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November 3rd, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Covid-19: Researcher blows the whistle on data integrity issues in Pfizer’s vaccine trial In autumn 2020 Pfizer’s chairman and chief executive, Albert Bourla, released an open letter to the billions of people around the world who were investing their hopes in a safe and effective covid-19 vaccine to end the pandemic. “As I’ve said before, we are operating at the speed of science,” Bourla wrote, explaining to the public when they could expect a Pfizer vaccine to be authorised in the United States. But, for researchers who were testing Pfizer’s vaccine at several sites in Texas during that autumn, speed may have come at the cost of data integrity and patient safety. A regional director who was employed at the research organisation Ventavia Research Group has told The BMJ that the company falsified data, unblinded patients, employed inadequately trained vaccinators, and was slow to follow up on adverse events reported in Pfizer’s pivotal phase III trial. Staff who conducted quality control checks were overwhelmed by the volume of problems they were finding. After repeatedly notifying Ventavia of these problems, the regional director, Brook Jackson, emailed a complaint to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Ventavia fired her later the same day. Jackson has provided The BMJ with dozens of internal company documents, photos, audio recordings, and emails.

Special Guest Leigh-Allyn Baker

Former Disney star Leigh-Allyn Baker’s anti-mask speech raises ruckus at school board meeting: report Former Disney Channel star Leigh-Allyn Baker is not happy about the mask mandate enforced in her children’s Tennessee school district. A video surfaced on Thursday reportedly showing the “Good Luck Charlie” actress attending the Williamson County Board of Education meeting on Tuesday — and where she went on an anti-mask rant. “My name is Leigh-Allyn Baker, and I’m a California refugee,” the 49-year-old began her speech. “I gave up everything there: a really successful Hollywood career, television shows. I gave it all up for freedom and to come to this friendly place in Tennessee and be greeted with open arms, and I love it here.” She went on to tell the audience that she herself has “two vax-injured children, and they have medical exemptions after the seizures and the hospitalizations after all of their immunizations,” adding that she was “obviously” granted a medical exemption. “And still, I would never put them in a mask because their brain needs oxygen to grow, which the neurologists can confirm,” she continued. “Anyway, the real part of the clown show is that you all think that you actually have the authority to mandate this.”

Actress Leigh-Allyn Baker reacts to mask criticism, says Hollywood cancel culture can’t get her ‘twice’ Former Disney Channel star Leigh-Allyn Baker is not worried about being “canceled” following a recent video surfacing of her criticizing mask mandates at a school board meeting.  “[The response has] been everything from ‘you’re a hero’ to ‘you’re an evil villain,’” she said on FOX Business’ “Varney and Co.” “I mean, it’s run the gamut.” In the video, which took place in Williamson County, Tennessee, Baker discussed leaving Hollywood behind for her new home in the South. “I was canceled last July already for telling Joe Biden that masks aren’t law, that they’re an overreaching suggestion,” she told host Stuart Varney. “They can’t cancel me twice. Or maybe they can try.” Baker said since leaving her acting career in California for “freedom,” she’s been welcomed with “the most loving, kind, open arms.”  “There is a movement of people that want to make movies that are family-friendly, that put the child focus first, that are faith-based, and they are [welcoming] me with open arms and I can’t wait to join forces,” she said.

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

CDC advisers endorse Pfizer’s Covid-19 vaccine for kids 5-11 Children aged 5 to 11 can begin to be vaccinated against Covid-19 within the next day or two after an expert panel advising the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended Tuesday that Pfizer’s pediatric vaccine should be used in this age group. The recommendation, which passed by a 14-0 vote, was approved a couple of hours later by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky. “Together, with science leading the charge, we have taken another important step forward in our nation’s fight against the virus that causes Covid-19,” Walensky said in a statement. “We know millions of parents are eager to get their children vaccinated and with this decision, we now have recommended that about 28 million children receive a COVID-19 vaccine. “As a mom, I encourage parents with questions to talk to their pediatrician, school nurse, or local pharmacist to learn more about the vaccine and the importance of getting their children vaccinated,” Walensky said. The Pfizer vaccine for children 5 to 11 years of age is the first pediatric Covid vaccine authorized for use in this country. The vaccine is one-third of the size of the adult vaccine doses; children will get two injections containing 10 micrograms of antigen given 21 days apart.

