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April 6th, 2021 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Why the Push Is on to Make Pandemic Life ‘Permanent’ One year after Americans were ordered to close down society for “two weeks to flatten the curve,” Bloomberg columnist Andreas Kluth warned, “We Must Start Planning for a Permanent Pandemic.” Because new variants of SARS-COV-2 are impervious to existing vaccines, says Kluth, and pharmaceutical companies will never be able to develop new vaccines fast enough to keep up, we will never be able to get “back to normal.” “Get back to normal” means recovering the relative liberty we had in our already overregulated, pre-Covid lives. This is just the latest in a long series of crises that always seem to lead our wise rulers to the same conclusion: we just cannot afford freedom anymore. Covid-19 certainly wasn’t the beginning. Americans were told “the world changed” after 9/11. Basic pillars of the American system, like the Fourth and Fifth Amendments, were too antiquated to deal with the “new threat of terrorism.” Warrantless surveillance of our phone, e-mail, and financial records and physical searches of our persons without probable cause of a crime became the norm. A few principled civil libertarians dissented, but the public largely complied without protest. “Keep us safe,” they told the government, no matter the cost in dollars or liberty.

Delta cancels about 100 flights, opens some middle seats Delta Air Lines canceled about 100 flights Sunday due to staff shortages, and it opened up middle seats a month earlier than expected in order to carry more passengers. The airline says it had over 1 million passengers during the past few days, the highest number since before the coronavirus pandemic began last year. “We apologize to our customers for the inconvenience, and the majority have been rebooked for the same travel day,” the airline said Sunday in a statement. Delta took steps to increase passenger capacity, including opening middle seats on Sunday and Monday, in an effort to accommodate passengers. On Wednesday, the airline announced that it would stop blocking off middle seats starting in May. The move was made last April to keep passengers farther apart, a policy that Delta’s CEO had repeatedly cited as raising trust in the airline. The seats would be reopened as air travel recovers and more people become vaccinated against COVID-19, the airline said. Delta said the middle seats were opened just for Sunday and Monday, and its seat-blocking policy has not changed. Where needed, seats could be unblocked in order to get customers to their destinations on the same day. “Delta teams have been working through various factors, including staffing, large numbers of employee vaccinations and pilots returning to active status,” the airline said in the statement. Some employees were having adverse side effects from being vaccinated.

AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine linked to rare blood clots, EMA official says, but benefits still outweigh risks A European Medicines Agency official drew a link Tuesday between AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 vaccine and the rare reports of blood clots in vaccine recipients. But the shot’s benefits still outweigh its risks, the official said as the agency itself wraps up its review of the clotting incidents. As the number of blood-clot reports rises, EMA vaccine chief Marco Cavaleri told the Italian newspaper il Messaggero it’s “clear that there is an association with the vaccine,” as translated by Reuters. The benefits of the shot still outweigh the risks, he said. The news comes ahead of an updated safety review from EMA—expected Wednesday or Thursday—and after the agency’s March 18 decision to continue the shot rollout despite the small number of patients reporting serious, unexpected blood clots. Several countries had stopped using the vaccine ahead of that decision to wait for the EMA’s initial findings. At the time, the agency said it couldn’t rule out a link to the clots. EMA wanted to highlight the incidents so vaccine recipients could “spot and mitigate” any potential side effects, Executive Director Emer Cooke said. Meanwhile, in the U.K., officials are considering restricting usage of the vaccine in people under 30, Channel 4 News reported on Monday.  EMA experts have been reviewing the incidents since mid-March. The agency “has not yet reached a conclusion and the review is currently ongoing,” the Amsterdam-based EMA said in a Tuesday statement to AFP.

Coronavirus masks containing graphene should not be sold, Canadian health authorities say Canadian health officials have issued a warning about face masks that contain graphene or biographene, urging a recall by distributors, according to reports. Health Canada said graphene is a novel nanomaterial that is reported to have antiviral and antibacterial properties. However, the advisory issued Friday warns that there is “potential that wearers could inhale graphene particles from some masks,” Global News reported. A preliminary assessment found that these particles had “some potential to cause early lung toxicity in animals.” The potential for humans, however, is unknown, and may “vary based on mask design.” No incidents have yet been reported, but that has not stopped Health Canada from advising that all known distributors, importers and manufacturers stop selling masks containing graphene. Some of these masks may have been distributed in health care settings, the agency said. While the full potential health danger is not clear, the agency said the risks associated with the medical devices are “unacceptable,” CTV News reported.

Going to ‘Dr. Google’ to look up your symptoms actually leads to accurate diagnoses The moment something doesn’t look or feel right, many people won’t run to their doctor, they’ll turn to Google. Although an internet search may not sound like good medical advice, a new study finds it can actually help. Researchers say patients who use “Dr. Google” to find out what’s wrong with them will likely get the right diagnosis. According to the report, googling symptoms improves peoples’ ability to diagnose their illness without adding additional stress. Researchers from Brigham and Women’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School admit that “cyberchondria” has made the value of internet medical searches controversial. This increased anxiety brought on by continuously looking up every ailment online has even pushed some medical professionals to urge patients not to look their symptoms up online before seeing them. Researchers add anxiety can lead people to think they’re on death’s door when in fact they are perfectly healthy. Despite Dr. Google’s poor reputation, study authors conclude using the internet to check your symptoms may not be such a bad idea after all.

