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May 31, 2019 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

New bill would allow doctors to test for HIV without consent New York doctors would be able to test patients for HIV without their explicit consent under a measure that advocates say would boost detection rates but which opponents argue is invasive and doesn’t confront the issue. The bill, sponsored by state Sen. Brad Hoylman (D-Manhattan) and awaiting review in the Senate Health Committee, would put the onus on patients to read signs in their doctors’ offices informing them that they could be tested. Current law requires that testing be offered to anyone between ages 13 and 62, but proponents of Hoylman’s bill say doctors often avoid asking that question due to its awkward nature and because of time crunches in packed hospital and clinic waiting rooms. “I’ve known plenty of people who didn’t get tested but wished they had, because they not only may have unknowingly passed the virus on, but their well-being suffered, too,” said Hoylman. “It’s better to know your HIV status.” Although the plan is well-intentioned, it’s a “shortsighted” solution to a “much more complicated problem,” argued Dr. Jeffrey Birnbaum, of SUNY Downstate Medical Center. “There’s no data to prove that removing consent will fix the problem.”

Who gets to give dietary advice? Health coach fights law In California, Heather Del Castillo offered tips on natural eating as a health coach. But in Florida, the title didn’t qualify her to give nutrition advice. After getting a complaint that she was working without a license, Florida officials sent a cease-and-desist order and fined her $750. Del Castillo sued, saying her free speech rights were violated. Now, a federal court is expected to rule on her lawsuit as other states weigh regulations on professional dietary advice. The case highlights the confusion around dietitians and health coaches, and how their qualifications differ. “I literally didn’t even know I was doing anything that was wrong,” said Del Castillo, who noted her business was legal when she was living in California. Health coaches like Del Castillo can get certificates from a variety of programs, but the title doesn’t have a consistent meaning and anyone can use it. Many say they can give clients advice on how to achieve their health goals through lifestyle changes. Registered dietitians complete months of supervised practice, pass a national exam and take continuing education courses — requirements that are echoed in the licensing laws of states that have them. While they too can help people meet health goals, dietitians say they also have the qualifications to advise patients managing chronic diseases or other medical problems.

Study: Coconut Oil a Healthy Saturated Fat – But the FDA Prohibits the use of “Healthy” in Describing Coconut Oil Recently we covered a study published in the journal ClinicalNutrition which compared peanut oil consumption with coconut oil consumption among healthy men in India, where those who consumed coconut oil had better health outcomes in terms of heart disease and diabetes. (See: Coconut oil consumption improves fat-free mass, plasma HDL-cholesterol and insulin sensitivity in healthy men with normal BMI compared to peanut oil.) A researcher at The University of Edinburgh Medical School wrote a Letter to the Editor of Clinical Nutrition commenting on this study, criticizing current government nutritional guidelines regarding saturated dietary fat restrictions. The cross-over study by Korrapati et al. detailed the potential cardioprotective effect of coconut oil, and I would like to thank the authors for their insight. Whilst the sample size was small, it was well-designed to investigate its primary end-points. This study is particularly topical as, despite removal of the maximum dietary fat intake restriction from guidelines, a major resistance against saturated fats remains. Setting aside the issue of whether or not saturated fats should be restricted at all, given the abundance of contrary evidence in the medical literature, the Edinburgh Medical School researcher reported that such guidelines do not distinguish between different types of saturated fats. Saturated fats can be found in animal products, such as butter, as well as plant sources, such as coconuts and date palms.

Please Stop Peeing In The Swimming Pool, CDC Says Yes, there is a “p” in the word pool. But that doesn’t mean there should be pee in the pool. A swimming pool is not a toilet. Toilets typically do not have other people swimming in it. If there is a person in your toilet, you may want to call a plumber or the police.Yet, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) still felt compelled to tweet the following plea about pee:

Hour 2 – Questions of The Day!

Hi Robert ~ It was so wonderful meeting you and Paul Barattiero at The Advanced Medicine Conference this weekend. Thanks for signing my book with you encouraging message; truly appreciate you both being so kind. Keep up the amazing work you all do. I hope to get on your health team someday soon and help spread health info. to many as possible. Have a blessed day! Ator


Hello!! I’ve recently been listing to your show on a regular basis as I have found you through my mentor, Dr Darrell Wolfe. I’m not asking for you to criticize him in any shape or form as I know you do work with him. My questions stems from a few recent shows of yours where Structured Water & Coffee enemas were kind of thrown under the bus. I would love to hear your view points on these two topics more in detail, as Dr Wolfe has these 2 items in my protocol. I am a healthy 44 yr old woman, living a holistic lifestyle. I love your show & am so happy to have found it. Forgive me if you have done a show previously in detail on these topics. If so, could you direct me to the episode (s). I would love to hear your point of view on ememas and structured water. (Sorry Super Don). Thanks to you both!!!


Hi Super Don,

Here is a story for Robert to cover. New VACCINE Act bill HR 2862 introduced 5/26 to track all people for vaccines. This is getting insane!

There are now 186 vaccine bills filed (including 2 federal bills), several of which are new this week. NY has yet another bill A7838 Medical exemptions to go thru health department.



Robert and Don,
The vaccine mandate effort has begun, in Georgia, thus, I need to contact other like-minded RSB’ers, in the state, to coordinate strategy. So far, I am very much alone, but I’m sure I have company. Don, I think you mentioned making a contact list for this purpose. Please share!


Hi, I love listening to your show and have a question about the new Real ID program. I’m not comfortable with the idea of getting a real ID, but I’m not certain what the consequences will be of not getting one. I have to renew my drivers license this week, so I can’t put off the decision any longer. I’m curious what your advice would be…is there a way to avoid using real ID that wouldn’t restrict one’s ability to go places? Thanks!

(P.S. My kids were asking me if people could live to 100 and I was explaining how people generally live longer and healthier when they live healthy lifestyles and my four year old chimed in “I bet Robert Scott Bell will live a long time. You are teaching 2 generations at once around here!)



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