Gun-toting former Marine Winsome Sears defeats Democrat Hala Ayala is to become Virginia’s first female black lieutenant governor Republican lieutenant governor candidate Winsome Sears appears to have won the race for the No. 2 spot in Virginia‘s state government, with almost all votes counted. Unofficial results showed Sears, 57, with 1,591,434 votes, or 51.4 percent, with Democratic candidate Hala Ayala, 48, at 1,501,533 or 48.5 percent, CNN reported. However, a handful of precincts have yet to be counted, including nine in Fairfax county and one on Tangier Island, as well as absentee ballots mailed by the Election Day deadline. Those dispatched ballots will be counted by November 5, the state Department of Elections said. Sears will not only make history as the first woman to hold office, but also as the first woman of color.  The job of the state’s lieutenant governor is frequently tipped as a launching pad to the governor’s mansion. Half of the past 10 lieutenant governors went on to become governor. The No. 2 spots also happens to lead the state Senate, in which neither Sears nor Ayala, have served before, and to be next in line if the governor dies or is impeached. That’s never happened since the office was created in 1852. Lieutenant governors can also be the decisive factor in tie votes on most bills, but not on the state budget. Democrats have a 21-19 majority in that body, but some issues do not split on strictly partisan lines.

Military Vaccine Deadline: Clash Begins With Troops Who Refuse Shots The Air Force has discharged 40 service members and is now preparing to address the thousands of others who failed to get a coronavirus vaccination before the Nov. 1 deadline officials imposed, becoming the first branch to execute what military leaders consider an essential protective measure but one that critics believe will undermine America’s ability to defend itself.”Now that the deadline has passed, there’s a clear line to begin holding people accountable,” Air Force spokeswoman Ann Stefanek tells U.S. News. The population of discharged airmen and “guardians” from the Space Force – the military’s newest branch, which falls under the Department of the Air Force – has been relatively new trainees. Almost two dozen of them were in basic training when they refused to take the vaccine, and the remaining 17 were undergoing technical training where new enlistees learn their military specialties. Commanders at those schools have a different standard of due process than those overseeing airmen and guardians who have been in the service for years. The Air Force faces a much more complex set of issues for the remaining 10,000 or so troops who have still refused to receive the vaccine or are otherwise currently unvaccinated. And the circumstances are myriad.

SCIENCE HORROR: Vaccine spike protein enters cell nuclei, suppresses DNA repair engine of the human body, will unleash explosion of cancer, immunodeficiency, autoimmune disorders and accelerated aging This finding can only be described as a true “horror” in its implications. Stunning new research published in Viruses, part of the SARS-CoV-2 Host Cell Interactions edition of MDPI (Open Access Journals) reveals that vaccine spike proteins enter cell nuclei and wreak havoc on cells’ DNA repair mechanism, suppressing DNA repair by as much as 90%. The research paper is entitled, “SARS–CoV–2 Spike Impairs DNA Damage Repair and Inhibits V(D)J Recombination In Vitro” and is authored by Hui Jiang and Ya-Fang Mei, at the Department of Molecular Biosciences, The Wenner–Gren Institute, Stockholm University, SE-10691 Stockholm, Sweden, and the Department of Clinical Microbiology, Virology, Umeå University, SE-90185 Umeå, Sweden, respectively. We have saved a copy of the research paper in a PDF document on NN servers at this URL: In the conclusion of the paper, authors write, “We found that the spike protein markedly inhibited both BRCA1 and 53BP1 foci formation (Figure 3D–G). Together, these data show that the SARS–CoV–2 full–length spike protein inhibits DNA damage repair by hindering DNA repair protein recruitment.”

Chemo helps breast cancer cells to spread and attach to blood vessel linings in the lungs A new study adds to the evidence that chemotherapy enhances cancer’s spread beyond the primary tumor, showing how one chemo drug allows breast cancer cells to squeeze through and attach to blood vessel linings in the lungs. The research in mice leaves no doubt that the chemo drug caused changes to non- that enable this process. Scientists pre-treated healthy mice with the chemotherapy agent and gave them intravenous injections of breast four days later. Within three hours of injection, the cancer cells were penetrating weakened junctions between in the lungs and binding to those vessels’ underlining structure—avoiding being washed away by blood flow. “This is the key step giving cancer cells a foot in the door at a secondary site,” said Tsonwin Hai, professor of biological chemistry and pharmacology at The Ohio State University and senior author of the study. “The whole point of our pre-treatment model is to ask the question: Does chemotherapy affect in such a way that they will turn around and help cancer cells? The answer is yes.

Men less likely than women to connect individual or societal factors to cancer, chronic disease Men are less likely than women to connect personal behavior such as tobacco and alcohol use, unhealthy diet or lack of exercise with increased risk of cancer or chronic disease, according to a recent study by University of Alberta public health researchers. The findings have implications for the way public health education programs and policies are developed, according to first author Kimberley Curtin, a post-doctoral fellow with the School of Public Health’s Policy, Location and Access in Community Environments (PLACE) research laboratory. “If people don’t think what they do matters or that their environment matters, then they’re not going to participate in healthy behaviors or support healthy options,” Curtin noted. “Promoting health and preventing illness require us to be sensitive to people’s context and circumstances—one-size-fits-all messaging or actions do not reach everyone,” said Candace Nykiforuk, professor and associate dean of research in the School of Public Health, director of the Centre for Healthy Communities and lead investigator of the PLACE lab. “This can lead to critical disparities in that are more costly to address later.”

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