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August 12th, 2020 3-5PM ET

Wednesday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Russia Shocks the World by Approving First COVID Vaccine – Big Pharma Throws Temper Tantrum – Will They Apply the Same Criticisms to Their Own Vaccines? Russia shocked the world today (August 11, 2020) by announcing that they had approved a new COVID vaccine. The U.S. trade publication FiercePharma reported:As global vaccine players rush to deliver COVID-19 vaccines, Russia shocked the world Tuesday with news that it had approved a locally developed inoculation. The reaction from the U.S. pharma-funded corporate media was quick, and critical, given the fact that the U.S. Government has already invested more than $7 BILLION on COVID vaccine development through “Operation Warp Speed,” and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation has spent at least another $18 BILLION on COVID vaccine development, and apparently none of that money made its way to Russia. Apparently recognizing the symbolism of the Star Trek theme in using “Warp Speed” to describe U.S. Government COVID vaccine development, the Russians named their new COVID vaccine “Sputnik V,” the first rocket to reach space during the Cold War era in the space program race with the U.S. back in the 1960s.Indeed, the vaccine’s name—Sputnik V, after the Russian satellite that beat the U.S. into orbit during the space-race era—seemed designed to provoke a response from international rivals. (Source.) The outrage from the U.S. media and the mass murderers who are squelching the natural cures that already exist for COVID so that they can capitalize on COVID vaccines they plan to inject into every single person on the planet, can be characterized as a “temper tantrum.” For the first time since the COVID Plandemic, they were all unified in their opposition to a COVID vaccine.

FDA head says any approved COVID-19 vaccine will be safe Stephen Hahn, M.D., the head of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, said Monday that the agency will not compromise safety when approving a COVID-19 vaccine, CNN reported. That assurance was given during a video briefing with the American Medical Association. Because of how fast the FDA is working, some have questioned if the agency will weaken its usual rigor when it reviews from . “Let me assure you that we will not cut corners,” Hahn said. “All of our decisions will continue to be based on good science and the same careful deliberative processes we have always used when reviewing medical products.” Many Americans are wary of a . Hahn said he has seen surveys that show that many people will be reluctant to get vaccinated. In May, a CNN poll found one-third of Americans would not get a COVID-19 vaccine even if it is widely available and inexpensive. Hahn urged doctors to get their patients to take the vaccine when it is approved. “We hope that you will urge your patients to take an approved vaccine so that we can seek to establish widespread immunity,” he said.

Special Guest – Barry Wray

Barry Wray is the Executive Director of the Florida Keys Environmental Coalition, which he formed in 2010 in response to threats for the Deep Water Horizon Oil Spill to the ecosystems and livelihood of the FL Keys. Barry, together with a team of Keys wide activists, who range from globally recognized PhDs and Medical Doctors to Moms and Realtors, has helped lead the defense of the Keys from the premature release of Genetically Modified (GM) Mosquitoes until they are proven safe, championed changes to aerial chemical dispersal to prevent contamination to potable water system and pioneered a novel engineered approach to improving near shore water quality in the Keys using indigenous filter feeder species in engineered habitats. Barry has a Master’s of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Massachusetts along with years of extensive project management and global engineering achievements for companies like GE and Ericsson.

New Billboard Warning of Genetically Modified Mosquitoes Tell FKMC what you think about the FIRST release EVER in FL of GMO Mosquitoes! (with sequences of herpes and Ecoli) Tuesday, August 18th Florida Keys Mosquito Control board will VOTE on approving a release of Oxitec’s genetically modified mosquitoes in the Florida Keys. This is not just a Florida Keys issue; furthermore, this is not just a Florida issue. This issue is of international interest. Let’s not become another of Oxitec’s failed experiments. If you want to support a “NO!” Vote of FKMC Commissioners on this risky technology, please contact Chrissy Bloxom at, and register to speak at this critical meeting. We hope to have a minimum of 80 speakers with 3-minute (individual) or 5-minute (organization) comments. This will go on public record to show that we will not tolerate being used by a multinational biotechnology corporation for garnering baseline data to develop their patented, for-profit technology at the risk of public health and the environment. Meeting details may be found HERE: Attached is a briefing document created by our partners at Friends of the Earth if you are interested. Click Here Please share this with friends, business leaders, media contacts. If you are not already aware, a billboard representative of opposition to this experiment is erected at the entrance to the Florida Keys, inbound US1-South in Key Largo, image attached. Should you wish to make a contribution and “own” a piece of the billboard, and learn more about our position, please visit: Thank you all for expressing interest and engagement in this ongoing battle to protect what we love. Sign up to speak!

