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Toxins all around? Get rid of them with proper detox Toxins are harmful substances found in the environment. They can range from heavy metals, such as lead and mercury, to chemicals, such as pollutants and insecticides, and everything in between. We are regularly exposed to toxins. They can be found anywhere on Earth; from the air in the Himalayan mountains to the vegetable crops in the remote mountain villages of Mexico that have never been sprayed with pesticides. Some people may be less exposed to toxins in certain parts of the world, but no matter where you are, even if you live all the way in the Antarctic, there will still be toxins around you. Toxins may be everywhere, but Charles Kwang of Kwang Wellness explains that there is a lot more to toxins than simply avoiding them. For one, if toxins accumulate in your body and stay there for too long, they can cause serious health problems. “The underlying problem is that people are going to feel sicker sooner and understanding how to fix that is very important.” says Kwang.

Want a healthier heart? Eat a steak [Opinion] I’m a cardiologist — and I encourage patients to eat red meat. This advice defies conventional wisdom. For decades, nutritionists and physicians have urged people to limit consumption of red meat and other fatty foods, which were thought to cause heart disease. But new studies debunk this conventional wisdom. Indeed, it now looks like low-quality carbohydrates — not saturated fats — are driving America’s heart disease epidemic. It’s time to stop demonizing steak. The medical community frowns upon the kinds of saturated fats found in meat, dairy and coconut oil. The American Heart Association recommends avoiding red meat — and if people insist on eating it, they should “select the leanest cuts available.” Federal nutritional guidelines suggest that less than 10 percent of one’s daily calories come from saturated fats, while the AHA recommends even less.

Comment of The Day!

Dear Robert Scott Bell and all. I wrote to you months ago regarding my husband. He had been diagnosed with Wegeners Vasculitis. At the time of writing, his doctors told him that his current condition was his life now. He was on his 2nd chemo, (the first didn’t work), prednisone and 2 antibiotics and in a wheelchair. Up to this point, 6 months into his treatment, my husband believed everything his doctors told him. Then he asked me why he wasn’t getting well. Me, being a firm believer in food and nutrients, said that poisoning to get well was not the way to go. I listen to your program religiously and appreciate all the knowledge all of you share. He agreed to try ‘my witchcraft way’. When I contacted you, Rosanne Lindsay was on. Both of you said “DETOX NOW”. At that point, he did Dr. Nuzums detox, got a sauna, started taking nutrients. Continues to this day. I have used organic for some time, grow most all of our own vegetables, berries and fruit. But prior to getting sick he, almost daily, would buy junk food and hide it from me. By March, 8 months after diagnosis, we started walking and within a month he was doing 1.5 miles, and was 75% back to normal. This week he went back to work at his parttime job. To put this in perspective, he is 76 years old. So thrilled he is better. If not for the information all of you put out there, we would have been totally lost. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.


FDA takes action to stop the use of lead acetate in hair dyes The U.S. Food and Drug Administration today took action to remove lead acetate in hair coloring products given potential safety concerns about lead exposure from these products. The agency issued a final rule in response to a color additive petition that repeals the regulation that allows for the use of lead acetate as a color additive in these products. This rule, when effective, removes the only authorization for the use of lead as an ingredient in cosmetic products. “Today’s action is part of our commitment to protect Americans by reducing exposure to toxic elements and builds upon federal efforts to reduce exposure to lead,” said FDA Commissioner Scott Gottlieb, M.D. “In the nearly 40 years since lead acetate was initially approved as a color additive, our understanding of the hazards of lead exposure has evolved significantly. We now know that the approved use of lead acetate in adult hair dyes no longer meets our safety standard. Lead exposure can have serious adverse effects on human health, including for children who may be particularly vulnerable. Moreover, there are alternative color additives for hair coloring products that consumers can use that do not contain lead as an ingredient.”

6 Incredible Ways to Boost your Energy Energy is an essential element of the body; it’s what makes us do all the activities of life. But with the busy schedules and the stress of life, sometimes one can feel tired and drained. Well, the following are some of the ways that you can boost your energy level.

  1. Get enough sleep

Getting enough sleep after a long day can make you feel rejuvenated. With the increasingly busy life, many people cut back on the hours that they should be sleeping. Research estimates 20% of the population not getting enough rest.

Lack of proper sleep can lead to tiredness and grumpiness. It is recommended that you get at least 7 hours of sleep per night. If you are one of the people who can’t sleep right away, then you can practice some relaxing behaviors before going to bed like having a bath or reading a book. Also avoid distractions like using phone while on bed.

