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September 12th, 2021 1-3PM ET

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Special Guest – Nick Caturano

Nick Caturano has been a cast member with Disney for over 16 years. He loves Disney, but he doesn’t want to get the “vaccine” to keep his job and he is appealing to Disney to stop the insanity of a mandated vaccine for employment. Nick believes your Medical and Employment Rights Matter. If you, like millions of Americans, are wondering what has happened to “My Body – My Choice” then Subscribe to Nick’s Newsletter and follow Nick as he valiantly fights for his medical freedom at his workplace… Disney.

As a Disney Cast Member for 16 years…

 I & Many Are Questioning :  Are Vaccine Mandates Justified & Legal?  With All Empirical Evidence Now Available?
By Nick Caturano
The original reason & purpose of this op-ed is to address Disney’s vaccine mandate. It is not my intention to attack Disney, I understand how complicated this issue has been made. I’m writing this to reason with Disney leadership & everyone in general, showing the empirical data we now have, these mandates don’t make any sense. I also hope to provide Disney & businesses the shade needed to change course before they essentially commit, what I feel, are crimes against humanity by obliterated freedoms of medical choice, informed consent, of conscience & right to provide for oneself & family.

The world has changed fast, especially with the appearance of Covid last year. Few could ever have imagined how much. My wife & I have done our best to do the right thing, to the best of our ability through this whole pandemic.

When the Vaccines were announced, I was skeptical about taking something that had no long term data & was amazed how quickly everyone claimed it was “safe & effective!” My position has been, let’s wait & see how this plays out. Seemed a reasonable position to take. I also respected & understood why many of my neighbors, friends & family members decided to get vaccinated. These have been scary times!

Understandable, we were all hopeful the vaccines would ultimately deliver.

Quickly though, pressure started to mount & what I can only describe as cultic, religious fervor, with self righteous overtones, well meaning people within months, which is a very short time to evaluate a new medicine, not only became true believers in these vaccines as a solve all, people also began to become aggressive enforcers, pressuring & calling out the unvaccinated, blaming them for all that is wrong in the world.

In record speed, full indoctrination seemed complete on a campaign built on fear as its primal driver.  I, for the most part, went along to get along considering the stressful times people are living under, ultimately dismissing what I felt was irrationality. I attributed it to stress & fear.

But now the fervor has reached every facet of life, including my job at Disney.  Disney is now setting a vaccine mandate in place.

I almost started to think a few months ago that this vaccine might have real legs, but when the Delta variant showed up & my wife & I recently contracted Covid, we started to pay closer attention to data & possible early treatments now being used.

We thought & hoped, like many, that all this was behind us. But this recent Covid wave revived all last year’s fears. The more I dug into the data, the clearer it became that something was very wrong. The narrative being put forth & the reality of the data pouring in, were very different.

As a person born & raised here all my life, I’m grateful for the freedoms we enjoy in America. When I travel I’m reminded of all the other systems of government that have failed under the corruption of the power hungry. I’m now terribly unsettled by what has fast come upon us.

Now, freedom of will, thought, and speech are judged by those that have been indoctrinated against even basic truths it seems. Slowly things here at home have been changing, and as a result of the pandemic & the last election cycle, the world we knew accelerated downward, quickly. Covid was weaponized and used to reshape our society.

Through misinformation, censorship & fear, propaganda heads in the guise of experts have popped up everywhere to seduce the simple, and take advantage of those wanting to be part of the solution.


Hour 2  ENCORE – Jamie Dorley and Tracey Stroup

Allen James Dorley III A.C.S.M.

CEO, Co-Founder, Owner

Jamie Dorley has been involved in the natural health field in a variety of capacities for over twenty years. Holding a Bachelor of Science degree from Slippery Rock University in community health, and certification from the American College of Sports medicine as a certified trainer, Jamie’s career includes having counseled and coached athletes, executives, and school teams, and many years serving as a sales executive and formulator for several national nutritional and sports supplement companies. As co-founder with Dr James Winer of Nutritional Frontiers, Jamie is the current CEO and  oversees the formulation and distribution of premium therapeutic quality nutritional supplements through health professionals nationwide. His expertise is highly valued by the many patients whom he has helped with a wide variety of health challenges since joining the staff of Winer Wellness Center in 2007.

Tracey Stroup has been in the health and wellness industry for over 25 years.  She has a B.S. in Exercise and Sports Science from the Pennsylvania State University with a minor in Nutrition. She has also continued her education taking courses in biochemistry, biology and food science. Tracey is a Certified Digestive Health Specialist from the Food Enzyme Institute. She once dreamed of going to medical school but turned down her acceptance to pursue a career in natural health. She completed her designation as a Naturopathic Doctor from Trinity School of Natural Health with additional courses as a Master Herbalist, Iridology and is a Certified Natural Health Professional.


