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April 23rd, 2021 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

U.S. CDC probes new death, hospitalization after J&J vaccine shots – officials The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) is investigating the death of an Oregon woman and the hospitalization of another in Texas after receiving Johnson & Johnson’s COVID-19 vaccine, state health officials said. The incidents come as advisers to the CDC are set to meet on Friday to consider whether it is safe to resume injections of the single-dose vaccine, while senior health officials prepare for a green light. CDC Director Rochelle Walensky had said on Monday the agency was reviewing reports of a handful of potential cases of severe side effects among people who received the shot, in addition to those that led to a pause in its use. The CDC notified Oregon about the incident on Tuesday and Texas on Wednesday, the two states’ health officials said. The Oregon woman, who is in her 50s, received the vaccine before the pause order on its use was issued, the state’s health authority said in a statement. ( She developed “a rare but serious blood clot within two weeks following vaccination,” seen in combination with very low platelets, the Oregon Health Authority added. It warned that blame could not be assigned until its investigation was complete.

Special Guest – Ula Tinsley

Ula Tinsley aka Autism Mama Bear is a passionate autism advocate, featured writer at  and a talk show host on Autism Mama Bear Talk. She’s been raising autism awareness on a local and national level since 2010, when her son was diagnosed with a regressive form of autism. After gaining more experience and knowledge about different ways of treating ASD, she’s been supporting and consulting other families living with autism. Her latest project, Autism Mama Bear Talk, is a fast-paced interview show bringing informative and everyday inspiring stories from leading autism advocates, self-advocates, parents and medical experts.

More belly weight increases danger of heart disease even if BMI does not indicate obesity People with abdominal obesity and excess fat around the body’s mid-section and organs have an increased risk of heart disease even if their body mass index (BMI) measurement is within a healthy weight range, according to a new Scientific Statement from the American Heart Association published today in the Association’s flagship journal, Circulation.”This scientific statement provides the most recent research and information on the relationship between obesity and obesity treatment in coronary heart disease, heart failure and arrhythmias,” said Tiffany M. Powell-Wiley, M.D., M.P.H., FAHA, chair of the writing committee and a Stadtman Tenure-Track Investigator and chief of the Social Determinants of Obesity and Cardiovascular Risk Laboratory in the Division of Intramural Research at the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda, Maryland. “The timing of this information is important because the obesity epidemic contributes significantly to the global burden of cardiovascular disease and numerous chronic health conditions that also impact heart disease.”

Severe Obesity Persists, Takes High Cardiovascular Toll In a UK cohort of more than 260,000 mostly middle-aged adults in primary care with overweight or obesity, body mass index (BMI) remained relatively stable over a decade. However, compared to overweight individuals, those with severe (class 3) obesity were more socioeconomically disadvantaged and had triple the risk for incident heart failure or all-cause or cardiovascular disease (CVD)–related mortality in a study published online April 15 in BMC Public Health. “This is the first study to evaluate the long-term impact of overweight and obese individuals’ BMI trajectory on cardiovascular endpoints, heart failure, and mortality outcomes,” write Barbara Iyen, PhD, MPH, University of Nottingham, Nottingham, United Kingdom, and colleagues. The findings emphasize “the high cardiovascular toll exacted by continuing failure to tackle obesity, particularly among more socio-economically deprived populations,” they warn. “We have found that despite widespread efforts to prevent and manage obesity, the majority of adults who are overweight or obese in the general population continue to remain so in the long term,” Iyen summarized in a statement from her university.

9 Psychological Blocks to Weight Loss & How to Overcome Them If I’m being honest, I don’t like talking about the psychological blocks to weight loss because I’m a wellness coach, not a weight loss coach… But! Since I help women stop overeating by addressing their psychology, I have also helped some of them lose weight… by default.  Best of all, these women lost weight without dieting (because I firmly believe that diets don’t work) and found a normal relationship with food in the process. I call this process Psycho-Spiritual Wellness: a path to feeling normal around food and, yes, achieving your natural weight. Through Psycho-Spiritual Wellness, you can address the psychological blocks to weight loss that trigger self-sabotage. First I’ll share some psychology around self-sabotage, then dig into the list. Self-sabotage lies at the heart of weight loss psychology. It’s the “two steps forward, two steps backwards” dance that keeps our weight stuck. And it’s not because we’re stupid. Most people know what a calorie is and what healthy food is (generally speaking). The problem occurs when we know what action we want to take (like no night eating) and then we do it anyway.

Overcoming Emotional Constipation and Internal Anger Emotions are complicated. If they only have a few outlets, it can cause what I call “emotional constipation.” Emotional constipation is when a person has many more feelings than he or she has the skills to express or identify. This constipation will show itself differently in various people. Some fly into rages, while others pout or stop talking to their spouse for days at a time. Regardless of how this constipation manifests, it never moves a couple toward intimacy. This constipation can be a serious roadblock to connecting emotionally. We are unable to identify our real emotions, but we are still trying to get our points across. If your relationship has ever been there, you know that it can take hours or days to sort through the confusion. If you don’t have the ability to identify your own emotions, then how can you share them with your spouse? Like most things, getting over emotional constipation is a skill that can be learned. Being able to better identify your own feelings and effectively share them with your spouse will help you to build and maintain connectedness or emotional intimacy. Emotional connectedness is something we all need. We all need someone who will hear us. The key to attaining emotional connectedness is to shift the way we think about emotions. We need to move our minds to honor them. By honoring emotions, you assert that they are a real, valuable, and precious part of the person you love. These feelings are an essential part of your spouse’s being. As human beings we can think and behave differently than we feel, but we can’t feel differently than we feel. When your spouse shares a feeling, honor it for what it is. Do not try to change, alter, or rationalize away what he or she may be feeling at the moment. Our spouses will not feel any one particular feeling forever. Feelings change, and being honored and heard are very important.

