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September 25th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Arlington 4th Grader Sent Home From School After Sneezing A father in Arlington said his nine-year-old son was sent home from Bishop Elementary School because he was sneezing. The fourth grade student was told he could not to return until he gets a negative Covid-19 test. “I sneezed two times then the teacher told me to go to the nurse,” said Lancinet Keita. Lancinet says he felt fine, but those sneezes sent him to the nurse’s office where he had to wait for his dad to pick him up. “I was thinking I didn’t have anything just a couple sneezes,” Lancinet said. Thierno Keita says he got a call from the school nurse Tuesday morning that caught him by surprise. “I’ve been so upset about it,” Thierno Keita said. “I’m so upset about sending my kid home.” Keita said his son was OK when he left for school and also had no symptoms when he picked him up. Now he says his son needs to take a Covid-19 test to be allowed back. “He don’t have any symptoms no one and he’s OK,” Thierno said. “And I checked his temperature everything was perfect. His temperature was OK. It’s OK.” Thierno even took his son’s temperature in front of the WBZ camera to show he doesn’t have a fever. Lancinet’s father says they will get a test, and hopefully have the results quickly so he can get back to school.

Study: Encouraging people to stay home works better than lockdown mandates Encouraging voluntary social distancing may be more effective at containing the spread of COVID-19 than government “stay-at-home” mandates, according to an analysis of cellphone data published Tuesday by the journal PLOS ONE. Since the start of the U.S. outbreak, Americans have been practicing social distancing voluntarily or because of governmental restrictions, or some combination of the two, according to researchers at Louisiana State University. Maintaining physical distance from others can limit the spread of COVID-19, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Understanding the interplay of these two factors could help inform optimal strategies for encouraging social distancing and, ultimately, reduce disease spread, LSU researchers said. “The relation between cellphone data and the disease is not straightforward, largely due to disease measurement issues that arise from the way individual jurisdictions track and report cases,” study co-author Rajesh Narayanan told UPI.

SSRIs Linked to ‘Small But Significant’ Increase in Violent Crime There is a small but significant increased risk for committing violent crime in individuals who take selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), new research suggests. A large-scale analysis of Swedish population data showed only 3% of individuals taking SSRIs were convicted for a violent crime. However, the drugs were associated with more than a 25% increased risk for such crimes — an effect that lasted up to 12 weeks after these medications were discontinued. Still, the risk for violent crime among those taking SSRIs is “very, very rare, and doctors should only really talk to people [about it] who’ve had a history of this outcome before,” lead author Tyra Lagerberg, a PhD student at the Karolinska Institutet, Stockholm, Sweden, told Medscape Medical News. That said, “people should be encouraged to self-report if they feel more aggressive or hostile during treatment,” Lagerberg added. The findings were presented at the 33rd European College of Neuropsychopharmacology (ECNP) Congress, which was held online this year because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Could Zinc Help Fight COVID-19? Millions of Americans pop zinc supplements at the first sign of the common cold. Now, new research suggests the nutrient might play a role in COVID-19 outcomes, too. Researchers from Spain reporting at a European coronavirus conference found that hospitalized COVID-19 patients with low blood levels of zinc tended to fare worse than those with healthier levels. “Lower zinc levels at admission correlate with higher inflammation in the course of infection and poorer outcome,” said a team led by Dr. Roberto Guerri-Fernandez of the Hospital Del Mar in Barcelona. One expert in the United States said the finding makes intuitive sense. “It has long been thought that zinc bolsters the immune system,” said pulmonologist Dr. Len Horovitz, of Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. “A possible explanation in this study is that zinc may have an anti-inflammatory effect that is protective.” In the new study, Guerri-Fernandez’s team tracked medical outcomes against the results of lab tests for 249 patients admitted to the hospital with COVID-19 in March and April. Patients averaged 63 years of age and 21 (8%) died from their illness.

Question of the Day!

Hi Dr. Bell and almost a doc Super Don,
I was wondering if Detox Foot Pads are any good for actually detoxing the body or is it just another scam? They are from the power mall ( Daniel Brickman)

Thx Bill

Comment of The Day!

First of all I love your show and listen to the podcast re-run every chance I get. It has been so nice to have a beacon of sanity and truth through all this COVID madness and deception. Where I was disappointed in others that I listen to like Glenn Beck or Ben Shapiro in not recognizing as quickly as I think they should have the stupidity of mask mandates for example, it was so nice to have your voice out there early on ‘un-masking’ the stupidity of the premise of mask mandates. You really are in a class by yourself, at the top of your game. This morning I discovered something that I felt quite indignant about. We order high quality essential oils from a supplier in Germany. This morning on the phone we found that the FDA is holding up these shipments of essential oils which we have patroned for years. While we heard they they just got cleared to ship, I am very concerned that the FDA is sticking their noses in this right now, as their motive seems obvious, to obfuscate access to services and resources helpful to health and wellness. Not long ago I read in the 21-27 May edition of the Epoch Times that FBI raided the clinic of a D.O. that was offering free intravenous vitamin C therapy to anyone closely working with the public. The FBI spokesperson said it was in connection to a DHHS investigation into unproven treatment expressly used for COVID 19. I have a thought for the DHHS, FDA, FBI, etc: guess what else isn’t a proven COVID-19 treatment: hooking people up to respirators, sending sick people to nursing homes that aren’t ready to care for them, or mask mandates, when everywhere it is implemented makes the “COVID cases” increase. The DHHS and its FDA branch need to get out of our business and let us take care of ourselves as we see fit. They should recommend against mask mandates as it actually encourages spread of the virus, and they should absolutely not be getting in the way of me being able to buy essential oils. When our supplier said the FDA was delaying shipment I wanted to shout from the house tops. What else is the FDA mucking up that we don’t know about? Why is their bureaucratic non-sense on this issue not a major news item? You are one of the few voices out there actually calling attention to these infringements on our freedom. It made me all the more grateful for what you do.

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