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February 5th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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Switzerland bans AstraZeneca vaccine for ALL citizens as Europe declares war on UK jab SWITZERLAND has made a shock move not to approve the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine for use in its roll out of Covid jabs. The decision makes it the only country in Europe not to authorise doses of the Oxford-produced jab for use. The Swiss medical regulator claimed there was a lack of data to reach conclusions on  the efficacy of the COVID-19 vaccine. Approval of the jab had been widely expected by many in Switzerland. SwissMedic said: “For the vaccine from AstraZeneca, the data available and evaluated to date are not yet sufficient for approval. “In order to obtain additional data on safety, efficacy and quality, data from new studies are required.” The move runs counter to the decision made by the European Union’s drug watchdog – which Switzerland is not a member – to green-light AstraZeneca’s Covid jab last week.

Matt Hancock admits Hollywood film Contagion helped shape his vaccine response Health secretary Matt Hancock has revealed the Hollywood film Contagion partly shaped his strategy on the UK’s coronavirus vaccination programme. The senior cabinet minister said the movie starring Matt Damon – which focuses on the international struggle to contain a deadly virus – helped prepare him for the global scramble to get hold of vaccines.  Asked by LBC about his own viewing of Contagion, Mr Hancock said the film influenced the government’s approach to placing huge orders with vaccine manufacturers as early as possible. “In the film, it shows that the moment of highest stress around the vaccine programme is not before its rolled out – when the scientists and manufacturers work together at pace – it’s afterwards when there is a huge row of the order of priority,” he said. The health secretary also said the movie influenced the government’s decision to set out a clear order of priority for the domestic rollout, in a bid to avoid ongoing squabbles over who should get the jab first.

Special Guest David J Blyweiss, MD

David J. Blyweiss, MD began his medical career as a clinical pharmacist in South Florida prior to earning his medical degree from St. George’s University School of Medicine in 1982. This dual background allowed him to appreciate the relevance of conventional pharmaceutical/surgical based treatments in acute medical conditions, but also to recognize where these approaches fell short in treating the vast majority of patients who suffered from the chronic degenerative diseases of “western civilization origin”. Over the last twenty years, with the nutritional medical knowledge base expanding in the fields of nutrigenomics, proteomics and other related “orthomolecular” disciplines directed towards patients’ biochemical individuality, Dr. Blyweiss became an early adherent, experienced practitioner and now teacher of what would become known as “functional medicine”. Dr. Blyweiss has used this matrix of systems biology to effectively manage and alleviate the symptoms related to the most “difficult-to-treat” conditions by addressing the underlying causes, helping to guide the body to heal itself.

In association with Humana Medical Plans, as an affiliated provider, Dr. Blyweiss also served as member of, and subsequent chairman of, the Quality Assurance Committee and Physician Credentialing Committee from 1985 – 1990. He is adjunct faculty at University of Miami Miller School of Medicine helping to train both future and practicing physicians in “functional medicine” . He is both a local authority and international speaker on a multitude of important medical subjects with a functional medicine approach. Dr. Blyweiss was one of three researchers doing the early work on chlorhexidine (phisohex, hibiclens) while earning his first post graduate degree at Temple University School of Pharmacy. During medical school he worked with the World Health Organization in vaccinating children in the island nation of Grenada. He was a team member of the physician relief program in Kendall, Florida after Hurricane Andrew in 1994. He has traveled the world, most recently to Gabon and Croatia working closely with teams of specialists to identify new plant life and natural products for possible human benefit. He has consulted for and created state-of-the -art nutritional supplements for multiple nutritional companies since 1999. He helped form Eden Laboratories Ltd. doing regenerative medicine research in Belize, CA. He is currently in private practice in South Florida where he resides with his family.

