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Parents oppose school jab mandates, Lead toxicity, Parkinson’s more common, Polycythemia, Singing Christmas carols, Hour 2 ENCORE – Dr. Todd Frisch, Why The Face, Facial Analysis, Trinity School of Natural Health and MORE!

December 18th, 2022 1-3 PM ET

Sunday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

More than a third of parents oppose vaccine requirements in schools, KFF survey finds More than a third of US parents say that vaccinating children against measles, mumps and rubella should be an individual choice and not a requirement to attend public school, even if that may create health risks, according to survey data published Friday by the Kaiser Family Foundation. That’s a notable increase from pre-pandemic times. A similar poll from the Pew Research Center found that 23% of parents opposed vaccine requirements in schools in 2019, but that’s now jumped to 35% in the KFF survey. All 50 states and the District of Columbia require children attending public school to be vaccinated against certain diseases, including measles and rubella. Exemptions are allowed in only some circumstances. In central Ohio, a measles outbreak that started last month continues to grow, spreading entirely among children who were not fully vaccinated. As of Thursday, 77 children had a confirmed case of measles, and more than a third of them were hospitalized, according to data from Columbus Public Health. The vast majority of the children were completely unvaccinated against measles, and four had received half of the recommended two-dose series. “What’s really driving this is, unfortunately, a lack of vaccination, which is just heartbreaking,” Dr. Nora Colburn, an adult infectious diseases physician at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center in Columbus, said this month. About 90% of unvaccinated people who are exposed to measles will become infected, according to Columbus Public Health, and about 1 in 5 people in the US who get measles will be hospitalized.

Lead Toxicity Linked to 1 in 5 Deaths Lead is one of three toxins shown to have the greatest negative impact on your lifespan. One of the reasons for this is because lead is chemically similar to calcium. By competing with calcium at the cellular level, lead can disrupt several bodily systems, including your cardiovascular and neurological systems. Lead is a greater risk factor for heart disease than smoking Research published in The Lancet Public Health in 2018 — which sought to quantify the contribution of environmental lead exposure to all-cause mortality and mortality from cardiovascular and ischemic heart disease specifically — concluded lead levels in adults are strongly correlated with a higher risk of death, especially from cardiovascular complications. As reported by the authors:“We included 14,289 adults in our study. The geometric mean concentration of lead in blood was 2·71 μg/dL). 3,632 (20%) participants had a concentration of lead in blood of at least 5 μg/dL. During median follow-up of 19·3 years, 4,422 people died, 1,801 (38%) from cardiovascular disease and 988 (22%) from ischemic heart disease. “An increase in the concentration of lead in blood from 1·0 μg/dL to 6·7 μg/dL, which represents the tenth to 90th percentiles, was associated with all-cause mortality (hazard ratio 1·37), cardiovascular disease mortality (1·70), and ischemic heart disease mortality (2·08).

Parkinson’s disease is more common than thought. Toxins may contribute to rising rates Parkinson’s disease strikes nearly 90,000 older Americans a year, 30,000 more than was previously estimated, according to a study published Thursday. Incidence rates differed across the country. States with higher rates of older residents saw more diagnoses of the , whose risk typically increases with age, but so didsome “Rust Belt” states in the Northeast and Midwest that have a history of heavy industry manufacturing. Increasing rates of Parkinson’s and the cost of treatments and lost income means everyone will be touched by the disease either directly or indirectly, said Dr. Michael Okun, chair of neurology at the University of Florida College of Medicine in Gainesville. “A disease like this could bankrupt the health care system,” said Okun, who was not involved in the but serves as a medical advisor to the Parkinson’s Foundation. “It’s something we all should be paying attention to.” Parkinson’s is a degenerative syndrome that results in the slow loss of brain circuitry involved in movement, thinking and behavior. It can cause tremors, stiffness, slowness and falls, in addition to anxiety, depression, and sleep dysfunction.

Question of The Day!

