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Apr 22, 2019 3-5PM ET

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

SPECIAL GUEST – Rep. Dennis Linthicum, R-Klamath Falls

Senator Dennis Linthicum is a businessman, rancher, irrigator, and former Klamath County Commissioner who has been steeped in information technology for most of his career. He has served as both Vice Presidents and Senior Vice President for various IT concerns and was formerly a licensed Oregon construction contractor (CCB) member. For several years Dennis has been writing  as the Dirt Road Economist, where he brings relevant insight regarding local economies and their meaningful contributions to the marketplace. Rural economies bring raw, natural resources into Oregon’s global marketplace where cities and industries can create and supply finished products. One of his favorite quips is, “Since, it all starts down some dusty dirt road, it all boils down to dirt road economics.” His educational background includes a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from UCLA and a Master’s Degree from BIOLA University.

First Do No Harm Tech giants like Facebook, Google, Pinterest and others are out to stop the so-called anti-Vaxxers. They are actively removing and demoting information simply because people are voicing honest disagreements with policy mandates. I, too, am against the mandatory vaccine legislation and I think there has not been enough testing on the various vaccine-combinations. I hope you will see the validity of my assessment as I explain my position. I realize there are pragmatic difficulties in staging realistic epidemiological studies due to the outrageously unique and utterly complex nature of our God-given humanness. Not to mention that we daily experience innumerable outside variables woven through the places, times and circumstances of our lives. Intuitively, we are all well aware of these details because we each know of friends or family members who different from us. They each react differently to any number of food, drink, lotion, or medicinal items. Additionally, when you visit the doctor’s office, they invariable hand you a clipboard where they want you to describe allergic reactions that you may have experienced. This includes, common things like, eggs, fish, milk, tree nuts, peanuts, shellfish, wheat and antibiotics. Take a second and count the people that you are aware of that have some sort of adverse reaction, possibly even anaphylactic shock, from various conditions. Second, consider the simplistic claim that, “all vaccines are proven safe.” Right! Peanut-butter is perfectly safe, too; except when it isn’t. However, no one is mandating that you eat peanut-butter and jelly for lunch (today.)

HB 3063- OPPOSE House Bill 3063 will remove ALL non-medical exemptions in Oregon related to schools, charter schools, daycare, and preschools.

The latest update

March 14: HB 3063 Passed out of the Oregon House Health Care Committee with the -13 amendment. It is now awaiting assignment to a sub Joint Ways & Means Committee. You can sign up for emails to be alerted when the bill moves again. You can watch the recorded Work Session from 3/14 here.

How Can I Help Now?

🔹️It is important to keep the pressure on your legislators (representative and senator). Schedule in-person meetings with them, send them emails, write a letter. Find who represents you here.
—If you receive an email from them with their stance please send this information to Oregonians For Medical Freedom – DO NOT publish their stance publicly unless they have made it public on their webpage/facebook/social media. This is to protect those in support.

🔹️ Sign up for your legislator’s newsletters, go to their town halls.

🔹️Write letters to the editor. Tips on writing to your editor. 

🔹️Consider reaching out to school boards. Superintendents. Principals of schools with high non-medical exemption rates. Let them know this bill will impact them as many families will be forced to leave.

🔹️ Daycares and preschool. Do you run one? Will this cause you to have to close your business? Make sure your legislators know this, this will impact small businesses.

Measles: Judges deny Rockland’s appeal on emergency declaration Rockland County Executive Ed Day’s fight against the measles took another hit in court Friday, as a state appellate panel refused to reinstate his order barring unvaccinated children from schools and other public places. The two-page decision  by the state Supreme Court’s Appellate Division turned down the county’s appeal of acting state Supreme Court Judge Rolf Thorsen’s temporary order halting Day’s emergency declaration. Day declared the emergency March 26 in the face of a measles outbreak that had reached 153 total cases at the time, but has since climbed to 194 cases. The county has declined to specify the number of active cases. The outbreak began last October when a handful of visitors from Israel came to Rockland; it has largely affected the Orthodox and Hasidic communities in Monsey and Spring Valley. Thorsen ruled on April 5 that the number of measles cases did not rise to an epidemic or constitute a disaster. His decision came in response to a pair of lawsuits filed by parents whose children were barred from attending school despite their religious exemptions to vaccinations.

32 percent of foods labeled ‘gluten-free’ contain gluten: study A newly released study has reportedly found gluten in 32 percent of restaurant foods marked gluten-free. The study, published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology, also found gluten in 53.2 percent of pizzas and 50.8 percent of pastas. Gluten can cause severe gastrointestinal issues for those with celiac disease and can even damage the small intestine. “We all want people to be vigilant, but not too worried,” Dr. Benjamin Lerner, who co-wrote the study, said, according to USA Today.  “If you have celiac disease or it’s harmful for you to ingest gluten, you should feel comfortable asking the waiter how things are prepared.” The researchers tested the foods using a portable device called a Nima that uses a small sample to detect gluten at levels lower than 20 parts per million. Under a USDA law, manufacturers can label packaged foods with gluten below 20 parts per million gluten-free. The law does not apply to restaurant foods.

Questions of The Day!

Hello RSB, Super Don, and Dr. Buttar!
I have been getting annual thermograms instead of doing mammograms. During my last visit, the consultant noticed an area between my shoulder blades was highlighted green and she suggested that it may have something to do with gallbladder congestion. She referred me to the Miracle Gallbladder and Liver Cleanse book and protocall by Andreas Moritz. I read the book and did the flush 4 months in a row and seemed to have textbook results which consisted of small pea green “stones” exiting my body. There is a lot of praise for this protocall, but there seems to be an equal amount of skeptcsism about whether or not these are actually gall and liver stones or if they are a by product of the olive oil that is ingested the night before. I was hoping to get your opinions on this cleanse before I go forward with another round. It’s not exactly how I want to spend a weekend, but I will continue if it is worth it. Thank You so much! Johnna T.


Hi guys, recently had a scan done and was told I had a fatty liver, now as far as I know the liver can regenerate but what I don’t know is how to facilitate the regeneration of it, hoping you can help RSB, thanks and keep doing the good work



Hi Robert – thanks for all the awesome work you do. Recently I came across the Medical Medium’s work regarding Hashimoto’s and other “mystery” chronic conditions arising from undiagnosed, latent viruses. I must agree that I never believed the explanation that the “body turns against itself” – that’s just stupid. But the virus idea makes a lot of sense. So, we step up the use of anti-viral foods – namely fruits and vegetables – and herbs, teas, tinctures. But I also thought of silver hydrosol, and so my question to you is what you think the best way would be to get Sovereign Silver to the thyroid — topically (as in a gel application) and/or orally (swish it around in the mouth) ??

Massage Monika

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