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Feb 7, 2019 7-9PM ET

Thursday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Hour 1 – Sacred Fire of Liberty!

It’s that time of the week where we get to explore the political healing that this country needs so desperately! Cheryl Chumley and Michael Boldin are here to help us dissect the latest political news that’s fit to print:

Blackface, ‘dark makeup’ and Dems — and the confusing politics of hate All eyes may be on Virginia and its gubernatorial blackface scandal right now — but really, the bigger and juicier story is watching members of the media duck and dodge for the Democrats caught between a rock and a racist place. Honestly, it’s getting confusing to keep track of when blackface is racist, when it’s not and just whom we’re supposed to hate. Gov. Ralph Northam? OK. Check. He denies he’s the blackface guy in his 1984 medical college yearbook, but that was after he admitted it. The flip-flopping makes him an easy mark; if not a blackfacer, he still appears to be a liar. But what about the others — what of Virginia’s attorney general, Mark Herring? What to do, what to do. Headlines like this, from The New York Times, are just such a hoot: “Virginia Attorney General Says He Also Dressed in Dark Makeup.” Herring, interesting to note, is a Democrat. The point? Well, it’d be hard picturing The Times writing such a headline for, say, Republican Ken Cuccinelli back when he was attorney general, had he faced similar blackface issues. Twitter, thankfully, humorously, took The Times to task.

Trump’s SOTU did the impossible In his State of the Union, President Donald Trump managed to do what political watchers wouldn’t have predicted possible just a few short hours, nay minutes, before his opening words — and that’s draw together the chamber, the Democrats and Republicans, the socialists and progressives, the entire country. He made Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez smile and applaud, for crying out loud. “No one has benefitted more from our thriving economy than women, who have filled 58 percent of our newly created jobs last year,” Trump said. “All Americans can be proud that we have more women in Congress than ever before,” Trump said. “And exactly one century after the Congress passed the constitutional amendment giving women the right to vote, we also have more women serving in Congress than at any time before,” he said. And that’s when the miracle happened: The Republican-bashing, Trump-hating, free market-detesting, Constitution-twisting Ocasio-Cortez smiled, clapped and cheered. The women in white who surrounded her jumped to their feet and hooped and whooped, as well.

Wyoming Senate Passes Bill to Take Over Operation of Federal Facilities During a Shutdown CHEYENNE, Wyo. (Feb. 7, 2019) – Yesterday, the Wyoming Senate passed a bill which would allow for the state to temporarily take over operation of federal lands in Wyoming in the case of another shutdown.Introduced by Sen. Charlie Scott (R-Casper), Senate File 148, (SF148) creates a process by which the state would take over operation of federal facilities, such as national parks, “If the federal government of the United States is unable for any reason to successfully operate any national park or other federal facility located within Wyoming.” [emphasis added] The bill also calls for a process to return those lands to the federal government once a shutdown ends. The legislation empowers the governor to take any steps necessary to “to protect any natural wonder, wildlife and plant life, cultural resource and other natural feature contained in the federal facility.”


Arizona Measure Would Send Marijuana Legalization to Voters, Despite Federal Prohibition PHOENIX, Ariz. (Feb. 7, 2019) – A resolution introduced in the Arizona Senate would send a measure to legalize marijuana for recreational purposes to voters on the next ballot. Introduced by Sen. Juan Mendez (D-Tempe) and 13 Democrat cosponsors, Senate Concurrent Resolution 1022 (SCR1022) is a proposal to allow people 21 years of age or older to cultivate, possess, purchase, transport, transfer, use, and consume cannabis and cannabis products. Provisions in the measure would create a regulatory and taxation scheme for the commercial production and sale of marijuana similar to laws on the books in ten other states. Should SCR1022 pass both chambers of the Arizona legislature, it will bypass Gov. Ducey, one of the state’s most aggressive cannabis-legalization opponents, and go directly to the voters for final approval. Despite these efforts, the federal government still claims the power to deem marijuana illegal in Arizona, and everywhere else in the U.S.

They’re All to Blame for Massive Federal Spending

Hour 2

Barbara Loe Fisher on Forcing People to Violate Their Conscience 

In the absence of scientific studies to compare all morbidity and mortality outcomes in vaccinated and unvaccinated individuals to determine scientific truth and with vaccine experts busy comforting themselves with the scientifically idiotic supposition that the risk of dying after eating bread is identical to the risk of dying after being injected with a vaccine containing toxins that are used to deliberately induce seizures and death in lab animals, more and more people are refusing to blindly trust and put their lives and the lives of their children in the hands of the experts. They are demanding the right to decide for themselves which risk to take and the right to select the kind of preventive health care that is appropriate for their family.

There are those who are attempting to paint the people calling for better science and the right to informed consent as anti-vaccine child abusers and traitors to their country. And all they are doing by falsely characterizing people, who are only trying to be good parents and responsible citizens, is to pave the way for the day when you will see Americans marching with their children in the streets; standing up in court and in front of the TV cameras; willing to go to jail to fight for their human and civil rights; and defending with their lives their moral obligation to obey the certain judgement of their conscience and protect their children from harm.

You cannot take away freedom and force people to violate their conscience and expect to get away with it. Maybe in the Gulag or in Peking. But not in America.

— Barbara Loe Fisher, co-founder and president of the National Vaccine Information Center (NVIC)

Comment of The Day!

FYI Oregon introducing HB2783 to change philosophical and religious belief having to have a health care practitioner verify as well as do the educational modules.


Question of The Day!

Hi Robert, Hi Super Don, Last Thursday 1/31 afternoon, we think my husband developed a sinus infection with terrible pressure on his face and his throat was tender. He also had a slight temperature of 99.1. He had never felt this before, so being a long time listener, I gave him sovereign silver to spray in his nose, along with taking 1-3 teaspoons of sovereign silver several times a day (held under his tongue for 30 seconds of course, then swallowed) , 4 Innate Selenium several times a day, 2 (480mg ea) Marshmallow Root, 3x’s a day and some Elderberry. It went away in about 2 days. However…on the third day, he broke out with a terrible red, itchy rash, all over his upper torso, neck and head/face, no temperature but felt like he was burning up. I’ve stopped giving him the above protocol, think it may be a reaction to all I gave and succombered to giving him Benadryl. it’s not really helping either. As of today, 2/6, we’ve stopped the Benadryl. I don’t want to take him to the doctors, unless I really have to, as they will probably give him a steroid shot and antibiotics, as that won’t take care of the underlaying cause. My next step is to put him on an elimination diet. He doesn’t normally/regularly take the sovereign silver and selenium plus all the other, like I do. So could have have given him too much? I only wish we had a Naturopathic Doctor near us. The rash question. Husband is 68yo and isn’t on any meds, nor takes any shots. thought that info may help. As many times you’ll say, we don’t know how old this person is and if he’s on any other meds. Only takes Mega Food Multi for Men 55+.
Thank you again.

Think no evil: kind thoughts can boost immune system, study finds It was Buddha who said “your worst enemy cannot harm you as much as your own unguarded thoughts”. Now science appears to have proved him right, after new researched showed that negative thoughts can be physiologically harmful, while positive thinking calms the heart rate and even boosts the immune system. The findings suggest that taking time to think positive thoughts about oneself can make a significant health difference. In a study carried out by academics at the universities of Exeter and Oxford, 135 healthy were divided into five groups and played a different set of audio instructions. The team took physical measurements of heart rate and sweat response and asked participants to report how they were feeling. Questions included how safe they felt, how likely they were to be kind to themselves and how connected they felt to others.

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