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Dec 2, 2019 3-5PM ET

Monday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

Anti-vaxers send vitamin A to Samoa Today’s updated death toll showed 48 measles related deaths in Samoa – most of them childrenunder four years old. More than 3500 cases of the infectious disease have been reported since the outbreak started in October, and a mass immunisation campaign is underway. International anti-vaccination groups are sending the vitamins in a bid to help combat the disease. But there has been a mixed reaction to their efforts, as Samoan authorities struggle to combat low vaccination rates in the country. The shipments are being received by a Samoan businessman, Edwin Tamasese, who opposes the use of paracetamol and antibiotics for measles patients. He said the vitamins are working. “We’re having really good success, like in 16 hours we’re having kids that are lying there looking like they’re going to pass away, and they are weak, but then they get up and start drinking, and start to eat.” The World Health Organisation (WHO) says Vitamin A deficiency is a recognised risk factor for severe measles, and in New Zealand doses are recommended for all children hospitalised with the disease.

What report says about Samoa’s diet The Associate Minister of Public Enterprises, Papali’i Niko Lee Hang, launched two key household reports on Monday at the Development Bank of Samoa building in Apia. The reports were the Household Income and Expenditure Tabulation Report 2013/14 and the F.A.O report on Dietary patterns of Samoan households. Whereas the Household Income and Expenditure Survey establishes the average diet of Samoan households, and which households are most at risk of poor nutrition outcomes, the report on Dietary Patterns identifies the food items contributing to current nutrition outcomes and makes recommendations regarding which food items could assist Samoan households to satisfy their dietary requirements in the most cost effective way. The following is the conclusion of the Dietary patterns of households in Samoa. It is published here for the information of our readers:

Samoa measles epidemic: Authorities forced to destroy vaccines as death toll hits 32 Health officials in Samoa have been forced to throw out about 60 doses of the measles vaccine that were not properly refrigerated as the measles outbreak worsens.  Ministry of Health Director-General Dr Take Naseri confirmed an investigation has been launched into how the measles vaccines were obtained by the clinic which is not authorised to administer them. “The investigation will look into the circumstances surrounding the clinics services and operations without authorisation and the procurement of the vaccines amongst other issues,” he told a press conference on Monday. Dr Naseri initially put the number of doses destroyed at 6,000 but a statement released on Tuesday said that was a “slip of [the] tongue”. The private clinic, run by former health department employees, was reportedly charging a fee for the injections which are meant to be provided for free.

Special Guest – Ginger Taylor!

Ginger Taylor is a 42 year old new media writer, author, speaker and activist. She blogs on the politics of autism, health, vaccination, informed consent and both corporate and government corruption. She is a former Marriage and Family Therapist specializing in adolescent and family therapy and hold a Masters degree in Clinical Counseling from Johns Hopkins University. She currently carries a caseload of one… her son Chandler who regressed into autism following his 18 month vaccinations. In 2009 she served on the steering committee of the first Maine CDC Autism Conference to educate medical professionals on the current state of research and treatment of autism. She is the founder of Greater Brunswick Special Families a support organization for families supporting loved ones with developmental disabilities in Mid-Coast Maine.

“Anti-vaxxer” is Used as a Bigoted Epithet and a Smear, Why Are You Using It? What do you call a woman who delivered a combined 77 doses of vaccine to her two sons?  An “anti-vaxxer.” What do you call a pediatrician who deliverers vaccines in his office every day?  An “anti-vaxxer.” What do you call the Princeton/Harvard educated father of a disabled daughter who works to improve vaccine safety science and policy?  An “anti-vaxxer” who deserves to be hung. I have written several vaccine safety reform bills, one of which that resulted in adding this page ( to the web site, to make sure that the state officially recognized and informed the public that the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program Exists. So naturally by working to assure that the state, and its medical providers, know about federal vaccine safety and injury programs, I am opposed to vaccination in any and all forms, and should be tagged as an enemy of the people. Someone last year said on Twitter that the bigoted moniker, “anti-vaxxer” was akin to calling someone the “N” word.  He was roundly attacked for the comparison, and with some good reason, as his idea was not yet thought through.  He was not quite right, but he was in the ballpark.  The hatred of anyone critical of any part of the vaccine program is not based on who they were at conception, as the “N” word is. The term “anti-vaxxer” is a bigoted epithet.  Some bigoted smears are based on racism, hatred of someone for who they were born to be, and some are based on choices that people have made.  This term falls into the latter category.

Hour 2 – Your Questions and Comments!

As a Christian who feels we’ve lost our way as a nation straying from the principles advocated in the U.S. constitution, it’s been difficult for me to trust some alternative/holistic medicine practitioners who are less religious and prefer spiritual/metaphysical/hindu approaches to health. Am I being too critical and closed-minded? How can you tell which of these practitioners/public figures to trust? They seem to be in a frenzy about climate change/global warming and the environment and have a chip on their shoulder re: Christian church leaders not being more vocal among their congregations about the environment and health topics, push plant-based/vegan diets, etc. Not that I’m in favor of pollution because we should take care of our environment, but it often seems to be used as a destructive change agent by those with a globalist agenda. I also wish Christian leaders were more vocal about health issues as well, but I can’t trust anyone who condemns church leaders as a reason to lose faith. Slippery slope. Thanks in advance for any guidance.


Can the archives of past shows be searched? How can I get in touch with Judy Erwin?



Hi Doc Rob!
I used to work for NIC and have met you and spoken with you several times, so I don’t know if you remember me. But, I have a personal question.
I have been having a lot of upper stomach bloating even after I get up in the morning and haven’t even ate or drank anything. But, when I do eat anything, I bloat so much that I look like I’m 6 months pregnant. My stomach hurts. I have a lot of belching. I’m gaining weight and I’m barely eating. I can’t figure out why this is happening. I thought it may be my thyroid so I’ve been taking a thyroid supplement, not a drug, and it’s not helping.
Would you have ANY idea what could be going on? I’ve noticed a lot of people who are in their 50’s (like me) and older are having the same issue. So, there HAS to be some correlation.
Love your podcast and website!


Hello RSB et all, is it possible to access product information you discuss on your show via cell phone mobile? Been looking for information on the Qi Home Cell such as price and how much delivery is to Canada but haven’t seen any links to any products anywhere, looked several times (probably too challenged because of chronic fatigue or maybe just too difficult to find with my phone). Maybe with a computer.?

Thank you for your tremendous show!!!.



Thank you for all the years you have been bringing to us the truth and enlightening many to the reality of the dangers we are facing here in America, not just the health issues but the dangerous threats we Americans are going to be forced to adapt to or re-issue our Declaration of Independence from the tyrannies of our own Federal enslavers.

I have been listening to you since 2007 and I still have your newsletters since July of 2008 in my e-mail history. One thing you have ALWAYS been is consistent and truth full in your passion to bring more truth and knowledge to the American People.(and others)

You are right about how dangerous the Real ID Act by next year will be, to cause a lot of tombstone markers to be set on us all, as will the Internet Tax proposal several States want to enact on everything purchased online. Funny how section 9 #5 of The Bill of rights States “No tax or duty shall be laid on articles exported from any State.” I can see a tax levied on goods coming from other Countries but not from other States.

The Read ID Act will be treating us all as taxable goods, but in the way we can not do anything without conforming to this bogus restraint. Are we not supposed to be able to move freely within our own State as well as ANY other State? I thought slavery and segregation was abolished?

It seams that instead of America being the last beacon or hope for the world, the left wants to steam roll us and make the world flat again.

I am looking forward to todays show and thank you again for keeping that spark of Liberty burning bright.


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