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March 28, 2018 7-9PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Special Guests – Paul Barattiero and Hagen Thiers!

RSB has been scouring the planet for technological options that can counter and/or mitigate the harmful effects of discordant EMF energies.
On today’s broadcast, Paul Barattiero from Synergy Science will join us to reveal what we have found. All the way from Germany, Hagen Thiers will introduce the technological breakthrough that needs to be in every household, especially as 5g EM fields begin to spread everywhere!

Qi-Me protects you against all harmful influences of radiation while being on the go. It can be worn in a pocket, a bag or a purse or be put inside of the car while driving. Qi-Me products are made with solid wood. Therefore the products may vary in color and vein compared to the pictures in the product catalog or on the website. Apart from protecting you from harmful EMF/Radiation, The special characteristics and effects of Qi-Me products are:


  • Master of conformation and giving in
  • Supports the body’s natural ability to be balanced
  • Furthers the body’s ability to focus and stay on point
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Enjoy an area of affect up to 5ft. (1.5m)


5G: Harmful effects of a new technology “Along with the 5G there is another thing coming — Internet of Things. If you look at it…the radiation level is going to increase tremendously and yet the industry is very excited about it… they project 5G/IoT business to be a $7 trillion business.” — Prof. Girish Kumar, Professor at Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Bombay 5G, the latest and greatest method of faster wireless transmission, is coming on with a storm. Governments are promoting it as if the future of humanity depends on it. It MUST BE implemented. When governments and corporations see technological daylight up the road—and big money—they run toward it joined at the hip. Consequences be damned. And now, 5G.

Indiana Doctors, Patients Praise State’s CBD Oil Approval Local physicians and their patients
are celebrating after the use of CBD oil in Indiana is officially legal. Herald Times reports the use of cannabis compound is approved in the state after almost a year of uncertainty and questions from patients who’ve been using the oil for pain treatment and physicians who swear by its effectiveness. The Herald Times reports speculation and confusion took off in November when Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill made anopinionated statement that CBD oil should be illegal in the state, stating, “Simply put, cannabidiol is a Schedule I controlled substance because marijuana (cannabis sativa) is a Schedule I controlled substance.”

Medical Marijuana Advocate Says Process for Getting Cannabidiol Cards is Burdensome Sally Gaer of West Des Moines is a medical marijuana advocate because of the lifelong struggle her daughter Margaret has faced and the ways medical pot has helped. “She has intractable epilepsy,” said Gaer, referring to her to daughter’s Dravet syndrome. “So she’s had seizures for 28 years.” Gaer says the process for getting a registration card in Iowa in order to access medical marijuana is too cumbersome. “To have to take that other step and go to the DOT and get your picture taken and wait in line like everybody else at the driver’s license station, you know, it’s kind of a burden for people with MS and cancer and, you know, some of the new qualifying conditions,” she said.

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

Sports leagues blamed for fueling childhood obesity America’s top sports organizations are fueling the childhood obesity epidemic by promoting fast food and sodas, researchers claim. More than three quarters of food products and half of beverages sponsored by the leagues most popular among American children are unhealthy, a new study declares. Public health experts have long questioned the hypocrisy behind top athletes such as LeBron James and Serena Williams serving as the face of sugary drinks and fast food brands – and this study highlights an even deeper link between the sports industry and the promotion of unhealthy habits.

7th-Grader Suspended for Drawing Stick Figure with Gun A 7th grade student in North Carolina was suspended for drawing a stick figure armed with a gun. In what sounds like a satirical story from The Onion, Roseboro Salemburg Middle School suspended a 13-year-old boy two weeks ago for nothing more than a few harmless doodles. The student’s father, James Ray Herring Jr., says there was nothing wrong with the drawings, one of which was a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. “I see a guy in a race car souped-up. I see a tower that he built. I see him holding his gun, he’s a deer hunter. I see him with a magician and I see him as a Ninja Turtle,” Herring said. “(He’s) just expressing himself, nothing violent.” Herring said his son hunts, but added that all firearms are safely stored at home.

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert,

In general I guess we could say that allopathic followers are pro-vaccine and that natural health believers are more anti-vaccine, but just where do we draw that line? As one example I’d be interested to know how both you and Ty would approach a situation where you happened to accidentally get a puncture would by stepping on a rusty nail while barefooted. Allopathic believers would probably head straight to their doctor for a tetanus booster shot. If you or Ty were put in that situation what other approaches would each of you take?


Gun control fascist youth front man David Hogg sides with MONSANTO, falsely claims
atrazine herbicide doesn’t interfere with hormones
 Aside from being the “Hitler Youth” fascist front man for the anti-liberty, anti-gun propagandists of the Left, David Hogg also aligns with Monsanto, one of the most evil corporations in the world. In a recent televised interview (see video clips, below), David Hogg claims that atrazine herbicide doesn’t cause hormone disruption, speaking in lockstep withMonsanto, the anti-science pesticide chemical giant that spends millions of dollars a year funding “black ops” character assassins to defame critics of GMOs, glyphosate and atrazine. David Hogg, who has arisen as a “Hitler Youth” fascist who demands the government take away the rights of Americans because he feels personally angry, attacked Infowars’ Alex Jones during a recent C-Span interview, falsely claiming that atrazine herbicide chemicals have no effect on hormone disruption in humans. (Yes, C-Span is now allowing an 18-year-old high school non-graduate to lecture America on science, if you can believe that…)

Clown for Congress aims to unseat GOP Rep in South Carolina A clown is running for Congress. That’s not a joke. Steve Lough is wearing his red nose with pride, appearing in clown makeup on his campaign website as he runs against four others in South Carolina’s Democratic primary for the seat held by GOP Rep. Ralph Norman. Lough was a professional clown with Ringling Bros. Barnum & Bailey Circus. Now The State newspaper reports that he’s for reforming gun laws and providing universal access to health care.

Why Democrats have no room whatsoever to talk about alleged Trump infidelities Millions of Trump-hating Americans tuned into CBS News’ “60 Minutes” program Sunday night to hear an ex-porn star dish dirt about her alleged sexual encounter with President Donald J. Trump in 2006, long before he ever thought about putting his name in the hat for the Oval Office. I don’t particularly feel its necessary to review the allegations in this space. No doubt you’ve already heard them or read about them somewhere else (try here, if you’re interested). My role is to simply remind everyone who is now demanding that Trump be run out of Washington, D.C., at the soonest possible moment that the bulk of you people are stone hypocrites and have no business commenting on this or any other sexual claims made against this president.

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