Cleaning Frenzy, Health Catastrophe? How the drive to clean and disinfect during COVID could be damaging our health. Action Alert! The incessant cleaning and disinfecting that has become the norm in many homes and businesses during the pandemic may not only be unnecessary, but dangerous. Chemicals found in cleaning products can adversely affect human health, including acute damage and chronic effects. We must demand that these chemicals be pulled from the market so they can be studied properly for safety. Many feel the need to clean surfaces often to prevent virus transmission, but experts are now saying that the risk of getting infected from touching a surface contaminated by the virus is low. Surfaces in hospitals near COVID patients have been tested, and no infectious virus can be identified. This contradicts earlier findings that the virus could live on surfaces for days. American homes and businesses have used cleaners and disinfectants extensively to kill any virus that could be on surfaces; in some restaurants, disinfectants are used after each sitting. In other instances, disinfectants are distributed through the air with fogging devices in poorly ventilated spaces—particularly high-rise offices that often recirculate air. Experts note that the risks of aerosolizing many disinfectants have not been studied.

Gut bacteria instruct brain cells to fight inflammation A newly discovered type of brain cell combats inflammation when it receives signals from bacteria in the gut. This finding — of research in animals — might lead to the development of probiotics that help reduce inflammation in people with neurological disorders such as multiple sclerosis (MS).  Star-shaped brain cells called astrocytes perform a wide range of maintenance services in the brain. These include providing nutrients to nerve cells and regulating the cells’ development.  When astrocytes malfunction, however, they can promote inflammation and neurodegeneration.  Research suggests that faulty astrocytes are involved in a range of neurodegenerative disorders, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases.  Now, a new study in mice has found that a previously unknown type of astrocyte actually protects against inflammation. More surprisingly, the cell steps up its anti-inflammatory work when it receives a molecular signal from gut bacteria.  “Over the years, many labs, including mine, have identified important roles for astrocytes in promoting neurological diseases,” says Dr. Francisco Quintana, of the Ann Romney Center for Neurologic Diseases, at Brigham and Women’s Hospital, in Boston, MA. Dr. Quintana is the senior and corresponding author of the new study.

A sliver lining in anti-Covid fight With its broad-spectrum of antimicrobial activity, silver nanoparticles (AgNPs) have proven to be effective in minimizing the risk of transmission of infectious agents, especially airborne viruses including Covid-19, in confined or crowded places like hospitals, public transport, schools, offices, malls and markets, among many others.
Along with several international studies on silver metal coating on disposable facial masks displaying virucidal effect vis-a-vis regular cloth masks, Saurashtra University’s department of physics has also utilized the antibacterial and antifungal behaviour of silver ions and nanoparticles to create a material suitable to combat the coronavirus through face masks. In its first application, SU made 50,000 masks with silver nanoparticle coating and claims AgNPs can kill 365 pathogens after conducting two successful laboratory tests. Silver nanoparticles penetrate bacterial cell walls and alter the structure of cell membranes and even resulting in death of the cell. The silver ions interrupt cell replication of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) and thereby arrests the contagion. Many tests have shown that silver ions (Ag⁺) have killed all bacteria, fungi (molds and yeasts) and deactivated all viruses.

Hour 2

The Healing Revolution with Dr. Frank King!

Join the Healing Revolution by reading Dr. King’s book about the 8 Essentials to life and health!

The King Bio Journey

In my early 20s, my aging father put me in charge of the farm. My passion for all things natural was growing by leaps and bounds, so I converted our operations to an organic, biodynamic farm.

Meanwhile, my enthusiasm for the healing arts grew. I read everything I could about natural foods and health. I went to hear a crazy eighty-year-old man named Dr. Paul Bragg speak, and he exploded my old-age stereotypes! A few years later, I was astounded to hear that he reportedly died from complications received from a surfing accident. In his 80s!

These were my days of discovery, as I learned how detrimental many aspects of the Industrial Revolution and the so-called advances of modern science and technology have been to human health. I began to see a need for another kind of revolution.

I still remember the day in 1975 when I decided to become a healer instead of a farmer. I soon obtained two degrees: Doctor of Chiropractic and Naturopathic Doctor. In 1979, I established a multi-practitioner natural health clinic.

People drove from miles around to visit our clinic that was located in the spacious house my father had built on our farm. We gained a reputation for catching people who were at the end of their ropes, whose challenging symptoms left other doctors scratching their heads.

