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October 6th, 2021 3-5PM ET

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UCHealth Denies Kidney Transplant To Unvaccinated Woman & Donor A Colorado woman with stage 5 renal failure was months away from getting a new kidney. Now, she and her donor are looking for another hospital after learning UCHealth’s new policy. According to UCHealth, the majority of transplant recipients and living donors are now required to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Neither woman has received their shots. Leilani Lutali met her donor, Jaimee Fougner, in Bible study just 10 months ago. “It’s your choice on what treatment you have. In Leilani’s case, the choice has been taken from her. Her life has now been held hostage because of this mandate,” said Fougner. Fougner says she hasn’t received the vaccine for religious reasons. Lutali hasn’t gotten the shot because she says there are too many unknowns. Until last week, neither woman thought they needed to be vaccinated for the transplant. “At the end of August, they confirmed that there was no COVID shot needed at that time,” said Lutali. “Fast forward to Sept. 28. That’s when I found out. Jamie learned they have this policy around the COVID shot for both for the donor and the recipient.” UCHealth says they are “non-compliant by not receiving the COVID-19 vaccine.” The hospital has given them 30 days to begin the vaccine series. If they refuse, they will be removed from the kidney transplant list.

New York’s largest health care provider fires 1,400 unvaccinated workers Northwell Health, New York’s largest hospital system, announced Monday that it fired 1,400 workers for refusing to be vaccinated against COVID-19. Driving the news: The state’s vaccine mandate for health workers went into effect last week. State of play: Northwell Health said it took a “rapid, aggressive approach” to reach 100% vaccination among its staff, the company said in a statement Monday. Doing so would enable them to “provide exceptional care at all of our hospitals, without interruption and enable all our facilities to remain open and fully operational.” The company employees more than than 76,000 workers, the New York Times reports. As of Monday, 87% of the state’s 450,000 hospital workers have been vaccinated, according to the latest state data. Other hospital systems around the country have faced similar dilemmas. Last week a North Carolina hospital system fired 175 unvaccinated workers for failing to comply with the state vaccine mandate.

Exclusive: Government Secretly Orders Google To Identify Anyone Who Searched A Sexual Assault Victim’s Name, Address And Telephone Number In 2019, federal investigators in Wisconsin were hunting men they believed had participated in the trafficking and sexual abuse of a minor. She had gone missing that year but had emerged claiming to have been kidnapped and sexually assaulted, according to a search warrant reviewed by Forbes. In an attempt to chase down the perpetrators, investigators turned to Google, asking the tech giant to provide information on anyone who had searched for the victim’s name, two spellings of her mother’s name and her address over 16 days across the year. After being asked to provide all relevant Google accounts and IP addresses of those who made the searches, Google responded with data in mid-2020, though the court documents do not reveal how many users had their data sent to the government. It’s a rare example of a so-called keyword warrant and, with the number of search terms included, the broadest on record. (See the update below for other, potentially even broader warrants.) Before this latest case, only two keyword warrants had been made public. One revealed in 2020 asked for anyone who had searched for the address of an arson victim who was a witness in the government’s racketeering case against singer R Kelly. Another, detailed in 2017, revealed that a Minnesota judge signed off on a warrant asking Google to provide information on anyone who searched a fraud victim’s name from within the city of Edina, where the crime took place.

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Have you seen any remedies be effective for a chronic (4 years) raised, very itchy, irritated, good sized patch of skin in the groin area (right side)? What about bulging varicose veins & spider veins primarily on the left calf (they got worse with each pregnancy)? Have you seen anything work for petechiae & cherry angiomas (I think from my last pregnancy & labor/delivery)? I’m still breastfeeding so need something safe with that. Do you help people virtually?
Thank you for all you do!!!

Mike Tyson said he has been vaccinated for COVID-19 but ‘didn’t do it willingly’ Mike Tyson said he has been vaccinated for COVID-19, but the legendary boxer sounded compelled to share something about his decision to get the shot. “I didn’t do it willingly,” Tyson told USA TODAY Sports during an interview at his cannabis company. “I’m a little apprehensive of that. I was pretty much beaten into submission to do this because I travel internationally. And if I don’t travel, we don’t eat. “So I decided to take the risk and take the shot. And people, they have their own choice. I never got sick.’’ Tyson, 55, said he thinks he might have had COVID-19 at one point “because I was coughing a lot and I was in this place with a lot of people. The whole day I was just coughing, throwing up water, so I was dehydrated.” But the symptoms passed, he said. “I might have caught it, but I feel great now,’’ he said. “I really feel well. The best I ever felt.”

