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Apr 1st, 2020 3-5PM ET

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Coronavirus testing effort hampered by kits contaminated with Covid-19 Britain’s attempts to step up its testing for the novel coronavirus have suffered a setback after some key parts of the testing kits that were due to be imported were found to have been contaminated with the coronavirus. The Daily Telegraph reported that British labs have been told to expect a delay in the delivery some of the components of the kits after traces of the virus were detected on them. The British government has been criticized for its relatively low testing rates, which are way behind other wealthy nations like Germany, the United States, and South Korea. The government brought in foreign private firms to help produce thousands of kits, but it’s one of those suppliers—the Luxembourg-based firm Eurofins—that has told British labs that some of the components have been contaminated

Hospitals Tell Doctors They’ll Be Fired If They Speak Out About Lack of Gear Hospitals are threatening to fire health-care workers who publicize their working conditions during the coronavirus pandemic — and have in some cases followed through. Ming Lin, an emergency room physician in Washington state, said he was told Friday he was out of a job because he’d given an interview to a newspaper about a Facebook post detailing what he believed to be inadequate protective equipment and testing. In Chicago, a nurse was fired for emailing colleagues the she wanted to wear a more protective mask while on duty.In New York, the NYU Lagone Health System warned employees that they could be terminated if they talk to the media without authorization.“Hospitals are muzzling nurses and other health-care workers in an attempt to preserve their image,” said Ruth Schubert, a spokeswoman for the Washington State Nurses Association. “It is outrageous.”.

Drive-By Heat Sensors Could Help Detect Vehicle Occupants With COVID-19 An Israeli company says thermal sensors on its drive-through vehicle inspection stations can help detect drivers and passengers who may have a fever, providing a valuable heads up to health professionals that an occupant may require additional testing for COVID-19. Such a warning could also be valuable to emergency fleet operators and repair mechanics that someone is in the vehicle that could be ill. Tel Aviv-based UVeye produces hands-free, drive-through inspection stations that can detect a number of physical and safety defects in a vehicle as it passes through. Various versions of the stations are in use by several automakers in their assembly plants to flag cars and trucks with manufacturing defects before they’re shipped to dealers or customers. They can also be used by rental car agencies, fleets and insurance companies to find flaws.

Question of The Day

Hi Robert Another zinc question. The zinc I use has zinc monomethionine. Supposedly it doesn’t upset the zinc/copper balance. How concerned should we be about that now that everyone is doing lots of zinc? Also, should we should switch over to zinc lozenges when we become sick?Also why is s cerevisiae in Mega Food zinc? What does it do?Thank you Robert. Love your show!



Hi Robert, I am wondering if u’d have some advice for my 91 year young mother. She’s fine other than a little arthritis and high blood pressure, which the doctor gave her medication for, but after taking it for 2 weeks, discarded it because she said it made her feel weird. She’s still living on her own, driving and gardening, with a very active social life. About a year ago, my brother suggested she start wearing a medical alert necklace. Awhile after wearing it 24/7 she developed, what looked like, a burn on her chest. She called the company to ask about it, they told her they’d send her another one, but the new one did the same thing. She sent it back about a month ago but she still has the burn on her chest and she says it sometimes radiates quick flashes of pain from the spot. I’m figuring it’s some kind of radiation burn, what say u? And if so, is there anything she can do about it at this point? A couple of her friends wear this devise with no problem, she must be sensitive to it, eh? One last mention, I had the utility company replace her smart meter with an analog meter because it was mounted on the outside wall 3 feet from her head, where she sits inside. They charge her an extra 5 bucks for having to come read it, but I assured her it was well worth the cost since she seems to be sensitive to radiation. BTW, I did ask her to give me fair warning before she gets on the road with her car, just kidding. Thanks for any suggestions u can give her.


European experts ready smartphone technology to help halt coronavirus spread A group of European experts said on Wednesday they would soon launch technology for smartphones to help trace people who had come into contact with those infected with coronavirus, helping the health authorities act swiftly to halt its spread.The initiative involves gathering data via smartphones to show who a person with the virus had come in close contact with, so that those people at risk could then be contacted.The ability to track down those at risk of infection more accurately could help avoid having to ‘lock down’ entire societies, with the resulting hugely damaging economic impact.The European initiative, called Pan-European Privacy Preserving Proximity Tracing (PEPP-PT https://www.pepp-pt.org), follows the successful use of smartphones in some Asian countries to track the spread of the virus and enforce quarantine orders, although their methods would have violated strict EU data protection rules.PEPP-PT, which brings together 130 researchers from eight countries, aims to issue a licensed technology platform by April 7, the basis for contact-tracing applications, with roll-out of the first apps a week or so after that.

Hour 2 – Outside The Box With Ty Bollinger!

It’s time to go Outside The Box again with Ty Bollinger! What will we be talking about today?

Chloe Middleton: the coronavirus death that wasn’t This week, the news of the heartbreaking death of 21-year-old Chloe Middleton went across social media. She was reported to be Britain’s youngest coronavirus victim with no pre-existing condition. And so her case was quickly held up as proof as to why young people – thought to be too blasé about Covid-19 – should take the outbreak more seriously.But the Guardian reports this afternoon that her death has not actually been recorded as a Covid-19 death: ‘Middleton was taken to Wexham Park hospital in Slough last weekend after she had a heart attack. Attempts to resuscitate her failed and she was pronounced dead soon after arriving… A Berkshire coroner said the death was related to Covid-19 after being told Middleton had a cough, the source said. But this surprised medics at the hospital, who have not recorded it as a coronavirus incident.

