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Nov 25, 2018 1-3PM ET

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North Carolina chickenpox: Quarantine order challenged in court  First came the rash, then the quarantine — and with it, a legal challenge. The late October outbreak of chickenpox at Asheville Waldorf School prompted Buncombe County health officials in early November to call for the quarantine of 104 of school’s 152 students. Nearly 75 percent hadn’t been vaccinated for the virus. That order expired Tuesday, though it is unlikely to mark the end of county concerns at the private West Asheville school that serves toddlers through sixth graders. Buncombe health officials will continue to monitor conditions when students return from Thanksgiving break next week. In a Nov. 1 order sent to the parents of unvaccinated children, Buncombe County Health Director Jannine Shaphard wrote that “the intent of this quarantine is to decrease the risk of transmission of the illness and protect the health of non-immune students, staff and community members.” Asheville attorney Lakota Denton said Tuesday the quarantine violated the civil liberties of the children — two of whom he represents.

Special Guest Chris Barr!

Not A Doc Chris Barr joins us to talk about the latest in health news!

American Diabetes Association’s New Recommendations Would Keep Diabetics on Drugs Instead of Curing Diabetes Through Diet According to the ADA, the same “calories in calories out” solution, eating less high calorie foods and increasing exercise, is the solution for the youth of America who are experiencing an epidemic of obesity and diabetes.From the ADA position paper: In youth-onset type 2 diabetes, the major modifiable risk factors are obesity and lifestyle habits of excess nutritional intake, low physical activity, and increased sedentary behaviors with decreased energy expenditure, resulting in the surplus of energy being stored as body fat. Their recently released guidelines focus on obesity containment with the tried and untrue recommendations of increased exercise while lowering calorie intake. There is no mention of what type of diet would be most helpful, though it does advise a reduction in sugar intake, especially from sodas.

40M people with diabetes will be left without insulin by 2030, study predicts As the number of people living with diabetes continues to rise, the access to insulin needed to meet growing demand will fall short, a new study predicts. By 2030, 79 million adults with type 2 diabetes are expected to need insulin to manage their condition and if current levels of access remain, only half of them will be able to be able to get an adequate supply, according to a modeling study published Wednesday in the journal Lancet Diabetes and Endocrinology. Access to the drug must be significantly improved, the researchers warn, particularly in the African, Asian and Oceania regions, which will be most affected. “These estimates suggest that current levels of insulin access are highly inadequate compared to projected need, particularly in Africa and Asia, and more efforts should be devoted to overcoming this looming health challenge,” said Dr. Sanjay Basu, assistant professor of medicine at Stanford University in the U.S., who led the research.

Question of The Day!

Hi, Robert Scott Bell and Not-A-Doc.

I have a question about MS, My daughter has been diagnosed with MS several years ago. We have been trying the conventional route, however she is getting worse . She no longer has control of her legs at the moment, They have inserted a pump to administer medication. Pump constantly not working. She is ready to take action in her own hands. Who, what, where can you point us too to get her some True healing ? Daughters age 33

Nasa ISS: International Space Station infested by mysterious space bugs Scientists have discovered a thriving ecosystem of ‘infectious organisms’ aboard the International Space Station. A Nasa team found five different varieties of Enterobacter, which are similar to bugs found in hospitals down here on Earth. The toilet of the orbiting space base was one of the main sites of infection along with the exercise area. Researchers calculated that there is a ‘79% probability that they may potentially cause disease’, although analysis has only been carried out on dead samples at this stage so this risk could prove to be higher or lower following further research. It’s feared some of the bacteria could be drug-resistant, meaning they could pose more of a threat to astronauts because traditional treatments would not work properly. However, researchers stressed the drugs are not harmful to humans currently aboard the ISS.

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To Vaccinate, or Not to Vaccinate? hat is the question. In answer to the question — “Are vaccines safe?” — the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia website states the following: “But, in truth, few things meet the definition of ‘harmless.’ Even everyday activities contain hidden dangers. For example, every year in the United States, 350 people are killed in bath- or shower-related accidents, 200 people are killed when food lodges in their windpipe, and 100 people are struck and killed by lightning. However, few of us consider eating solid food, taking a bath, or walking outside on a rainy day as unsafe activities. We just figure that the benefits of the activity clearly outweigh the risks.” I would agree. I don’t worry about dying from a lightning strike, eating solid food, or taking a shower.

The Top Ten Reasons to Consider Homeoprophylaxis – REAL IMMUNITY Lots of parents are asking questions about vaccines. The more answers they find, the more questions they have. Searching for a safe and effective choice has become a common goal. Many parents are finding it in homeoprophylaxis, commonly called HP. Here’s why. HP is made by serial dilution. This means that starting with the source material, such as mucus or biological tissue from a disease; it is then diluted over and over again until no molecules of the original substance are present. This type of ‘attenuation’ or weakening of the source material is similar to how vaccines are made, but to a much higher degree, making it very safe. Vaccines need to be attenuated using foreign media such as monkey kidneys, eggs, porcine (pig) tissue, or even fetal cells. These mediums contain the DNA of the source as well as any foreign viruses that may be present. We know that SV40 (Simian Virus) was delivered via the polio vaccine with some serious consequences. HP involves no such media.

Question of The Day!

Hi Robert! And Super D! 🙂 Are you going to publish a new e-book on Silver Hydrosol, or did I get that wrong somehow? I have your “Unluck the Power to Heal” book by the way. There is some good info on silver there, and I’ve tried the Silver&Aloe protocol on my son as well. But I need cutting-edge and solid indo on Silver. I got a couple of books already, but only because YOU haven’t written one 🙂


Asena (female/Turkish-listening in from the Netherlands)

8 Reasons We Need To Stop Focusing On Nutrients The rise of nutritionalism — focusing on nutrient content rather than the whole food — has created a ‘nutritional cacophony’ that leaves people confused. Today, the average individual faces a ‘nutritional cacophony’ when navigating food choices. He or she might feel encouraged to eat chocolate because of the powerful antioxidants in cacao despite the high sugar and fat content, or a breakfast cereal that is fortified in vitamins but contains 50% sugar. Nutrients benefits our health but they should not come at a cost. According to Bernard Lavallee, nutritionist, researcher and author based in Montreal in Canada, selling a food product based on its ingredients and superfoods is a form of nutritionalism, which makes people dependent on specialists and nutrition ‘gurus’. “It’s as if, as a society, we accepted that to be healthy we need to eat things that we can’t see, taste, smell or measure,” he told attendees of SIAL in Paris. The result, Lavallee said, is that people are lost and don’t have the “corporal tools” to distinguish what is healthy or not.

No Rona – We Would Not Eat That

Ula, I wonder if Super Don or Robert would eat this?

Posted by Rona Alexander on Saturday, November 24, 2018

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