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

Remember the lies told about the Coronavirus before you accept any mainstream media. REMEMBER WHEN? Remember when we were threatened to download the Covid app so that sports may resume in Australia. Remember when treating people with Covid with Ventilators actually killed them. Remember when the Tanzanian President John Magufuli’s was given testing kits by the WHO which he used on a goat and pawpaw and both came out positive for Covid. Remember the MPs from multi countries who were silenced and censored after speaking up about the government fabricating Covid numbers. Remember when the media used the same footage from the hospital in Italy and claimed it to be a hospital in New York. Remember when the media filmed the ER in a hospital and we later recognized mannequins instead of humans were being treated for Covid. Remember when the media killed a little boy twice of Covid but used different names to claim it was from two different countries. Remember when all those doctors and scientists came out contradicting the mainstream narrative around Covid and were censored or deemed as ‘Misinformation’.

ANTIVIRUS Eccentric tech millionaire John McAfee arrested after wearing ‘safe lacy thong as a coronavirus mask’ in Norway TECH millionaire John McAfee has admitted claims he was arrested in Norway for wearing a thong instead of a coronavirus mask were a hoax. Tweeting on Monday, McAfee, known for developing the first commercial antivirus software, said he had been detained after refusing to remove the underwear for his “health’s sake”. Photos later showed him wearing a thong on his face and talking to a police officer in what appeared to be an airport terminal. “My Coronavirus mask is the problem,” he wrote. “I am insisting it is the safest available and I’m refusing to wear anything else — for my health’s sake. Authority!?!?!?!?” But he has now said the photos were in fact taken in Germany, where local police have said he was never arrested. Taking to twitter today, McAfee wrote: “Though the police uniforms in the photos clearly showed “Polizei” (German, not Norwegian – therefore Germany, Switzerland, Bavaria or Austria), many news outlets reported “Norway” as the location of my arrest. “Just ’cause I said so.”

Joe Biden And Kamala Harris Could Be A Big Boost For Cancer Research Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has chosen Senator Kamala Harris as his vice-presidential running mate. Much is being hurriedly written about their likely policies on major topics such as the economy, policing and healthcare, but the nomination is also making waves in a different community, one that focuses on people with cancer. This includes patients, healthcare professionals and researchers, hopeful that Biden and Harris might prioritize funding for and support for cancer research if elected in November, as they both have strong ties to the disease. Harris’ mother was Dr Shyamala Gopalan, a cancer research scientist who moved to the University of California at Berkeley to pursue a doctorate after graduating from the University of Delhi age 19. Gopalan reportedly frequently took her children with her to her lab at the university, even getting them to help out by cleaning test tubes. Like many academic research scientists, Gopalan moved institutions throughout her career, spending time at McGill university in Montréal and the University of Illinois, before eventually moving back to California.

Aspirin may accelerate progression of advanced cancers in older adults Results from a recent clinical trial indicate that for older adults with advanced cancer, initiating aspirin may increase their risk of disease progression and early death. The study, which was conducted by a binational team led by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH), the Berman Center in Minnesota, and Monash University in Australia, is published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Compelling evidence from that included predominantly middle-aged adults demonstrates that may reduce the risk of developing , especially . Information is lacking for , however. To provide insights, investigators designed and initiated the ASPirin in Reducing Events in the Elderly (ASPREE) trial, the first randomized double-blind placebo-controlled trial of daily low-dose aspirin (100 mg) in otherwise healthy older adults. The study included 19,114 Australian and U.S. community-dwelling participants aged 70+ years (U.S. minorities 65+ years) without cardiovascular disease, dementia, or physical disability at the start of the study. Participants were randomized to aspirin or placebo and followed for a median of 4.7 years.

MLB Teams Explore Using Cameras to Detect Maskless Fans at Games The baseball season has started with eerily empty stadiums, but some teams are exploring high-tech ways to verify that people in the stands are taking health precautions, a possible step toward bringing fans back. Several Major League Baseball teams have held talks with a California startup called Airspace Systems Inc. that develops technology to detect whether people are wearing face masks, the league and the company said. The discussions focus on implementing the systems into cameras around the stadium to identify people without face coverings, with masks dangling from their chins or otherwise worn improperly. Representatives for Airspace and MLB declined to name the teams in talks to use the technology. They also declined to comment on whether the tools would be reserved for fans or whether they would be deployed sooner for screening players or staff. The coronavirus pandemic has disrupted sports around the world, and the impact on Major League Baseball was especially sharp. After protracted negotiations, the season finally restarted last month.



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