunshot wound is reportedly being tallied as a coronavirus-related death until an investigation is completed. Robert Hart, the 40-year-old who died on Nov. 5 after allegedly being shot in Auckland, tested positive for the coronavirus, according to a report that cited police. “An additional death in Auckland has today been added to the national Covid-19 figures,” the New Zealand Ministry of Health said. “This person’s death is subject to a police investigation and the Ministry will not be commenting further on it, at this stage.” Health officials were apparently able to test Hart for the coronavirus after his death. “Health authorities may test a deceased person for COVID-19 if their cause of death is not clear and if there is some concern that COVID-19 may have been involved, for example, where there is a link to a known case, or considering symptoms prior to death,” a Ministry of Health spokesperson told the New Zealand Herald. “A deceased person testing positive for COVID-19 may also assist public health officials in identifying close contacts and taking any further action if needed.” There was reportedly a change in the way New Zealand reports deaths that have any link to the coronavirus, even if COVID-19 wasn’t the cause, said Dr. Ashley Bloomfield, director-general of the country’s Health Ministry, at a briefing.

On Podcasts and Radio, Misleading Covid-19 Talk Goes Unchecked On a recent episode of his podcast, Rick Wiles, a pastor and self-described “citizen reporter,” endorsed a conspiracy theory: that Covid-19 vaccines were the product of a “global coup d’état by the most evil cabal of people in the history of mankind.”“It’s an egg that hatches into a synthetic parasite and grows inside your body,” Mr. Wiles said on his Oct. 13 episode. “This is like a sci-fi nightmare, and it’s happening in front of us.”Mr. Wiles belongs to a group of hosts who have made false or misleading statements about Covid-19 and effective treatments for it. Like many of them, he has access to much of his listening audience because his show appears on a platform provided by a large media corporation.Mr. Wiles’s podcast is available through iHeart Media, an audio company based in San Antonio that says it reaches nine out of 10 Americans each month. Spotify and Apple are other major companies that provide significant audio platforms for hosts who have shared similar views with their listeners about Covid-19 and vaccination efforts, or have had guests on their shows who promoted such notions. Scientific studies have shown that vaccines will protect people against the coronavirus for long periods and have significantly reduced the spread of Covid-19. As the global death toll related to Covid-19 exceeds five million — and at a time when more than 40 percent of Americans are not fully vaccinated — iHeart, Spotify, Apple and many smaller audio companies have done little to rein in what radio hosts and podcasters say about the virus and vaccination efforts.

Michael “Mike” Anthony Granata of Gilroy, California | 1965 – 2021 | Obituary Michael “Mike” Anthony Granata February 21, 1965 – November 1, 2021. Michael, a longtime resident of Gilroy, passed away on November 1, 2021.  Never a kinder more gentle man did I know than my husband, Michael. For those who knew Mike, you know that he was a good and honest man.  He was kind, considerate, and always polite. Mike was adamant that people know what happened to him that caused his early and unexpected death.  Message from Mike: “Many nurses and non-nursing staff begged me and my wife to get the truth out to the public about the Covid-19 vaccines because the truth of deaths from the vaccine was being hidden within the medical profession. I promised I would get the message out.  So, here is my message: I was afraid of getting the vaccine for fear that I might die. At the insistence of my doctor, I gave in to pressure to get vaccinated.  On August 17th I received the Moderna vaccine and starting feeling ill three days later. I never recovered but continued to get worse. I developed multisystem inflammation and multisystem failure that medical professionals could not stop. My muscles disappeared as if to disintegrate. I was in ICU for several weeks and stabbed with needles up to 24 times a day for those several weeks, while also receiving 6 or 7 IVs at the same time (continuously). It was constant torture that I cannot describe. I was no longer treated as a human with feelings and a life. I was nothing more than a covid vaccine human guinea pig and the doctors excited to participate in my fascinating progression unto death. If you want to know more, please ask my wife.  I wished I would have never gotten vaccinated. If you are not vaccinated, don’t do it unless you are ready to suffer and die.”

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