Remember the Young Woman Who Died While Waiting for a Coronavirus Test in New Orleans? …Yeah, Well Now the Truth Is Out New Orleans woman, 39, dies while awaiting coronavirus test results-Natasha Ott, of New Orleans, was found dead on her kitchen floor Friday by her longtime partner, Josh Anderson, while she was still awaiting her Covid-19 test results. But it was not true.A second coronvirus test came back negative on Natasha Ott.The media reported incorrectly that she died of COVID-19 while waiting for her test results.Furthermore, it was not revealed that she was in fact suffering for the last TWO years from an undiagnosed intestinal condition but her boyfriend lied and said she was perfectly healthy.She was a “Peace Corps Alumni.”The Sun Herald reported.The exact reason the woman, Natasha Ott, died remains under investigation by the Coroner’s Office, spokesman Jason Melancon said. Such investigations can take several weeks to complete.

COVID-19 – Evidence Over Hysteria  After falling under much scrutiny, Medium has deleted Ginn’s post. Of note, Ginn is a former 2012 Romney digital campaign staffer with no background in medicine or infectious disease.We are leaving it up for anyone who wants to read, while also including a thread from a biologist who has refuted it. Click on the tweet below to read.When 13% of Americans believe they are currently infected with COVID-19 (mathematically impossible), full-on panic is blocking our ability to think clearly and determine how to deploy our resources to stop this virus. Over three-fourths of Americans are scared of what we are doing to our society through law and hysteria, not of infection or spreading COVID-19 to those most vulnerable.The following article is a systematic overview of COVID-19 driven by data from medical professionals and academic articles that will help you understand what is going on (sources include CDC, WHO, NIH, NHS, University of Oxford, Stanford, Harvard, NEJM, JAMA, and several others). I’m quite experienced at understanding virality, how things grow, and data. In my vocation, I’m most known for popularizing the “growth hacking movement” in Silicon Valley that specializes in driving rapid and viral adoption of technology products. Data is data. Our focus here isn’t treatments but numbers. You don’t need a special degree to understand what the data says and doesn’t say. Numbers are universal.

 Two Plans To “Re-Open” the Country Include COVID-19 Tracking Via Cell Phones and Mass Vaccination Program As the world, and the United States, waits anxiously for news of when the outbreak and lockdown will end, two new plans outline requirements that will significantly impact our already suspended civil liberties. “The first, from Ezekiel Emanuel, a health policy expert and vice-provost of the University of Pennsylvania, suggests lockdowns could ease up in June. The second, from former Food and Drug Administration commissioner Scott Gottlieb and colleagues, doesn’t set a date, but rather outlines the evidence that communities would need to begin lifting some of the more draconian restrictions.”Ezerkiel Emanuel is vice provost of global initiatives and a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Emanuel’s opinion on how to “stop the virus” is:“A nationwide shelter-in-place or quarantine should take place for the next eight to 10 weeks. According to Chinese data, this would mean the number of Covid-19 cases would peak in four weeks or so and then decline over the next four to six weeks. So, as hard as it would be, everybody but essential workers would have to remain inside until roughly June 1st.” 

 J&J, BARDA commit $1B to COVID-19 vaccine R&D Johnson & Johnson has joined with a U.S. government agency to commit $1 billion to development of a COVID-19 vaccine. J&J plans to have a vaccine in the clinic by September, win emergency use authorization early next year and add capacity to make more than 1 billion doses. Last month, J&J expanded its alliance with the U.S. Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA) to cover the development of a vaccine against the novel SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. The virus has spread quickly since then, leading J&J to commit to big plans for the vaccine research it began in January.Having selected a lead candidate from the constructs it began working on in January, J&J has teamed up with BARDA to provide the resources needed to move the vaccine forward quickly. The partners have committed more than $1 billion to novel coronavirus vaccine R&D.Spending on the vaccine program is set to ramp up in the coming months. J&J plans to start testing its COVID-19 vaccine in humans by September at the latest, post data by the end of 2020 and go on to land an emergency use authorization early next year. The authorization pathway allows the FDA to clear unapproved vaccines for use in public health emergencies in the absence of adequate approved alternatives.In trying to hit that timeline, which is very short by historical standards, J&J will commit personnel and infrastructure around the world to the vaccine program. Other teams at J&J will work in parallel to ensure there is capacity to make the vaccine widely available if it clears the tests of its safety and efficacy.

Dr. Fauci NEJM Editorial Suggests That COVID-19 Fatality Rates May Be 10x Lower Than Official Projections Dr. Anthony Fauci is the Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and the guiding force behind President Trump’s recent order to extend social distancing guidelines another 14 days toward the end of April; social distancing guidelines that require maintaining “shelter-in-place” quarantines and extrending the shut down of millions of businesses and livelihoods which have already suffered irreparable and potentially catastrophic consequences. It has been the president and mainstream media’s seemingly unquestioning confidence in the accuracy of Dr. Fauci’s projections which led Trump to announce on March 15th that he would adopt Dr. Fauci’s aggressive strategy of locking down the country for  14-days in order to prevent what he warned could be 1.7 million Americans fatalities from COVID-19 if his advice was not heeded. Yet, in a strange turn of events, an editorial authored by Dr. Fauci and published online on February 28 in the New England Journal of Medicine titled, “Covid-19 — Navigating the Uncharted,” points out that, while at present, the currently reported case fatality rate is approximately 2%, these statistics are based on case definitions requiring a diagnosis of pneumonia, i.e., only those who are acutely ill with pneumonia are counted as COVID-19 infected, and not the potentially vast pool of individuals who are asymptomatic carriers or are only suffering from mild symptoms.

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