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September 6th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Oscar De La Hoya hospitalized after contracting coronavirus Oscar De La Hoya announced Friday he contracted coronavirus and was in the hospital receiving treatment, and that he had to pull out of his upcoming fight against Vitor Belfort. De La Hoya, 48, posted a video of himself on Twitter in a hospital bed. He said he contracted the illness despite being fully vaccinated. “Wanted you to hear directly from me that despite being fully vaccinated, I have contracted Covid and am not going to be able to fight next weekend. Preparing for this comeback has been everything to me over the last months, & I want to thank everyone for their tremendous support,” he tweeted. “I am currently in the hospital getting treatment and am confident I will be back in the ring before the year is up. God bless everyone and stay safe.” De La Hoya fought professionally from 1992 to 2008 and had already stepped away from the ring once. His last bout came in a loss to Manny Pacquiao via a referee technical decision in December 2008. He beat Steve Forbes via unanimous decision in May 2008.

Doctors advise against intensive sport after Covid vaccination In the wake of three rare cardiac complications in young athletes who had recently been vaccinated against the coronavirus, doctors have strongly advised against intensive physical activity soon after receiving a vaccine dose. The riders, all from the Acrog-Tormans Balen cycling club, were aged between 15 and 17 years old and developed chest pain during competitions or training a few days after being vaccinated. “It is impossible to demonstrate a direct link between the vaccine and these heart problems. That is in progress,” cardiologist Guido Claessen (UZ Leuven) told De Morgen.  All teenage boys were fit and healthy and none had experienced noticeable after-effects from the vaccine before engaging in intensive physical effort. No similar incidents have been reported among vaccinated riders in older age groups. According to Kris Van der Mieren, a doctor at the Belgian Cycling Federation, the Federal Agency for Medicines and Health Products did put out a letter warning of the risks of inflammation of the heart as a result of the two mRNA vaccines from Pfizer and Moderna. “It says that in very rare cases myocarditis and pericarditis (inflammations or swellings in the heart) can occur in the fourteen days after vaccination. And more often after a second dose and in young, athletic men,” he said.

Questions of The Day!

Hi Robert, I am along time listener and have
great respect and admiration for you. We met at the military school in Gainesville some years ago. I’m 72 and have DDD and
it has severely impacted my quality of life.
I’ve tried stem cell and steroid injections
and neither one did anything to help. I am a
professional musician for 50 years (drummer) and had to quit 3 years ago. It
was the love of my life. Now I can’t because of severe pain in lower Lumbar (L5 S1)
It looks like fusion or disc replacement is in the future and I am desperately trying to avoid surgery.My inactivity has brought on coronary issues with angina and 2 stents inserted because of 2 blocked arteries.
Now I find myself on a handful of drugs daily. Yikes! The stents didn’t provide any relief
so the diagnosis is coronary micro vascular disease. The vasodilator drug makes me dizzy all day. In short the drugs are killing me.
I have been a big fan of Jack Wolfson the natural heart doctor and take a few of his supplements. I would have liked to been a patient of his but he’s in Arizona and it would be out of pocket and beyond my means. Is there any direction you can steer me in to replace these big Pharma drugs? Any help would be appreciated greatly.


Hi Robert, as a concerned Mama, I was wondering if you could tell me where I can get the aloe and silver needed to help my son 20 yrs old who has colitis. He has recently been put on meds and is feeling miserable, daily. I want to say this has probably been the third time this has come back, over the past few years. It just breaks our hearts to watch him be in pain and losing weight. Prayer has been a big comfort, Praise God!! I would really appreciate your help. I realize we are not the first family to go through this, and we will not be the last. God Bless you for all your help.
Mama Mary


Hello RSB and Super Don!  I saw a video where someone said the nasal swab test has graphene oxide in it like the jab, and it’s just another way of getting it into our bodies.  My employers have mandated a “vaccine” or be tested at least once a week.  Do you think I am doing damage to my health if I take this nasal swab test once a week?  The test using saliva is not available to me.  Thanks for your help1

Oregon Police And Firefighters Sue Governor Over Covid Vaccine Mandate A coalition of Oregon police officers and firefighters have sued Gov. Kate Brown over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate for state employees. The plaintiffs—including the Oregon Fraternal Order of Police and the Kingsley Firefighters Association—argued in a lawsuit filed Friday in a Jefferson County court (pdf) that Brown’s executive order violates a number of laws and want it blocked. “Plaintiffs seek an order declaring EO No. 21-29 is unenforceable because it conflicts with Oregon statutes, would result in a common law wrongful discharge of the Plaintiffs, conflicts with the Oregon Constitution’s guarantee of free expression, and conflicts with the United States Constitution guarantee of equal protection, free exercise, and due process,” the complaint states. Brown issued an executive order (pdf) on Aug. 13 that imposed a mandatory vaccine requirement on all executive branch employees. In the order, Brown said that, to date, around 70 percent of the state’s executive branch employees had taken the vaccine voluntarily, prompted in part by state efforts like organizing onsite vaccine clinics and financial incentives.