Andrew Wiggins Felt ‘Kind Of Forced To’ Get Vaccinated, Says People No Longer ‘Own’ Their Bodies Andrew Wiggins doesn’t sound too happy about being vaccinated. The Golden State Warriors star was one of the most vocal critics in the NBA about getting vaccinated, but finally relented in order to be allowed to play home games and other games in locations with mandates. However, that doesn’t mean he’s pumped. “I feel like the only option was to get vaccinated or not play in the NBA,” a clearly deflated Wiggins told the media Monday night, according to TMZ. He also added, “It’s not something I wanted to do, but I was kind of forced to…I guess to do certain stuff, you know, to work and all that, I guess you don’t own your body. That’s what it comes down to. You want to work in society today, then I guess they make the rules on what goes in your body and what you do.”

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Trillion-dollar platinum coin could be minted at the last minute A trillion-dollar platinum coin could be minted “within hours of the Treasury Secretary’s decision to do so,” Philip Diehl, former director of the United States Mint, tells Axios. Why it matters: Congressional solutions to the debt-ceiling problem could take weeks to implement, especially if the reconciliation process is used — and time is running out. In case of emergency, a trillion-dollar coin could be deployed to bridge any gap between the money running out and the debt ceiling being raised. How it works: The U.S. Mint, which Diehl ran from 1994 to 2000, already produces a one-ounce Platinum Eagle and has no shortage of platinum blanks already in stock. Producing a trillion-dollar Eagle would require only the denomination to be changed. “This could be quickly executed on the existing plaster mold of the Platinum Eagle,” says Diehl. Then an automated process would transfer the new design to a plastic resin mold.

Democrats and Media Do Not Want to Weaken Facebook, Just Commandeer its Power to Censor Much is revealed by who is bestowed hero status by the corporate media. This week’s anointed avatar of stunning courage is Frances Haugen, a former Facebook product manager being widely hailed as a “whistleblower” for providing internal corporate documents to the Wall Street Journal relating to the various harms which Facebook and its other platforms (Instagram and WhatsApp) are allegedly causing. The social media giant hurts America and the world, this narrative maintains, by permitting misinformation to spread (presumably more so than cable outlets and mainstream newspapers do virtually every week); fostering body image neurosis in young girls through Instagram (presumably more so than fashion magazines, Hollywood and the music industry do with their glorification of young and perfectly-sculpted bodies); promoting polarizing political content in order to keep the citizenry enraged, balkanized and resentful and therefore more eager to stay engaged (presumably in contrast to corporate media outlets, which would never do such a thing); and, worst of all, by failing to sufficiently censor political content that contradicts liberal orthodoxies and diverges from decreed liberal Truth. On Tuesday, Haugen’s star turn took her to Washington, where she spent the day testifying before the Senate about Facebook’s dangerous refusal to censor even more content and ban even more users than they already do.

Fired ER Doctor Says For-Profit Healthcare Isn’t Working In March of 2020, after speaking out about his hospital’s safety practices, ER doctor Ming Lin was fired from his job at PeaceHealth St. Joseph Medical Center in Bellingham, Washington. A spokeswoman for St. Joseph said that Lin did not work for the hospital and referred questions about his dismissal to TeamHealth, the medical staffing firm that employed him. TeamHealth said in a statement that it would work with Lin to find the “right location” for him. Apparently, this kind of vindictive censorship by healthcare companies is not uncommon.It’s about health care workers. We are repressed. We’re not given opportunities to speak out,” said Lin. “Many of us have to speak out anonymously because we are afraid.“ Two months after his firing, Dr. Lin filed a lawsuit to get his job back. The American Civil Liberties Union of Washington is representing Lin in his lawsuit against both PeaceHealth and the physician staffing firm TeamHealth. “Rather than stifling speech and removing individuals that point out deficiencies in their practices, [hospitals] instead should listen, eliminate the problems that threaten people’s health, and encourage the experts on their staff to come forward with solutions,” Antoinette Davis, a senior staff attorney for ACLU-WA, said in a statement. The lawsuit claims wrongful termination in violation of public policy, breach of contract and defamation, among other things. “There are no questions at all about his competency as an emergency room physician,” says Jamal Whitehead, an attorney who is helping the ACLU with Lin’s case. “It was only when he reported concerns about the hospital’s COVID-19 readiness that he was removed.”