Hi Guys,
I always appreciate all of your wonderful wisdom. I have a mother (late 60’s), who was recently found to have polycythemia/ hypercoagulability (thick blood). She bruises easily, chronic pain, and has had lyme disease years ago.. her doctor suggested a hip replacement for the hip issue. The only medications that she currently is prescribed is for heartburn and allergy issues. Where should we start to remedy these problems. I hope you have a wonderful holiday, love you both so much! – Mia

Singing Christmas carols together more than just tradition, it’s also good for you! On a December night 50 years ago, Eastern Airlines Flight 401 crashed in the Everglades, Florida. Miraculously, 77 people survived the initial impact but then endured a traumatic wait for rescue in the alligator infested swamp, surrounded by wreckage and jet fuel. To lift their spirits, they sang Christmas carols. What drove these survivors to sing in such distressing conditions? What is it about group singing that has the remarkable ability to bring people together, express deep emotions, and feel connected with each other? It’s no coincidence that shared moments in life are often accompanied by singing together. As a leisure activity, group singing engages many beneficial biological, psychological, behavioural and social processes. For example, when we sing, we consciously manage our breathing, unlike when we speak or are at rest. Managing our breathing during singing affects heart rate variability, and research demonstrates group singing can synchronise singers’ heart beats and breathing patterns. To borrow a line from a well-known song, when we sing in a group it is as if “our hearts, they beat as one”.

Hour 2 – Encore

Why the Claim ‘Vaccines Don’t Cause Autism’ Is Disinformation Vaccines do not cause autism.” That is what we are continually told by government health officials, the mainstream media, and the pharma-centric medical establishment. It is the official position of the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The idea that vaccines can cause autism is just misinformation spread by “anti-vaxxers”, we are told; it is a claim that has been repeatedly debunked by scientific research. But has it? Many parents take offense at the derogatory label “anti-vaxxer” being slung at them since they did vaccinate their children only to witness them being injured and, in some cases, developmentally regressing into autism. The concern that many parents have today is that vaccinating children according to the CDC’s routine childhood schedule can contribute to the development of autism in children with a genetic or environmentally caused susceptibility. To state that “vaccines do not cause autism” is to claim that scientific research has falsified that hypothesis. But that is simply untrue. It is biologically plausible and has not been falsified by the scientific research conducted to date. This can be demonstrated by examining the CDC’s own cited sources. The mainstream media, for their part, uncritically parrot the official position of the so-called “public health” establishment, thus serving to propagate official disinformation under the false pretext of combatting “misinformation” from “anti-vaxxers”.

Sugar Activates the Same Neuropathways as Nicotine, Study Finds Scientists researching alcohol and nicotine addictions found that eating or drinking too much sugar activated the same pathways as nicotine. This Australian study also found that over 70% of toddler foods tested exceeded the World Health Organizations guidelines for total sugar. In 2018, the UK introduced a tax with a goal of reducing sugar consumption as part of a larger goal to reduce childhood obesity. At that time, the Australian Beverage Council launched an initiative to reduce sugar in drinks by 25% over the next five to seven years.

Special Guest Dr. Todd Frisch

Over the last four decades, Dr. Todd has encouraged, motivated and inspired hundreds of practitioners in the healing arts. From medical doctors to energy healers, chiropractors to nurses, attendees walk away with new information they can start using Monday morning. Whether you’re a conference, school or group of healthcare practitioners, Dr. Todd would love to see how he can work with you for your next event. Dr. Todd became a speaker a bit by accident when an instructor failed to show at a chiropractic license renewal class many years ago. The class was so successful, the Licensing Board asked him to return year after year. He started teaching for several different organizations and in many countries. Helping practitioners think in new ways, ask better questions and see more became his life’s passion. Health conferences can be really dry, tedious and boring. Not when Dr. Todd speaks! He takes technical information and teaches it in such a way that you can both understand the concepts as well as use the information with your patients or clients immediately. Dr. Todd speaks from 38 years of clinical experience with heart, humor and warmth.

Dr. Wendell Whitman was a tireless advocate for health freedom and a pioneer in the field of natural health. In 1991, recognizing the inadequacy of formal health education outside of the traditional medical field, he founded Trinity School of Natural Health.

Trinity School of Natural Health was founded for the purpose of presenting alternative natural health education to everyone. Today, the Trinity repertoire of programs and courses has evolved into a powerful, educational process that enables students to improve their own health, enhance the good health of their families, friends and communities, and their own professional practices.

Our philosophy is that we are intrinsically holistic and should therefore continually pursue true health through the development of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole person. Our vision is to become the global leader in natural health education by creating a community of individuals who are committed to sharing their knowledge of the power and purpose of holistic health. As we strive to create an exceptional student experience, we will treat each person who chooses Trinity with respect and dignity. Every decision made, every single day, will be focused solely on what is best for our students.

Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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