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Rolling Stone Issues ‘Update’ After Horse Dewormer Hit-Piece Debunked After Joe Rogan announced that he’d kicked Covid in just a few days using a cocktail of drugs, including Ivermectin – an anti-parasitic prescribed for humans for over 35 years, with over 4 billion doses administered (and most recently as a Covid-19 treatment), the left quickly started mocking Rogan for having taken a ‘horse dewormer’ due to its dual use in livestock. On Friday, Rolling Stone‘s Peter Wade took another stab – publishing a hit piece claiming that Oklahoma ERs were overflowing with people ‘overdosing on horse dewormer.’ It was suspect from the beginning. The report, sourced to local Oaklahoma outlet KFOR‘s Katelyn Ogle, cites Oklahoma ER doctor Dr. Jason McElyea – who claimed that people overdosing on ivermectin horse dewormer are causing emergency rooms to be “so backed up that gunshot victims were having hard times getting” access to health facilities. As people take the drug, McElyea said patients have arrived at hospitals with negative reactions like nausea, vomiting, muscle aches, and cramping — or even loss of sight. The scariest one that I’ve heard of and seen is people coming in with vision loss,” the doctor said. -Rolling Stone  Except, the article provided zero evidence for McElyea’s claims, causing people to start asking questions.

Efforts grow to stamp out use of parasite drug for COVID-19 Health experts and medical groups are pushing to stamp out the growing use of a decades-old parasite drug to treat COVID-19, warning that it can cause harmful side effects and that there’s little evidence it helps. With a fourth wave of infections, more Americans are turning to ivermectin, a cheap drug used to kill worms and other parasites in humans and animals. Federal health officials have seen a surge in prescriptions this summer, accompanied by worrying increases in reported overdoses. The drug was even given to inmates at a jail in northwest Arkansas for COVID-19, despite federal warnings against that use. On Wednesday, podcaster Joe Rogan, who has been dismissive of the COVID-19 vaccine, announced he had tested positive for the virus and was taking the medication. Ivermectin has been promoted by Republican lawmakers, conservative talk show hosts and some doctors, amplified via social media to millions of Americans who remain resistant to getting vaccinated. It has also been widely used in other countries, including India and Brazil. This week, the top U.S. professional groups for doctors and pharmacists appealed for an “immediate end” to the drug’s use outside of research. “We are urging physicians, pharmacists, and other prescribers — trusted healthcare professionals in their communities — to warn patients against the use of ivermectin outside of FDA-approved indications and guidance,” said the American Medical Association and two pharmacist groups.

Questions of The Day!

I’m a little confused about a supplementation question, hence this question.
I have been taking vitamins in the morning, as they seem to help provide energy, etc. for the day ahead.
I have been taking minerals an hour or so before bedtime, as I did not want to take too many in the morning, and I believed that minerals are mostly alkaline, in so doing hoping to promote better sleep.
I understand, too, that certain minerals and vitamins need one another, as they are cofactors of each other, promoting assimilation.
I also understand that certain minerals, for example as you point out – copper and zinc – should not be taken together because they cancel each other out as they occupy the same receptor sites.
We know that there are water soluble and fat soluble vitamins.
Now I’m reading from many sources that fat soluble vitamins should NOT be taken together.
Robert, is this so? Can you help to clarify the morass as to which supplements SHOULD be taken together and/or SHOULD NOT be taken together?
If that premise is accurate, why then, are fat soluble vitamins A and D often in the same capsule, as are fat soluble D3 and K2?
I think / hope that maybe one or more of your fabulous and highly informative shows could be done on this topic if it has not been done already?
Humongous thanks, your appreciative happy fan and Proteon supporter,
– Marilyn –


I was on statins for about 20 years because my cholesterol registered at 338. I just followed my doctors recommendation. I started looking into statins after I heard on the MSM that they could cause diabetes. I noticed three years in a row that my fasting blood glucose level was rising and was over 100. That is considered prediabetes in conventional medicine. When I questioned my cardiologist she said she was not worried about me. She admitted that they don’t really know what the cholesterol numbers mean and that statins can cause heart attacks and strokes. After consulting my chiropractor, I discontinued using statins and left the cardiologist practice. I am not concerned about the cholesterol but after three years my fasting glucose level remains between 100 and 119. I have read your book and started taking Innate Response gtf chromium about 6 months ago (400 mcgs daily). When I could not get that I switched to Mega Foods gtf chromium. I have about an 8 day supply left and now that is out of stock. I also followed Dr Gioffre’s Get Off Your Sugar book. I have eliminated all refined and hidden sugar and flour from my diet and processed foods and have dropped 28 lbs. I also take 1 tbs of organic apple cider vinegar daily. Any suggestions what else I can do? And do you know when the gif chromium will be available?


Hi Robert
Do you have any recommendation for a replacement for the innate response or Megafoods chromium
products which are no longer available

Missouri cafe shut down for defying mask mandate reopens as a ‘private club’ to skirt COVID-19 order A Missouri restaurant was ordered to shut down after violating the county’s health orders regarding COVID-19. The cafe defied the orders by reopening as a “private club.” The Jackson County Department of Environmental Health issued multiple warnings and citations to Rae’s Cafe in Blue Springs. Marshanna Smith, a Jackson County spokesperson, told KCTV-TV that the “enforcement of the health order requiring masks is complaint-based, meaning concerned community residents contact us about non-compliance.” Smith said 10 complaints had been filed about Rae’s Cafe. After investigating the complaints, the county revoked the restaurant’s food establishment permit. Rae’s Cafe was shut down on Friday by the Jackson County Health Department for not abiding by the mask mandate. The county declared the restaurant to be an “imminent health hazard.” Amanda Wohletz, the owner of Rae’s Cafe, admitted, “I have not honored the mask mandate this round; I did the entire last round.” On Saturday morning, Rae’s Cafe reportedly reopened as a “private club.” There was reportedly a sign outside the restaurant that read: “Welcome to Rae’s private club. $1 membership fee collected at the door at each member’s visit. Dress code: No masks allowed. Please sign your name upon entry to verify your club’s membership. As a member, you can suggest items to the menu.”

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