Chemotherapy Rates Decline As New Treatments Emerge Once considered the “gold standard” of cancer care by modern oncology, chemotherapy treatments have been steadily declining – especially in breast and lung cancer patients. And while the natural therapies are not as well known, due in large part to the Flexner Report of 1910, it’s a GREAT sign that the medical establishment is willing to move away from harsh treatments that offer little benefit to patients. For decades, chemotherapy was considered “the rule, the dogma,” for treating breast cancer and other cancers, said Dr. Gabriel Hortobagyi, a breast cancer specialist at MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. But data from a variety of sources offers some confirmation of what many oncologists say anecdotally — chemotherapy is becoming less common for many cancer patients. Genetic tests can now reveal whether chemotherapy would be beneficial. For many there are better options with an ever-expanding array of drugs, including estrogen blockers and drugs that destroy cancers by attacking specific proteins on the surface of tumors. And there is a growing willingness among oncologists to scale back unhelpful treatments. The diminution of chemotherapy treatment is happening for some other cancers, too, including lung cancer, the most common cause of cancer deaths in the United States, killing more than 69,000 Americans each year. Breast cancer is second, killing 43,000. Still, the opportunity to avoid chemotherapy is not evenly distributed, and is often dependent on where the person is treated and by whom. But for some patients who are lucky enough to visit certain cancer treatment centers, the course of therapy has changed. Now, even when chemotherapy is indicated, doctors often give fewer drugs for less time. Dr. Robert Vonderheide, a lung cancer specialist at the University of Pennsylvania, remembers his early days on the job, about 20 years ago.

The COVID Cookie is Crumbling As the lies surrounding the COVID pandemic – and the government response – continue to be exposed, it seems that more and more people are abandoning ship. Last month, two of the FDA’s top vaccine officials resigned, citing anger over the Biden administration’s plan to roll out COVID-19 booster shots before officials had a chance to approve it. Today, National Institutes of Health (NIH) Director Francis Collins announced his plans to resign after nearly three decades at the agency. The 71-year-old physician-geneticist led the agency under three consecutive presidents — making him the first presidentially appointed NIH director to serve in more than one administration and the longest-serving NIH director. “I fundamentally believe… that no single person should serve in the position too long, and that it’s time to bring in a new scientist to lead the NIH into the future,Collins said in a statement. Collins was also opposed to the Biden administration’s plan for COVID booster shots. “This is the way it ought to be,” Collins said about the FDA’s decision late last month to limit boosters, despite the Biden administration’s pledge that boosters would launch broadly by September 20th. “Science sort of playing out in a very transparent way, looking at the data coming from multiple places, our country, other countries, and trying to make the best decision for right now,” he said. Meanwhile, Project Veritas has released footage of Pfizer scientists admitting that immunity through exposure to the virus is better than the “vaccines” and have even called Pfizer “an evil corporation.”

BOMBSHELL: Video Emerges Where Fauci and Others Planned for a “Universal mRNA Flu Vaccine” Which Became the “COVID-19 mRNA Vaccine” Because People were not Afraid Enough of the Flu Virus Last night Alex Jones of did a special broadcast regarding an October, 2019 video that they had just become aware of that was a panel discussion hosted by the Milken Institute discussing the need for a Universal Flu Vaccine. The video clip that they played of this event was a 1 minute and 51 second dialogue between the moderator, Michael Specter, a journalist who is a New Yorker staff writer and also an adjunct professor of bioengineering at Stanford University, Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases, and Rick Bright, the director of HHS Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA). In this short clip, which was extracted from the hour-long panel discussion, Anthony Fauci explains that bringing a new, untested kind of vaccine like an mRNA vaccine, would take at least a decade (“if everything goes perfectly”) to go through proper trials and be approved by the FDA. He would know, because he had been trying to do it for about a decade already by then (October, 2019), trying to develop an mRNA based vaccine for HIV. But now they were discussing something much bigger than just a vaccine for AIDS patients. They are talking about a “Universal Flu Vaccine” that everyone would have to take – a huge market for Big Pharma! Rick Bright, the director of HHS Biomedical Advanced Research and Development Authority (BARDA), then speaks and states that what could happen is that “an entity of excitement that is completely disruptive and is not beholden to bureaucratic strings and processes” could change that.

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