NIH vax plan, Stuart Tomc, CBD updates, Plus CBD Oil, Dr, Janet Levatin, Homeopathy, COVID-19 hype, Silver masks, Listener questions and MORE!

May 12th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

NIH Director Talks Vaccines, Virus Mutation and Clinical Trials Several vaccines will likely be needed to combat the coronavirus and immunize groups of people in America and abroad, U.S. National Institutes of Health Director Francis Collins said in an interview.Collins, 70, is a physician and geneticist who leads the agency overseeing the U.S. research response to the pandemic. He discussed efforts to develop and manufacture a vaccine, potential mutations and what they mean for immunity, and how inoculations would be tested.“My expectation is, and I am a bit of an optimist, that we don’t find out that there’s only one of these vaccines that works, but rather two or three of them come through the trials looking as though they’re safe and effective,” Collins said. “They’ll have somewhat different characteristics of where they work best, so we might need to do some matching then of which vaccine goes to which particular population.”

Special Guest: Stuart Tomc

Stuart Tomc serves as a Sciences, Regulatory, Education Vice President at CV Sciences, Inc. He is a recognized authority on dietary supplements, with twenty years of experience in the nutritional health industry. He served as Vice President of North American Herb and Spice, where he served for 10 years, in addition to his service as Global Educator for omega-3 market leader, Nordic Naturals, Mr. Tomc is known for his extensive print interviews and contributions to noted books on integrative medicine, as well as his 4000 radio appearances. A renowned educator, Mr. Tomc recognizes CBD and its multiple mechanisms of action to support human health, and envisions a new category of dietary supplements derived from agricultural hemp.

What Is CBD and Can It Help Your Performance? A natural alternative to ibuprofen. An antidote to anxiety. A sleep aid. A post-workout recovery booster.Those are some of the claims about cannabidiol (CBD) oil. You may have heard about this cannabis extract, which is said to provide widespread health benefits without the drawbacks of marijuana. And because of new federal legislation, you’ll probably be hearing a lot more about CBD over the next few years.Already, a growing number of athletes, including many in the trail running and ultramarathon community, consider CBD a key part of their regimen. And because of these early adopters, my interest piqued on CBD and its proposed benefits. Could CBD help my running? Can it help yours? I decided to find out.But before we explore how runners and other athletes use CBD, here’s what you need to know.

Five Supplements to Support Lung Immune Health

Fight or Flight: Stress, Immunity & the Endocannabinoid System

Hour 2-Special Guest: Dr. Janet Levatin, Tenpenny Integrative Medical Center

Dr. Janet is a pediatrician and homeopathic physician who was in private practice in the Boston, Massachusetts area for almost 25 years prior to joining our center.Dr. Levatin attended college at the University of Rochester (NY), and medical school at George Washington University School of Medicine. She completed a pediatric internship and residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey in 1986.Throughout her training, Dr. Janet disagreed with much of what she observed in conventional medical practice, including overuse of medications, unwholesome hospital nutrition, and virtually nonexistent methods for true prevention and health promotion. Since seeing more than one case of SIDS (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) after infant vaccination in the 1980s, she has been an outspoken physician against the over-vaccination of children.

Fear of COVID 19: Overcoming the Hype By now the whole world is aware of the corona virus (COVID-19) epidemic/pandemic. The daily news outlets are bombarding us with the story so that even the most well informed and least fearful of us are likely to fall prey to the propaganda. There are many theories circulating as to the origin of the outbreak. In brief, here are just some I have heard:

-It is a natural, lethal mutation of a regular corona virus, the virus that historically causes about 50% of cases of “the common cold.”

-It is a virus that “jumped” from wild animals being sold in a seafood market in Wuhan, China.

-It is a virus that “jumped” from lab animals that were sold by lab workers in Wuhan, China, for extra money, after being used in experiments involving corona viruses.

-A corona virus was adulterated in a bio weapons lab to be used as a weapon in biological warfare. It “escaped” or was released on purpose.

-The people of Wuhan, China were radiated with 5G radiation and that is what’s killing them, not the virus per se.

-The “escaped” virus was part of an effort to create a corona virus vaccine.

-COVID-19 is an adulterated virus that contains AIDS causing viral material or other foreign viral material.

-And my personal favorite: The people of the Wuhan, China area were given a new (experimental) corona virus vaccine some time in the past year. The vaccine is faulty and causes a cytokine storm (a hyper response of the immune system) when the recipients subsequently contract a normal corona virus (something that happens to many of us every “cold and flu season”). It is the cytokine storm that kills the victims, not the corona virus per se.

Getting Your Cloth Face Covering The federal government launched “Project America Strong” to distribute reusable cotton face coverings in support of critical infrastructure areas across the country. We know that individuals can have COVID-19 unknowingly or without showing symptoms, but they can still spread the virus. The cotton face covering is a barrier between you and the people around you. The face coverings provided by the government are 100% cotton and contain silver and copper, which help prevent the growth of viruses and germs.

Questions of The Day:

Hi Robert,
Question is if you were having occasional periods of vertigo/dizziness issues when you turn one way or the other laying down, or when laying down getting up too fast, or bending over, and is becoming more prevalent over time what would you do or investigate. Upper 50’s age no other problems or symptoms, fiscally fit and farm so going everyday. Could this be some deficiencies or other support items needed?


Hi Robert! I have my dad on the lobelia/silver protocol to help him heal from COPD. He’s been on it a couple months, but the lobelia has been giving him heartburn, so he’s cut it back to a half a dropperful a day. He sips it in water over the course of the morning. Is there something I can give him to help alleviate the heartburn?

Is the aloe silver protocol a mixture of colodal silver with alovera water? If so what is the ratio and is the protocol writen down somewhere I can look at it?

Thank you,

Hey RSB,

This is your favorite…Murdock Disraeli stopping by to ask you a question about belly fat.
My wife is in her 50’s and she has a considerable amount of belly fat which she is very self-conscious about. She exercises by walking when she can and we eat as clean.
I am wondering do you think the Silver/Aloe protocol could help get reducing her belly fat? I am thinking her gut may be inflamed by candida or God forbid parasites.
I appreciate you and the show very much.

I have a question about the loading phase with silica. I normally take 3 tablets a day of the Alta Silica.
What if I run out and can’t take it for a week or so while I’m waiting for my order? Would you recommend going through the loading phase again once I get it? Or would you modify it?

Thank you so much! Love you guys!

Hello Dr. Robert S Bell!
Enjoyed your show today, esp. the segment with Dr. Tom Cowan, an amazing source of positive info.
Would like to register for the upcoming show “5G & EMF Nightmare” with Dr. Buttar on May 19, which you mentioned today on your show. But I can’t find the link for registration.
Please let me know how to register. I have signed up for your newsletter, but do I need also to create an account at your website. Also, is the 5/19 show free?
Thank you so much,

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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