Hour 2 – Special Guest Celia Farber

Celia Farber is a journalist, author, and editor based in New York City, who grew up in Sweden and New York City. Farber has written on a variety of subjects for SPIN, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Harper’s, Salon, New York Press, and many more. She hosts a show called “Radio Free Science” every Friday at 3 pm on PRN. ( and is the author of Serious Adverse Events: An Uncensored History of AIDS (MHP)

Celia Farber is the daughter of radio legend Barry Farber, and has one son, Jeremy, and shares 3 cats with her former husband Bob: Mickey, Carlos, and Jack. Her sister Bibi Farber is a singer/songwriter who also hosts a website on sustainable living called Next World TV ( which Celia is also a regular contributor to.

UPDATE: CDC Reports 1,637 Deaths Following COVID-19 Vaccinations The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) told The Epoch Times inan email that as of March 8, over 92 million doses of mRNA vaccines forCOVID-19 have been injected, with 1,637 deaths occurring following theinjections. The CDC claims the vaccines are safe, but a comparison between therates of deaths following the vaccines for COVID and those for influenza raisesquestions.The Epoch Times hasn’t been able independently to confirm the CDC’snumbers. The publicly available Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System(VAERS) website shows 1136 deaths through Feb. 26. Details of these deaths arein a spreadsheet linked at the bottom of this article: symptoms before death,age, gender, time between injection and death, and so forth. The 1136 deaths represent 4.5 percent of the total number of adverse eventsreports. Of those who died, 94, or 8.3 percent, died on the same day they got theshot. An additional 150 (13.2 percent) died the day after. Another 105 died twodays after, and 68 died three days after.A total of 587 (51.7 percent) died within a week, 215 died within 7 to 13 days,and 124 within 14 to 20 days.85.8 percent of deaths occurred in people over 60. There were five deathsamong those aged 20–29; 10 in those aged 30–39; 23 in those aged 40–49; and69 aged 50–59.

John Magufuli: Death of an African Freedom Fighter In the Western world, African leaders are invisible, until that is, they draw the ire of the Globalati, the Pandemic Curia, the WHO, and its Virus-obsessed Media. On Wednesday March 17, the queasy, seemingly unreal news broke out of Tanzania: “We have lost our courageous leader, President John Magufuli, who has died from a heart illness,” said Tanzanian Vice President Samia Suluhu Hassan, in a television broadcast that shocked the world and revealed the new Covid-Colonial order in no uncertain terms: No matter what Magufuli may have achieved for Tanzania, trying, for example, to protect her from Covid’s economic ravages, his “denialism” meant the world, including Tanzania, was better off without him. So much for Black Lives Matter—none of its pieties would apply to Africa’s economic liberators. Everybody in the Covid trenches felt the shock death to be connected to Magufuli’s provocation to the global Covid industrial complex last May, when he covertly had non-human samples—from fruits, goats, sheep, and car oil—tested for Covid on the PCR test, returning positive results from a paw-paw, a quail, and a goat. With humor, cheek, and audacity, Magufuli had crossed a line—exposing the fraud and illegitimacy of the PCR testing apparatus that the WHO relied on to justify the global lockdown, the terror, and the vaccine rollouts. After the disturbing results came in, Magufuli suspended the head of Tanzania’s National Health Laboratory, Nyambura Moremi, and formed a 10-person investigative committee. The EU had given Tanzania 27 million Euros to impose strict Covid lockdown measures, but along with the Presidents of Belarus and Burundi, Magufuli kicked the WHO out of his country.

Covid-19 As Luciferian “Virology;” A Christian Objection I don’t know about you but I am spiritually ill from dealing* with (*thinking about, writing about, reporting, discussing, opposing) “Covid-19—” a name so repulsive I hesitate to ever type it again. It is such a desecration to the human mind and soul I have considered simply refusing to address it forever after. I almost feel I am saying a minor ‘hail satan’ every time I say its manufactured name, (code) which doubles as a Domination spell. Still, here I am addressing it. I suppose we must, for now. Before this Beast of Beasts lunged at us, it actually took our measurements, probably over decades. Looking back, one can discern the way it scoped us, watched us, programmed us, made us “believe in” absurdities like air-borne contagion between healthy people of a respiratory virus from bats in China, with no evidence of any kind (to this day.) That’s the evil genius of the deception: The fact that it needed no proof. As with its older sibling “HIV,” it came fully weaponized with political correctness transposed onto post-modernist pandemioligy. There’s no biology in it, no sanity, no decency, no virus, for that matter. You know all this. It’s a spectacular Guilt Trip. An accusation of All against All.

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