Tracey’s career in Natural Health has been vast.  Her first career path was as a personal trainer and quickly advanced to Fitness Director of several gyms.  She eventually opened her own personal training studio from 2005 – 2012 where she employed three additional trainers with an average clientele of 200+ clients a week.  Upon attaining her natural health designation, Tracey became an instructor for her Alma Mater.  During that time she owned a successful natural health practice in her hometown utilizing the trilogy of health approach with each client: mind, body and spirit.  Within her practice she co-owned a juice bar and corporate wellness company. Tracey has been the Vice President of Operations for a natural health college establishing curriculum, partnerships with large supplement companies and creating natural health business management strategies for graduates of the program.  Tracey was recruited by a leading Biocommunication company as their Vice President of Operations where she designed practitioner software, educational concepts and marketing strategies to promote their software and brand.

Analytical Report – Certicate of Analysis

The FDA Defers to Pharma, Nixes CBD as Dietary Supplement On Aug 12, the FDA formally rejected two New Dietary Ingredient (NDI) applications seeking to establish CBD as a lawful dietary supplement. Apparently, the fix was in from the start. The FDA never intended to approve the applications by Charlotte’s Web, a pioneer CBD brand, and Irwin Naturals, a legacy supplement company that has jumped into the CBD space. Although millions of doses of CBD have been consumed in the United States, the FDA claims it has insufficient data to assess if there’s a dosage of CBD that’s safe for consumers. Irrespective of real or imagined safety concerns, it seems that the FDA was committed to delivering a predetermined thumbs-down verdict in keeping with the “exclusionary clause” of the 1994 Food Drug and Cosmetic Act, whereby supplements can’t contain pharmaceutical ingredients. In effect, the FDA equated the CBD in the unregulated market (isolates as well as full-spectrum hemp extracts) with the cannabidiol in Epidiolex, the FDA-approved pharmaceutical CBD (mixed with ethanol and sucralose, the artificial sweetener) that’s used to treat pediatric epilepsy. Ironically, invoking the exclusionary clause implies recognition on the FDA’s part that the CBD sold as supplements could also be therapeutically beneficial – given that the same ingredient is found in pharmaceutical CBD. Out of deference to Pharma, the FDA has refused to provide a regulatory framework for CBD supplements, which technically are not legal but remain on the shelves because of a lack of federal enforcement. So now it will be up to Congress to clarify CBD’s status and craft a better policy for producers and consumers.

CBD Use Associated With Improvements In Sleep Satisfaction Proper sleep is foundational when it comes to physical and mental health. Anyone that does not get proper sleep will likely be quick to point that out. When someone doesn’t get proper sleep they are more likely to be irritable, experience memory issues, and have a harder time concentrating and focusing. Long term physical effects can also be experienced, including high blood pressure, a weakened immune system, weight gain, and increased risk of heart disease. Popular sleep medications come with their own buffett of potential side effects, including digestive issues, dizziness, sleep walking/talking, and many other undesirable things. Fortunately for those that suffer from sleep issues, the results of a recent study indicate that a popular cannabinoid may be able to help. A team of researchers in Brazil recently conducted a study in which some participants were provided CBD and others were provided a placebo. Thirty three people participated in the study, all of which suffered from REM sleep behavior disorder (RBD). Many participants reported extreme cases of RBD involving violent leg and arm movements during REM sleep, as well as frequent nightmares. According to the results of the study, consumption of 300mgs of CBD prior to sleeping was associated with ‘temporary improvements’ in the participants’ reported sleep satisfaction level. Unfortunately, the results of the study also indicated that there was no long term reduction in the frequency of RBD.

CBD Use Associated With Improved Emotional Wellness We are living in the midst of some truly hard times. Due to the ongoing pandemic and many other factors, emotional wellness is something that many people struggle with. It was estimated that roughly one out of every seven people globally struggled with mental health as of 2017, and it’s likely a safe bet that the problem has only gotten worse. Emotional wellness is a subset of overall mental health, and is often described as a person’s ability to successfully navigate the stresses that come with life, and to be able to adapt to change during difficult times. Depression has increased during the pandemic all over the world, as have anxiety and emotional exhaustion, and people are looking for ways to reduce that depression. According to the results of a new study, CBD may be able to help. A team of researchers in Brazil recently conducted a clinical trial to explore CBD’s relationship with depression, emotional exhaustion, and anxiety. The clinical trial conducted by researchers with the University of São Paulo in Brazil involved a cohort of 120 ‘frontline health care professionals’ half of which were administered 300mgs of CBD daily and the other half having not used CBD. “This randomized clinical trial found that the efficacy and safety of daily treatment with CBD, 300 mg, for 4 weeks combined with standard care was superior to standard care alone for reducing the symptoms of emotional exhaustion, anxiety, and depression among frontline health care professionals working with patients with COVID-19,” the study’s authors stated. “Cannabidiol may act as an effective agent for the reduction of burnout symptoms among a population with important mental health needs worldwide.” the researchers concluded.

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