  1. Reduce stress

Stress is common for people with busy lives. This is because sometimes they are overwhelmed or anxious. Stress usually makes people not to concentrate and have racing thoughts.  It can take a toll on both your mental or physical health. Avoiding stress completely may be impossible, but it’s good to reduce lifestyle-related stress as it could increase your energy levels.

One of the ways to reduce stress is to go for a walk, read a book, and relax. You can also practice meditation to reduce anxiety. If your stress and anxiety level are extreme, then it’s necessary to seek medical assistance.

  1. Exercise

Exercising regularly is crucial in reducing chronic diseases such as heart diseases, obesity, and diabetes. Living a sedentary lifestyle can boost your energy levels.  You should exercise even when you are tired, and your body doesn’t feel like moving, you are still supposed to exercise at least for some few minutes, you can even have a walk. Exercising doesn’t mean that it has to be extreme or go to a gym, you can take a walk during your lunch break or walk to and from your place of work. You can get a coach who has a wellness coach certification to help you through.

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World-first coeliac disease vaccine enters Phase 2 trials A coeliac disease vaccine that aims to protect patients from the harmful effects of gluten has entered Phase 2 clinical trials in Melbourne. Following the commencement of global  led by US-based pharmaceutical company ImmusanT Inc., the Australian trials will commence at the Royal Melbourne Hospital Clinical Trials Centre in Melbourne and then roll out in Perth, Adelaide, Brisbane, Mackay and the Sunshine Coast. Led by the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute’s head of coeliac research and gastroenterologist at the Royal Melbourne Hospital Dr. Jason Tye-Din, the Melbourne trial of Nexvax2 (RESET CeD) is now recruiting for patients with coeliac . Coeliac disease is caused by an immune reaction to the gluten protein found in wheat, rye and barley. The autoimmune disease is becoming increasingly prevalent, and is estimated to currently affect one in 70 Australians and 1.4 per cent of the global population. Dr. Tye-Din said volunteer participation was crucial to the success of the trials. “The vaccine is designed to target the 90 per cent of coeliac disease patients with the HLA-DQ2 genetic form of disease,” he said.

Major Study Finds ‘Some Evidence’ of Link Between Cellphone Radiation and Brain Cancer For decades, health experts have struggled to determine whether or not cellphones can cause cancer. On Thursday, a federal agency released the final results of what experts call the world’s largest and most costly experiment to look into the question. The study originated in the Clinton administration, cost $30 million and involved some 3,000 rodents. The experiment, by the National Toxicology Program, found positive but relatively modest evidence that radio waves from some types of cellphones could raise the risk that male rats develop brain cancer. “We believe that the link between radio-frequency radiation and tumors in male rats is real,” John Bucher, a senior scientist at the National Toxicology Program, said in a statement. But he cautioned that the exposure levels and durations were far greater than what people typically encounter, and thus cannot “be compared directly to the exposure that humans experience.” Moreover, the rat study examined the effects of a radio frequency associated with an early generation of cellphone technology, one that fell out of routine use years ago. Any concerns arising from the study thus would seem to apply mainly to early adopters who used those bygone devices, not to users of current models.

Special Guest – Paul Barattiero!

Why Is Hydrogen Water So Important?

The Problem

In each of our bodies, we have cell damaging activity happening on a daily basis. This is something that neither you nor I can stop from occurring in the body. But it is something we can battle with hydrogen.
A by-product of the ATP production process or fuel generation process in the cell is the creation of oxidative stress. This is a part of life and can’t be helped. When this process goes unchecked, then the body is unable to balance the damage being done on a cellular basis.

It’s kind of like if the police decided to go on vacation and never come back, chaos and crime would terrorize the city…. Sadly this happens too often in our bodies where the oxidative stress is left unchecked and able to run rampant in our bodies.

Due to our physiological design, our bodies should be able to fight this naturally. However, We have disrupted and damaged this process to the point of no return in many individuals. With the pollutants in our environments, misunderstood dieting, poor water quality, and excess stress in our lives, cancer and disease is increasingly on the rise.

It’s an epidemic.

The Solution: Hydrogen Water

Luckily, we have taken the time, spent the money, and found the solution. The body fights oxidative
stress with hydrogen. After studying the body and how it tries to fight oxidative stress with hydrogen, we found that it did so through a special and unique relationship with bacteria in the gut and body. This special microflora or bacteria creates hydrogen as a byproduct of fermentation and food breakdown inside the gut. Instead of reinventing the wheel and trying to find a new version of this, we came up with a way to create hydrogen and dissolve it into water for easier access to the body.
We call it, Echo® H2 Water.

As you drink our water, you are flooding the body with millions upon millions of molecules of hydrogen each day. You are providing the body with the tools necessary to combat oxidative stress and get the body back into balance. This is the ultimate solution in hydration and oxidative stress combat.



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