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September 21st, 2021 3-5PM ET

Tuesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Federal Govt Whistleblower Goes Public with Secret Recordings: ‘Government Doesn’t Want to Show the [COVID] Vaccine is Full of Sh*t’; ‘Shove’ Adverse Effect Reporting ‘Under the Mat’ Project Veritas released the first video of its COVID vaccine investigative series today featuring an interview with U.S. Health and Human Services [HHS] insider, Jodi O’Malley, who works as a Registered Nurse at the local Indian Medical Center. The insider told O’Keefe what led her to blow the whistle on the federal government. “What prompted me to do this was when I was House Supervisor one night, and one of my coworkers had taken the [COVID] vaccine two weeks ago, and she didn’t want to. She went throughout this entire pandemic working in the intensive care unit, which pretty much was a COVID unit,” O’Malley said. “She didn’t want to take [the COVID vaccine] because of her religious beliefs and she was coerced into taking it. It’s like nobody — nobody should have to decide between their livelihood, being ‘a part of the team in the hospital,’ or take the [COVID] vaccine.” O’Malley said it is more important to shine a light on corruption than to fear retaliation from the powers that be.

Law Firm Seeks to Take COVID Misinformation Spreaders to Court Challenging vaccine misinformation – not online – but in a courtroom. An attorney based out of Salt Lake City is gearing up to file mass action lawsuits across the country. More than half a million Americans have died from COVID. Attorney Brian Rothschild says the real tragedy is the thousands who died after a vaccine became available. People like Mikel Lowe. “It’s just absolutely heartbreaking for all of us,” says Christina Lowe, a recently widowed mother of two young boys. Lowe and her late husband Mikel, a San Diego County native and federal firefighter, both believed – and even shared – vaccine misinformation. That is, until he got COVID, and died at just 38-years-old. “We honestly thought that COVID was mostly political,” said Lowe. “That the vaccine mandates were mostly political. We did not think that it would impact our family. And here we are today, and it’s completely devastated my family.” A recent Center for Countering Digital Hate study identified 12 people responsible for generating more than 65 percent of vaccine misinformation online, the so-called “Disinformation Dozen.” “They really are a very small and tight group of people who are responsible for a tremendous amount of damage,” says Rothschild. “Those are the people who should be held accountable for this.” Rothschild is now representing spouses, children and parents of unvaccinated COVID victims in soon-to-be-filed wrongful death suits against the Disinformation Dozen.

Questions of The Day!

I’m a long time listener. Probably about 10 years. I know one of the major side effects of the jab is blood clotting. For people that have had the JAB, (not me! ) What is an alternative to aspirin for blood thinning? I’ve heard mixed info on white willow bark. What are the best healthy natural alternatives to aspirin?
Thanks for all you do!
And you too Super D!
Mike T


I work in healthcare. Plz advise a healthy non graphine oxide mask. These masks are giving me headaches. Ty kindly.


I’ve been listening to you for a couple of years and have learned so much and love your show! Thank you for being on the side of health freedom. This question may not be something you can directly help with but my daughter was approved for a religious exemption from the Covid shot this fall (college) but now the school is preventing her from doing some activities but not others due to her status. Do you know if this is “legal” or can we fight back? Any advice or can you refer me to someone who can answer this? Thanks for all that you do.

Comment of The Day!

It would be nice if the powers at be just admitted they messed up and do better next time. There is no reason that vaccines need to be developed and tested on fetal cell lines obtained through abortion. It would be relatively easy to start new cell strains that were ethically harvested from either the placenta or umbellic cord of live births. Perhaps even tissue of non viable pregnancies such as anencephaly (child with no brain formation) that required termination for valid reasons could be used. In both of these issues the mother could give ethical consent and there should not be qualms of conscience. Many people wont eat foods that are unethically produced and that is their choice. The vaccine companies and all the drug companies know this but they are too lazy to develop ethical cures because they simply don’t care. Their ignorance to morality is the fault not the people who try to live by a higher standard.