“Specializing in Difficult Cases” became the tag line on our business cards. We were passionate about finding the root causes of illness, rather than simply treating symptoms. We also helped pet owners by giving chiropractic adjustments and natural remedies to dogs, cats, horses, buffalos and even chickens.

Meanwhile, I developed new approaches to natural health care, including pure water-based homeopathic medicines. In 1989, I established King Bio, an FDA-registered company that researches, manufactures and sells natural homeopathic products. King Bio soon expanded into six brands: Dr. King’s Natural MedicineNatural Pet Pharmaceuticals, Natural Veterinary Pharmaceuticals, SafeCareRxSafecare and Aquaflora products.









Gloucester resident dies within hours of receiving Pfizer vaccine “She could bellow from the bottom of her soul,” said Lisa Jones. 58-year-old Gloucester resident Drene Keyes was a gifted singer, a mother and grandmother of six. “She was such a loving and generous person,” said Jones. Unexpectedly, Lisa lost her mother on Saturday within a couple of hours after Keyes received the Pfizer vaccine in Warsaw. “Right before she left, I was helping her put her shoes on,” she said. Keyes had diabetes, sleep apnea and was obese. Her job made her eligible for the first dose. So, on Saturday, Keyes got the Pfizer vaccine and spent 15 minutes in the mandatory observation period. The coworker she was with said she was trying to get in the car and said, “Something is not right. Something’s not right.” Doctors later on told Jones her mother couldn’t breathe and started vomiting. They did administer an EpiPen, CPR and oxygen as well. She was quickly rushed to VCU Tappahannock Hospital. “They tried to remove fluid from her lungs. They called it ‘flash pulmonary edema,’ and doctors told me that it can be caused by anaphylaxis,” said Jones. “The doctor told me that often during anaphylaxis, chemicals are released inside of a person’s body and can cause this to happen.”

Cardiothoracic Surgeon Warns FDA, Pfizer on Immunological Danger of COVID Vaccines in Recently Convalescent and Asymptomatic Carriers In a letter to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Pfizer and the press, Dr. Hooman Noorchashm warns of an “almost certain immunological prognotication that if viral antigens are present in the tissues of subjects who undergo vaccination, the antigen specific immune response triggered by the vaccine will target those tissues and cause tissue inflammation and damage.” Noorchashm, M.D., Ph.D., is a physician-scientist and advocate for ethics, patient safety and women’s health. He specializes in cardiothoracic surgery and has taught and practiced medicine for nearly two decades. “Dr. Noorchashm’s prognostications of harm in elderly individuals with cardiovascular disease coincides with the numerous reports of unexplained  cardiovascular deaths following COVID-19 vaccination in Norway, Germany, the UK, Gibraltar and the U.S.,” said Lyn Redwood, RN, MSN, director and president emerita of Children’s Health Defense. Redwood noted that J. Patrick Whelan, M.D., Ph.D., sent similar concerns to the FDA on Dec. 8, 2020. Whelan raised even more worrisome questions, Redwood said, in that he cited research showing that in addition to the heart, ACE-2 receptors are also present in microvasculature of the brain, liver and kidney. “Ignoring these valid and scientifically supported warnings from leading physicians may result in hundreds of millions of people suffering potentially deadly injuries or permanent damage following vaccination,” Redwood said. “It will also further erode the dwindling confidence that our country has in our federal regulatory agencies to protect the health of all Americans.”

Forced to Get the COVID Vaccine? ICAN May Be Able to Help The Informed Consent Action Network’s (ICAN) legal team, led by Aaron Siri, is challenging employers and schools that require a COVID-19 vaccine. Employers and schools that previously required the COVID-19 vaccine have dropped those requirements. This includes an employer that did so on the heels of ICAN’s legal team challenging its mandate in court.  If you or anyone you know is being required by an employer or school to receive a COVID-19 vaccine, ICAN is offering to support legal action on your behalf to challenge the requirement. In order to obtain this potential assistance, email ICAN at freedom@icandecide.org and provide a copy of the written notice from your school or employer stating that the COVID-19 vaccine is required. ICAN hopes to be able to assist everyone, but that will depend on the available resources and the number of individuals that contact ICAN for assistance.

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