Clear evidence for a link between pro-inflammatory diets and 27 chronic diseases Almost half of all Australians live with a chronic disease, which contribute to some 90% of deaths. It’s no secret our diet can have a major impact on our health. But our new umbrella review, published this week in Advances in Nutrition, provides compelling evidence that pro-inflammatory diets increase the risk of 27 chronic diseases and premature death. An umbrella review is a review of multiple reviews, and is among the highest levels of evidence. What’s more, reducing inflammation by eating better could cut our risk of developing certain chronic diseases. A pro-inflammatory diet is one that, over the long-term, may lead to increased inflammation in the body. Such a diet often includes high amounts of commercially baked goods, fried foods and fatty meats, and at the same time is low in fruits, vegetables and other healthy foods. We reviewed and pooled data from 15 , which is a type of study that summarizes data from lots of individual studies. All up, we looked at 38 health outcomes from four million people from across the world. We found strong evidence for a link between pro-inflammatory diets and heart attacks, premature death and certain cancers including bowel cancer, pancreatic cancer, respiratory cancers and oral cancers. There was also evidence pro-inflammatory diets were linked with depression.

Are You Eating Foods That Harm Your ‘Microbiome’? People who eat plenty of vegetables, fish and fiber may have more inflammation-fighting bacteria in their guts, but fast-food lovers may be feeding inflammatory microbes. That’s the conclusion of a new study that looked at people’s diet habits and the makeup of their gut “microbiome.” The term refers to the vast collection of bacteria and other microbes that naturally dwell in the gut. Studies in recent years have been revealing just how important those bugs are to the body’s normal processes — from metabolism and nutrient synthesis to immune defenses and brain function. In the new study, researchers found that people who ate diets rich in plant-based foods and fish — akin to the famous Mediterranean diet — had an advantage: More collections of gut bacteria that can temper inflammation. On the other hand, people who favored meat, processed foods and sugar tended to have clusters of gut microbes that are pro-inflammatory. Many studies have tied Mediterranean-style eating and plant-rich diets to lower risks of various diseases.


Special Guest: Cordie Lee Williams

Dr. Cordie Williams is a US Marine, a professional speaker, and a leader in the chiropractic profession.

In the spring of 2020, Dr. Cordie felt his Constitutional Rights, and the rights of so many other Americans, were being violated by the state of California. So, he did what any veteran, father, and business owner would do – he took action. Dr. Cordie picked up a megaphone and began speaking up at protests all across California.

His common-sense message was well received at the protests. In fact, his speech from May 1, 2020 at the state capitol in Sacramento, CA has received more than 8 million hits on Facebook and counting, and has generated over 15 million views across all platforms.

Emboldened by government overreach from the state of California, Dr. Cordie was inspired to found 1776 Forever Free to help protect the freedom of all Americans.

Comments of The Day!

Hey Robert! Daily listener! You guys do amazing work!
On today’s episode you spoke about how the moderna and phizer have just as much if not more blot clot issues then AstraZeneca I’m hoping you could point me provide me a link I can gather this information.
Also on a side note to me it’s very alarming that they are blowing the whistle on the AstraZeneca and the J&J but we’re hearing nothing about the MRNA jabs.


Keep up the GREAT work! Much love!
“Prof” Karl West
Soon to be an author… to make you proud…

Questions of The Day!

Dear Robert, so thankful for what you and Super D are doing. I have come to a point where I need your advice – our government has made it mandatory to get the Covid vaccine for all those serving in military and I have a relative that now needs to decide what to do. What do you suggest? Is any of the vaccines “safer” or any of those would be avoided at all costs? Thanks in advance to share your opinion in regards to this!!!


Hey guys, I watched the first episode of TTAC Final Chapter last night. There was a segment on bio sludge and that it’s being used as “organic” fertilizer! I know you always encourage an organic diet, how can people make sure the organic products they buy haven’t been fertilized with toxic bio sludge? Any advice?


Hi Robert, I sent my brother the nasal spray sovereign silver along with selenium, chromium, silica and magnesium all from Choose to be healthy. He had the vaccine back in January. Last week he had a fever and body aches and swollen lymph node in his pelvic area. He took 2 Covid test, they were both negative. He’s better now and received the vitamins today. I was wondering if it’s ok for him to use the nasal spray after listening to yesterday’s show, Dr. Renz said it may increase inflammation in vaccinated people? Can he use daily to help prevent what he had or for allergies etc ? Thank you for all the info you put out to help.
P.S My brother has one kidney, should he space vitamins out or can he take them all together?

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