Hour 2 – Special Guest – Julie Whitman Kline

Julie Whitman-Kline is CEO of the Whitman Group, a family-owned collection of companies specializing in natural health education, events, products and services. She is a businesswoman overseeing 13 different companies within the Whitman Group, a wife and mother of three growing children and is active in her church and community. Since her teen years she’s worked with her family and alongside her father, Dr. Wendell Whitman. His primary focus was on natural health due to his personal health challenges. Because of his positive experience with natural healing he realized the public’s need for accessibility to alternative approaches that were natural, affordable, gentle and effective. He expanded his vision in a community of companies emphasizing natural health education, products and services. Consequently, Julie developed an in-depth understanding of the rapidly growing natural health market.

Dr. Wendell Whitman was a tireless advocate for health freedom and a pioneer in the field of natural health. In 1991, recognizing the inadequacy of formal health education outside of the traditional medical field, he founded Trinity School of Natural Health.

Trinity School of Natural Health was founded for the purpose of presenting alternative natural health education to everyone. Today, the Trinity repertoire of programs and courses has evolved into a powerful, educational process that enables students to improve their own health, enhance the good health of their families, friends and communities, and their own professional practices.

Our philosophy is that we are intrinsically holistic and should therefore continually pursue true health through the development of the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of the whole person. Our vision is to become the global leader in natural health education by creating a community of individuals who are committed to sharing their knowledge of the power and purpose of holistic health. As we strive to create an exceptional student experience, we will treat each person who chooses Trinity with respect and dignity. Every decision made, every single day, will be focused solely on what is best for our students.

Common pesticide may have made the Zika epidemic worse Before COVID, there was Zika. In 2015, the number of babies born in Brazil with small heads and brains—a condition known as microcephaly—suddenly increased dramatically. The severe deformities left the children disabled for life, and caused intense global concern. These cases of microcephaly were soon shown to be caused by pregnant women being infected with the mosquito-borne Zika virus. The infects and kills that form the brain, hampering its proper development. But the impact was not universal—certain regions in north-eastern Brazil saw far more cases of microcephaly than others. Scientists began to question whether other factors might be at play that intensified the epidemic in some places. Not long after, they focused their attention on pyriproxyfen, a globally approved pesticide used against household insects in agriculture—including mosquitoes. Pyriproxyfen was used intensively in the regions with the highest numbers of microcephaly cases. Now, in a new study, we have shown that pyriproxyfen could indeed exacerbate the already severe effects the Zika virus has on fetal brain development.

New Covid Delta variant with mutation that could dodge vaccines found in UK A new mutation of the Delta variant which could make it more resistant to vaccines has been identified in the UK. Some 19 cases of Delta with E484K, the mutation associated with immune escape in other variants, have been found, including 17 in England and two in Scotland. Although case numbers are very low, the presence of E484K – known in virology circles as “Eeek” because of its vaccine-dodging qualities – is a cause for concern and Public Health England have classed it as a “signal under investigation”. The latest technical briefing paper on Delta by PHE say changes at position 484 on the covid genome are “potentially antigenically significant” – meaning it could make the virus more resistant to current vaccines. However all vaccines in the UK offer strong protection against Delta and while this mutation could potentially blunt their effect it would not make them ineffective. The E484K mutation is present in the Beta virus first identified in South Africa, which triggered surge testing where it was found in the UK earlier this year due to its concerning properties, as well as in two other strains of B1617, the parent lineage of the Delta variant. All three did not have the same highly contagious properties as Delta. But scientists have warned for some time that a combination of highly transmissible Delta with an immune escape mutation could pose a threat to vaccines.

New Zealand Cops Arrest Men Entering Locked-Down City With ‘Large Amounts’ of Illicit KFC Two men have been arrested after police said they found them with a car boot-full of Kentucky fried chicken and over $100,000 in cash as they tried to cross the border into Auckland despite New Zealand’s strict Covid-19 lockdown. The men were arrested after allegedly trying to flee from police near the Auckland border. When their car was searched, police said they found a large quantity of KFC, as well as the cash and a number of empty ounce bags. The arrest struck a chord with New Zealanders – especially Aucklanders, who have spent a month in a strict level four lockdown that does not allow restaurants to open or residents to order takeaway food. In such an environment, fast food can take on the aura of a high-value illicit substance. Last week, a man was charged by police after posting a social media video of crossing the Auckland boundary in search of McDonald’s. “The vehicle was searched and police located the cash, alongside empty ounce bags and a large amount of takeaways.” Close examination of the police evidence photos revealed at least three buckets of chicken, up to 10 tubs of coleslaw, and an undisclosed quantity of fries.

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