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December 22, 7-9PM ET

Friday on The Robert Scott Bell Show:

It’s time for our pre-holiday episode! What better way to start off the show than with a couple of your questions?

Question of The Day!


I have just heard about what is supposed to be a fairly new type of silver called “structured silver.” Do you know how this type of silver compares to Sovereign Silver, or is Sovereign Silver considered structured silver?

I love your show! Thanks for all you do!



Hi guys Merry Christmas, y’all. I was wondering what other cancers is silver hydrosol a good adjunct to include? I know it helps with lung cancer,colon,leukemia and skin cancer to name a few, what about pancreatic or others?
Some other questions I have are about bladder infections, I think silver hydrosol is curative for women’s bladders? What about us guys, every time I look if silver would be helpful there’s not much help anywhere, if it’s not helpful in this situation, then what are some things that help men’s bladder infections? Would olive leaf and oil of oregano be good and is there anything else? Thanks to all of you on Rsb show, you guys rock.


A Cannabis Christmas Present From Trump!

Trump signs stopgap spending bill extending federal medical marijuana protections a few more weeks President Donald Trump signed a temporary spending bill into law on Friday to avert a government shutdown after the Republican-led Congress did the bare minimum in a sprint toward the holidays and punted disputes on immigration, health care and the budget to next year. Protections for state medical marijuana programs known as the Rohrabacher-Blumenauer amendment were also continued in the legislation to fund the government through Jan. 19, Rep. Earl Blumenauer, D-Ore., announced in a statement Friday.

Special Guest – Kimberly Hahn BSc, RAc, HOM

The Georgian College Homeopathy program marks a milestone in the evolution and inclusion of homeopathy within the greater education and health care systems both within Canada and beyond. Homeopathy is a regulated
health profession in the province of Ontario, Canada and as such our program meets and/or exceeds the competencies and standards set out by both the provincial regulatory body and government legislation. Our program welcomes international students and is eligible for funding assistance and international student visa application.

Learn more about the Georgian College Homeopathy program HERE


These Parent’s Get 10,000 Bonus Points

Wine bottles given to teachers have image of ‘that kid’ An Ohio couple brought Christmas cheer to their son’s teachers by gifting them bottles of wine bearing photos of “the reason you drink” — their son. Mary and Paul Sommers of Beavercreek had special labels printed bearing the image of their son, eighth-grader Jake, and affixed them to the bottles of wine they gave his teachers at Ascension School in Kettering. “Our Child Might Be The Reason you Drink So Enjoy This Bottle On Us,” the labels read. The wine bottles went viral after a photo was tweeted by Daniel Joseph “DJ” Sommers, a sophomore at Ohio State University and Jake’s oldest sibling.”My parents always get our elementary school teachers a present around Christmas. Typically something small like a candle or flower to say thank you. This year they got them bottles of wine & replaced the labels with their own with my brother on them… Happy holidays,” DJ Sommers tweeted.

Hour 2 – Special Guest Doc Harmony

Dr. Harmony’s story begins with Christopher, her son, who was diagnosed with an ear infection. During
the next 6 months, he was given several rounds of antibiotics, however none of them worked. As a matter of fact, the last antibiotic he ever took caused him to vomit them up violently. At this point , she thought, “enough is enough”. However, Harmony really had no idea where to go or what solutions were available. At the time, she was working at the largest utility company in the Southeast Region of the States. She believed that she was on the fast track to success in Corporate America with her Bachelor’s Degree in International Studies. But as she watched her son’s health decline, she finally remembered a Naturopathic doctor that lived in Georgia, Dr. Berryhill. She visited Dr. Berryhill and he recommended ear candles. Due to her ignorance and lack of education, Harmony thought it was an incredibly strange idea. However, she had no other options. The thought of lighting a candle and putting it into her son’s ear made no sense to her! Read more HERE

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Welcome Back Doc Nuzum!

Daniel Nuzum NMD, DO, DN is a Certified Doctor of Natural Medicine, Medical Acupuncturist and Nutritional Supplement Formulator with a passion to help others find their “vitality for life.” He is also a licensed Tribal Practitioner, a counsel licensed Doctor of Natural Medicine and an osteopathic doctor. In 2002, he founded Nuzum’s Naturals located in Nampa, Idaho. The clinic served the entire Treasure Valley until Dr. Nuzum chose to focus on creating formulas and supplements that will have an impact on global health.  His vast background is in many facets of natural medicine and deeply inspired by a passion for people and helping others. Dr. Nuzum frequently pursues opportunities to educate. He has made guest appearances on The Truth About Cancer, with Ty Bolinger, as an expert discussing the connection between fluoride and bone cancer.

What is the Doc Nuzum Gut Health Protocol?


  • More nutrient dense than juicing & other green drinks.
  • 71 of the healthiest veggies, fruits, herbs, spices, mushrooms, and seeds!
  • All ingredients juiced prior to freeze-drying which keeps nutrients intact.
  • Organic and fermented botanical blend maximizes your intake of nutrients.
  • PLUS 17 different essential enzymes, and powerful probiotics.


  • A revolutionary, ultra-powerful enzyme supplement
  • As essential for your digestive & immunity support
  • Contains 17 different essential enzymes!
  • Crucial for deriving nutrients from foods you eat & eliminating toxins
  • Organic fermented blend of ingredients to boost effectiveness



  • Ultra-powerful support for your immunity & digestive health.
  • Highly effective plant & soil based probiotics.
  • 20 billion CFU (at time of manufacture).
  • Unique probiotic blend multiples quickly in your gut for maximum benefit.
  • Organic fermented blend of ingredients to boost effectiveness.

And Now Our Final Question of The Day!

Hey RSB!
I have been doing coffee enemeas for about 3 years. Dr Nick Gonzalez was the one who taught us how and he told me if I had trouble retaining the enemea to add molasses. I’ve used molasses in my enemea up until a few months ago and it’s a struggle to retain without it. Do you know WHY the molasses helps?
Lots of Vitamin L to you,
Sara H

 Remember Friends, The Power to Heal is Yours!

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